Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Oh man! Where in the hell have I been? I have been SOOOO BUSY! I have been working so much and scrambling to get all my stuff made for the shows I have been in and that are coming up! I am just now posting easter pics!! hahaha! Easter was fun! We all met at my parents house and went to church. Church was so boring. My mom loves her church but every time I go I am literally dying to get out. My Dad made it entertaining by drawing bunny ears on all the people in the program. So to say the least I think my Mom is the only one that was listening. We will all going to hell in a hand basket except my Mom! Church wasn't that boring... I love the worship part just the guy is sooo cheesey.... We did take some pictures! Here I am with no red lips!
Here is me and my Momma
momma and me and gussy

My brohem and me
Branden and me

me and the ol' ball and chain!

Easter was a perfect time to wear my favorite headband!!! I thought it looked cute!

apricot silk headband

Other then that I just did PATCHWORK , It was my best show yet! I'll post more in my next post!

I also am a member of Handmade Brigade of Orange County and we are putting on a whole month of INDIE CRAFTING!!! We are looking for volunteers to help with the Swap-a-Rama so if you are interested in helping please message me! We had a blast picking out all the vendors! They are going to be AWESOME!!!

I also got into

SSOOOO EXCITED!!!! This is going to be a mondo big show!!!! SSSOOO FUN!!! What shows did you guys get into?? Any fun ones????