Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ribbed for her Pleasure FINISHED

OKay i have been lagging A LOT!! i started beauty school 4 months ago and havent really been in the computer more then 10 times since then.... but i am starting to get back into knitting. I have been super busy it seems like I hardly have time to sleep. So now i am starting to knit again i tool a break from hard projects for awhile but now i am going to make another Cardigan. but here is the scarf i started.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Ok I want to start felting.... i tried it once and totally i mean TOTALLY messed that shit up. It pretty much was a disaster... thank god it was just a practice... because it was BBAAADDD and I am scared to try it again because I dont want to spend all this money and time making something just so it turns out... a hairy ball of ugly... ya get me?? but that is my next project after the sweater that has taken me forever and a day to finish... but i am almost done and really excited to start a big felted purse... we will see i need to start taking pictures of my shizzile... oh bye