Friday, January 21, 2011

Deadstock Glasses


I've needed glasses since I was in 9th grade. I've worn an assortment of different styles, all quite statement pieces. I have to say though these are the boldest of them all. I love them. L-O-V-E ! I got them at The Rosebowl flea market in Pasadena by an amazing vendor Allyn Scura.
He has a huge inventory of dead stock vintage glasses as well as his own line. I bought two pairs and he worked me a good deal. I can't wait to get the other pair filled with my prescription!! They are gold and FANCY!
The first time I wore them was on our trip to Washington DC. I got quite a few stares. Anyone that has been to the DC area knows what I mean. Everyone sort of looks and dresses the same. Platinum hair and red lipstick are few and FAR between! So what do you guys think of the new spects?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun With Friends


I have to say that 2010 was full of F-U-N !!!! I didn't have any crazy new years resolutions but one of them for 2010 was make more friends. Not that I need to have 500 friends to feel good about myself... because lets be honest. If it wasn't for my boyfriend and my dog I would probably lock myself in my house all day making crafts and watching Netflix. hahhaha not entirely true... but pretty close.


I had a party at my house and I invited my old friend from high school,

my craft friends,


my work friends,

& my roller derby friends.

To be honest I was a little concerned... These are all things I like to do but wasn't quite sure they would all mesh well together.... Oh the power of A LOT of alcohol and good food go along way! I love grown up parties!!



How can I forget! MUSIC!!! I love to dance. Especially When highly intoxicated. I have been known to do " high kicks" which I was unaware of while sober until I saw some of my pictures. Shoot me now! My brother came and the next day my mother called saying " Your brother said you embarrassed him with your dancing. I thought you were a good dancer." Oh well! I had a great time and everyone else did to! I sure know how to throw a party!


Lets hope 2011 brings many more!!!

I will end this post with this picture.... This is why the camera should be put away after 11pm. Apparently I have no shame.