Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pin-Up, Tea Towel Tour 4

So I am really new to embroidery I started a few months back well maybe like 6 months ago now. It all started when I was walking around Tall Mouse and came across Sublime Stitching Patterns I knew I was in love! So I have totally put my other crafts on hold (knitting, crochet, jewelry making, scrapbooking) so I can stitch like a mad woman! Anyways I have found a lot of help and inspiration on Craftster and I saw this swap where you send your towel around the US or the world and other crafters like you stitch on your towel and then you get it back with different things all over it! YAY how cute is that? There is a Flickr TTT group where the previous tours are posted. I can't wait to see what everyone stitches on my towel!!!
Other then that.... I have to go to apple because my new I phone is possessed by the devil and it needs an exorcism! I wish I just kept my old one...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apron Swap for Amyracinrose

The Apron pocket! I love Ric Rac !!!

So I am soooo excited that amyracinrose loves her Swap stuff!! I really tried to make things that I thought fit her "style" which happens to be pastel and really girly! Which is always fun to make aprons out of! I love all the little "details" !!! I think they are what really made the apron so sweet!

Also I fell in love with the Lettuce Girl pattern I found on flickr from Claudia Marchan and knew that it would be PERFECT for Amy! I also made her one of my Strawberry pincushions!! So I got a letter from her and she is so happy with everything!! I am so glad! I really love making stuff for people and it always makes me feel 100% better when they are thrilled with it! Do you see what I mean about "girly" and "pastel" ? What do you guys think????


Seriously this new "template" blogger thing is such a freaking joke!!!!! How the HELL do I add a fucking button? you know like the "feeling stitchy" button and all the HTML buttons you can add??? I need some help!!!!!! I hate HTML shit... Why can't I do it? This is why I waited so long to switch over.... AARRGGHHH.... I am not a patient person! All I want is a damn button! Feeling Stitchy like that!! Is that so WRONG?? This damn new "template" is supposed to make it easier to blog... but this shit is pissing me off!! Now I know how old people feel using CellPhones... I'm about to delete this one and get my old one back!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers and Swaps !!!

Here are the pics of the vintage salt and pepper shakers my grandma inherited from her mom!! I LOVE them. these are not even all of them they couldn't all fit in cabinet! My cousin Sabrina took these pics and I made her send them to me! My favorite are the dutch kids, the pregnant lady in the back with her hubby, and the coffee pots. My great grandparents owned a restaurant in Iowa and I think thats what started her S&P collection! My grandma hinted that since I collect S&P shakers as well she is thinking of giving them to me!!! wwweeeeee !!!

Also this past week I have received some swap goodies!!! a pillowcase and a cross stitch from Katie I am sssooo in love with the pillowcase!!! thank you thank you! And today I got a swap package from Serendipity_sarah she made me "finger-tip mitts" with the cutest fabric EVER! its all famous places in California !! love it! here are some pictures of them!

My brother already used them to move a boiling pot! He was actually really impressed (he's 18 he doesn't think crafting is cool) these will be PERFECT for baking some cookies!!! mmmmm mmm mmm ! anyways I can't waiiiiitt to get my apron in another Swap I am in!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've been tagged... and Michigan Pics

OK... Seriously... this kid was sitting across the aisle from my brother and I on our flight from Traverse City to Chicago... and we were laughing for pretty much the whole flight because of this kid... I mean come on... My brother took like 3 pictures WITH the flash and he didn't budge! I wish my zanex I took on the plane would have worked like this!!! Instead I was giggling like a school girl!!! the more pictures we took the harder I laughed! I mean seriously do YOU think this is funny? or just cruel and mean? my brother wanted to show him the picture once he woke up... but then we decided he would be really "bummed" that he looks like that when he sleeps...

My brother, me, my aunt nette, and my g-ma at the casino!!! let me tell you... I was 100% overdressed i should have worn my sweat pants...

Beautiful sunset taken on my G-mas dock

If you want to see more of my photos from Michigan go to my Flickr

So I have been tagged by Patty

Here’s what you do:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Here are my six things:

1) Mother Fucker is my favorite word... I love to cuss and this word is by far the best!

2) I am a great swimmer. I was on Varsity Swim team in high school... got my lettermans jacket (teal leather sleeves are not my thang... never wore it... ) pretty much it is where I learned that guys weeniers are REALLY small when they are soft.... (competition speedos don't leave much to the imagination)

3) I LOVE to sing. In the shower... while driving... .while super drunk at karaoke and all my fear goes out the door... my favorite to sing to is Patsy Cline.

4)I have Pen Pals all over the world and I write them REAL letters... yes! pen, paper, envelope, stamp, mailbox, one of my favorite is this crazy Italian girl who loves all hardcore bands from Orange county (where I live) and just got a letter today where she told me she goes camping in croatia with her family NAKED !!! NAKED CAMPING...

5) I want 6 kids. Thats why I love the Spainish men... they have super sperm... they can knock anyone up!

6) I wear ruby woo lipstick from MAC. Love it! I have a "MAC PRO" card because I am a hairdresser... 30% off bitches!

Ok now this is the part where I tag other people and then 75% of you dont do it! here we go!!!

Is it just me or are these things a pain in my ass...... but it is a compliment to get them.... but still... I pain in my ASS... HTML can suck my left ball....( if I had one of course! )

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


okay... YAY I am home from Fife Lake, Michigan (seriously I am shocked it had a website) It was beautiful and I was shocked by how cute it was... and un hick... I thought for sure it was going to be hokey pokey... but it was so fun. all of my moms side was there. It was such a wonderful vacation and I was so happy to see my G-ma... here are a few things I learned while in Michigan...

1) How to play blackjack at the casino (and win)

2) How to canoe straight across a lake (real hard I'm telling you... even if your 6'3" brother is helping)

3) My cousins and aunt are tattle tails... not to be trusted...

4) That it can be 80 degrees and hail

5) you can still smoke in restaurants (gross)

6) everyone smokes in michigan

7) NEVER EVER be the first one to jump off the canoe even if the bottom of the lake is 10 inches deep... because its not.. its fucking quicksand and it wants to eat you for dinner...

8) Grandma inherited the best salt and pepper shaker collection from her mom and I think I am getting them... YES!!! score for liking granny things

9) I know where my grandma keeps all her money...

10) Michigan people have HORRIBLE teeth... if they have any at all!

11) Michigan has great vintage items!! and they don't even know its worth!! woo woo woo score for me!

12) saying good- bye to your family is hard... I cried like a baby!!! but luckily so did everyone else... even my brother!

13) I can't wait to go back

On that note... I have A LOT of crafting to do... I have 3 swaps going on and 1 personal swap with Katie because she loves me so much she wants me to craft for her... RIGHT PUTA ?
I have yet to start on any of my swaps on craftster... oopps !!! but don't worry I work wonderfully under pressure I mean look at me now.. I should be crafting but I'm blogging! yay... I haven't added the pics to my computer but when I do I'll be sure to post some good ones...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Blog Award

So StitchyStitcherson gave me a blog award a few days ago and now I am posting it today! I really was surprised because my blog is sort of... lame... hahaha and sort of in its infancy... lets just say "it hasn't found itself yet" !!! But thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoy my blog because I love hers as well!!! So I have been on a blog hunt for blogs that I love !! I've found some gems!! Some are the most funny vulgar blogs I've ever read ( I love a little dirt!)... some are so inspirational for my crafting and some are just plain CUTE! So yeah...

This sort of reminds me of a "chain letter" ....

The rules for receiving this award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

Ok, here's my list.

1. KatieKutthroat
2. TorranceDoesStuff
3. DirtyPirateHooker
4. LeftInStitches
5. PipStitch
6. TheTwoTwins
7. Handeyemindmouth

I will not be offended if you guys don't add this to your blog I think the image itself is hideously ugly!!!... but sort of just a shout out to you guys that I love and read your blogs !!! There are so many blogs that I love I couldn't add them all... plus most of you people have the award already !!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Vice : Trash T.V.

I love cheaters... I think it is the trashiest most funny Television show out there... I mean... not only are the people making complete fools out of themselves but they want everyone on the planet to see how shitty their relationship is... I just LOVE it... I don't even watch tv but when this is on... I am a watchin' !!! some of the stuff the people say you couldn't even come up with if you tried. I looked on YouTube for my favorite episode... but I couldn't find it... so I will explain in short detail. A "Christian black woman" thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her... cheaters sets up secret camera at their family reunion... boyfriend is getting a hand job by "Christian black woman's" cousin... next day... boyfriend and cousin sneak off to wash his car while "Christian black woman" and "cousins mother" (christian black woman's aunt) are supposed to be at church... cheaters blocks the love birds in at the carwash... "Christian Black woman" runs out... rips cousins weave off and starts swinging it around... At this point I am almost peeing my pants laughing... THEN when I thought it couldn't get any better... she takes the water hose for cleaning the car sprays the shit out of her boyfriend and says " YOU NEED TO BE BAPTIZED... I AM GOIN TA' BAPTIZE YOU MOTHA' FUCKA' " and sprays him some more... it was so wonderful... I'll never forget it... and every time I think of it... I laugh... love is... trash T.V.

P.S. If you watched the video... is it just me or do you think that cornrows on asain and white people are a sin? I do!!! this video is sad though the poor guy got knocked out and is supposed to be a bouncer... and why doesnt the G/f get some clothes on....

Monday, August 04, 2008

Crafts for my Craft Blog....

Okay...So I have been doing a lot of blabbing and not so much craft blogyness but I have been crafting just haven't posted them yet. Is it too soon to start making Christmas stuff??? NO WAY!!! I love Christmas SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO much... 1) because I love making gifts for people 2) my birthday is Dec 1 so its right around the corner 3) I love the smell of Christmas 4) I am greedy and I love opening a bunch of presents Christmas morning and being so excited !!! anyways... I am looking into doing a Christmas Craft show so I have made some things for that. Sort of just trying out some new crafts that have been swirling around in my big head... so here they are... Some sweet Ornaments I made using vintage embroidery pattern of cute little kiddies !!! I made them traditional with a little twist...

I love her sweet little scarf!!

This one reminds me of how parents over dress their kids and they can hardly move... and who doesn't love a little fur around the collar ?

These next little crafts actually are AMAZING... Pincushion that also works as a scissor ornament!!! who would have thought that something so silly and cute actually are very very useful... I made these first just because I was BORED and wanted to whip something up quick and different. And actually was going to use them as Christmas Ornaments. But instead I added it to my sewing scissors because my mom and I have the same ones, they are very light and they don't get in the way at all... and all the pins your heart desires are right there.

Then I added them to my embroidery scissors because I always stick my pin in my clothes or a cushion and then cannot remember where I put the dang thing...

So what do you think? Do you think you would use these? Maybe I might have a give away if people actually like these.

Other then that... Do you think my pictures have improved? I am still not totally satisfied with them... but I think I am getting a little better...

Sunday, August 03, 2008


So I am on Craftster looking around... for longer then I should and on the top I see this message

Important news: Craftster will soon be moving to a faster multi-server setup! While we move all of the data, the website will be in "read-only" mode which means you will not be able to post or send PMs but you will be able to read to your hearts content. The site will go into "read-only" mode on Sunday August 3rd at 5:00 pm EST and the move will take up to 24 hours. (Hopefully less than that!) Thanks for bearing with us while we make this upgrade.

Um... I know I shouldn't even care about this... but I do... because I am a loser... and I love craftster... and because of this stupid site I spend more time looking at crafts then doing crafts... but it is going to be FASTER!!! yay !!! on that note I have been making some fun stuff that I will post when its daytime... (tip about taking pictures from Feeling stitchy blog) but yeah... I think these are the first signs of becoming a recluse.... or a cat lady....