Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lazy Days

Today was a lazy day in Laguna Beach. In the 70's you couldn't of asked for a more beautiful and pleasant day! Juan and I decided to go explore some of the many many beaches along the coast of Laguna. He moved there two months ago and I have only taken him to the beaches I grew up going to. I know there are hundreds more we have yet to explore. So after we went to the bike shop to buy a whicker basket for my beach cruiser we discovered this beautiful beach with picnic tables and a walk way, perfect for a stroll with Lola... The other picture of the railing was another look out. The detail someone put into this railing was just beautiful. the picture doesn't really capture how beautiful the sun shines through the glass... I have lived next to the beach my whole life and I hate to say that i do take it for granted... I guess you only really appreciate somethings when you are away from them...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

chihuahua love...

chihuahua, originally uploaded by Brook....

I really do not like chihuahuas... well... i like good chihuahuas but it seems like a lot of people think since they are so little they really cant do too much damage... but I love when they are snuggly and lovey... and TRAINED... i mean... teach them to pee outside... they are still dogs! but i love this little guy from sublime stitching. other then that... im watching fried foods on the food channel... I want fried pickles... mmmm so weird but so freaking good....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Treasure Island, Laguna Beach

Today my mom, my boyfriend, Lola my dog, my cousin who came down to visit from Utah, and I all went to treasure Island... known to non locals as... the new place where Montage Hotel and Resort sits on... but I can't say too much about it because right now my b/f is working there... but anyways the beaches are full of these beautiful rocks. if you go there on off season you will see about at least 15 photographers and 15 future bride and grooms pretending that they really love each other as they soak there blue jeans in the water pretending this is normal... its actually really funny to watch because its so staged.... but that has nothing to do with today.... well last week it was 90-100 degrees and now its gloomy everyday and today it rained... while we were at the beach it rained the ocean was stormy but it was still fun. Since my cousin lives in the middle of nowhere any beach is good enough for him. It was fun though... Lola had a blast. She was so mad that my mom wouldn't let her climb on the rocks with us to look at the tide pools she finally just pulled her way over there... not giving a care in the world that the rocks are sharp... She thinks she is human... then when she was tired she dug herself a hole and laid in it!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kurt Halsey Onesie

Kurt Halsey Onesie, originally uploaded by Brook....


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday my boyfriend and I went Sea-doing on the ocean... it was amazing and scary at the same time!!! I wish I had my camera, but that wasn't possible unless it wanted to get all wet. Right when we got out of the harbor we were putting around trying to get used to riding in the ocean and all the sudden I see a fin... I was like " Juan (boyfriend) I don't know about this I think I just saw a shark..." and hes like " No you didn't! where??" and I pointed to about 40 feet away... so we were looking and then about 10 feet away 2 FINS!!!! Right then I realized it was a pair of Dolphins !!! They were beautiful. Then I realized how we were just part of the food chain out in the Ocean... and we are not on the top... so I sort of freaked out.... but it was a blast... as long as I didnt look down straight in the water and see at least 20 feet of kelp before it dissapeared because it was even DEEPER but I couldnt see that far down. We saw a bunch of seals basking in the sun on a bouey. One playfully swam next to us doing little leaps out of the water, floating in its back enjoying the beautiful weather... It really was amazing. the weather and condition of the water couldnt have been better...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Why I'd rather stay in on Fridays....

I'm the first one to admit I'd rather stay in and craft then go out to a bar.... and what makes me more happy then a trip to my local craft store and a trip to the public library for a few books on tape. I love to embroider and listen to books on tape... I used to keep the tv on just to be able to listen... but what's the point? books on tape are so much better. unless the readers voice is super phoney like i said before.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yes it is 3a.m. and i should definitely be going to sleep... I should have been to sleep hours ago... but who cares.... I'm in an awful mood.... who knows why... just a grump.... ho hum.... save me from myself... and my foul foul mood.... watching the polygamist on Oprah today helped my mood... I am facinated with their backwards way of living, and that people can get sucked into that... plus my family from my Dads family are LDS so... its just interesting... plus when I went to Saint George to see my Grandpa there was a mom and her two kids.... clearly polygamist... the dresses and that hair style... I don't even know what you call it... but when I saw them in the store i was dumbfounded... I couldn't believe it... like seeing something out of a movie... I thought they didn't leave their "compound" or rows of mobile homes in the middle of the desert... I asked my grandma hoping she would give me a little insight since back way back when we had polygamy in our family... and incest... but you know... that was when it was the "trend" because there was more women converts to mormonism then there was men... so the men took them under their wing (so to speak)... but she just said, "They knew what they were doing was wrong..." I guess I just feel for the kids... they were trained from birth that the outside world is the devil and here come tanks and guns and military personel to wisk them away and separate them from their mothers... I would be terrified... FLDS or not... anyways I totally suggest the book "Shattered Dreams" really interesting and definitely very informative of the life FLDS live...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Recent Embroidery

I made these this past week.... I love the Jelly fish even though they are the evil of the sea! stinging you !!! How dare they! I must admit some of them are beautiful... but I don't want to swim with them! The other one is a pattern from Vintage transter finds I love all her stuff its so cute. she also does BEAUTIFUL work its almost sickening... I love all of her pillowcases... a lot of her stuff is in spanish and my boyfriend first language is spanish so i was saying all the sayings on her pillowcases just to be funny and he was laughing so hard because I was calling him all these sweet names... He liked it COME ON!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Brain Age !!

OK I'm obsessed with Nintendo DS game "Brian Age" its a series of games to exercise your brain. Just with a few days practice you realize how lame you were when you first started. you try to get to brain age 20. My first day i was 61!!! horrible!! but now im down to a 28. it has a bunch of sidoku you can play as well. fun fun fun... I want brain age II !!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

John & Kate plus eight

Ok I'm sorry... I LOVE THIS SHOW! For one i love little Asian babies.... and they are so cute!! everyone of them have the cutest little personalities. The stuff they say is so funny... the mom is a little ANAL... but i really can't blame her because she has a million kids. but i think she is mean to her husband.... who knows i would be crazy too... and my house would be a disaster... anyways... I just love it.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Broken I Pod

I love how I Pods are $300 and when they break after three years the apple guy tells you " It had a nice long life, it brought you lots of entertainment" Three years is a long time for an I pod??? I think they should last A LOT longer then that. Luckily it wasn't my I pod... which actually I almost wish it would have been because it was my boyfriends... he has thousands of songs he has collected over the years from random friends. It went with him to Iraq and Japan... and none of his songs were backed up on his computer... poor guy I really did feel bad for him. He had a huge variety of songs and he really enjoys music. Apples products are known for poor battery life but overall i think they don't have too many technical problems that why i feel like they really don't have a good customer service program.... I got the first generation photo I POD and had it replaced twice in a year! I think they had a few kinks in it.... but thats sort of lame... because i hardly ever used it. I have had some problems with my laptop but thats just with the battery.... no technical problems, no pop ups... nothing and I've had it for two years at least. I do love Apples... but i miss the right click dearly!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Washington D.C.

I've always wanted to visit Washington D.C. and when my boyfriend invited me to come with him to Maryland to visit his family for New Years I jumped on the opportunity! It was more beautiful then I imagined. There was so much history in just a few blocks of the city. The White House was definitely a bust though... there are bigger houses in California then the white house. I guess I just figured that the president of one of the most powerful countries would have a bomb ass house... and I couldn't even get a good picture of it because it was so far away!!!!! But the Lincoln Memorial was so moving... I almost cried. It was far better then anything I imagined. It was HUGE!! It was so amazing. I can't even describe it... it's something that you just have to see. I had such a great time, but can I please tell you... it was colder then shit! 19 degrees with a wind chill that cuts through you like razor blades! A California girl just cant get used to that...

Books On Tape

I love listening to books on tape! I tried to load them on my I tunes and it didn't work! I think the CD is a little bigger then standard size CD's so they never really loaded correctly. Plus I got them from the library and they were sort of scratched.... DANG IT !!! I wish I could add it so it would just be on my I phone and I could listen to it anytime i wanted... but instead I have my brothers 1995 CD player with a bunch of random stickers on it from clothing brands that don't even exist anymore... but whatever works! I recently listened to The Secret Life of BeesIt was such a good book!! The girl who was reading for it was so cute and had a perfect little southern accent. My pet peeve is annoying voices on books on tape that or totally fake accent. I also got the Undomesticated Goddess I think thats what its called and the lady had the most annoying fake english accent i just couldn't deal.... soooo.... yeah I love to read but I also love to craft.... So whats better then book on tape!