Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

Well I have been a little NAUGHTY !!! Okay so.... I have never said I was a mature adult... Things that are inappropriate completely make my day. My family are no help... If anything they instigate my crude behavior (My brother and Dad). I love to make things that are beautiful and innocent and turn them into something else.... I did a Christmas Swap with Amy. Her style is "cutesy cutesy" so I really had an idea of what sort of things she would like.

I started off with some inspiration from This. I thought.... eeehhh... I can make these WWWAAAYYY cuter. No offense to whoever made them... I just am not a fan of googley eyed snowmen. Besides I am having a little obsession with deer at the moment. At first they were just so stinking adorable. I colored the mini bottle brush trees a light green, painted the inside of the eggs aqua blue and the outside light light pink! I added some glitz and then added some mini deer... HOW FREAKING CUTE! Topped it off with some fake snow and a ribbon!




As the deer were laying out on the table my 18 year old brother started playing with them.... One thing lead to another and the "procreation ornament" was born... No pun intended. We laughed about it and didn't show it to our mom until it was glued in... My mom was appalled... She told me not to give it to Amy... Why the hell not?? Its freaking hilarious! I should list these damn things on my etsy! They are ssooo cute yet so naughty! Its nature!

Naughty Ornament

I also made her a few more things....


This is my new creation I have made... This will be for Christmas 2009... So here is your year early sneak peak! WIENER DOGS!!! They are in memory of mother loves weenie dog Grettle... The biggest bitch ever!

So this was the "big" project I made for her... A deer from my Japanese craft book Juan got me for my birthday! Its so cute!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It had detachable antlers... Which was my own personal touch! I thought I would make them detachable so she could display the deer year round if she wants to.

Here is its peeking around the felt tree I made.

Other then that I made it to a treasury!!! Its my first time as far as I know! I love the things she picked out (mine is the rose headband)! IF you want to see the whole thing click HERE.

I don't know if I will be posting again before Christmas if not MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Came A Little Early!!!

Before I start I need to explain myself... You may think I am spoiled, selfish, and forgetting the whole point of Christmas... BUT its not true... I actually really really appreciate all my gifts. I take care of them and really am thankful for everything I get. BUT I know people are going to buy me gifts... That's a given... Christmas is a BIG DEAL to my family. My Dad goes crazy buying us gifts... There was one year ... Probably when I was in 6Th grade... You know that age. You are very particular about what you wear and what you want. Well under the tree was my parents "guess" to what I wanted... I wasn't upset because it was partially my fault... I didn't give them specifics... So that was the year THE LIST was born! Next Christmas I searched through all the magazines cutting out what I really wanted. I had pictures, price, size,and where to find it. Little did I know it was my parents dream! They would go into the store and show the people working there my VERY DETAILED list and they would show them exactly where it was. So ever since then I have been making a list (so has my younger brother.. he ain't no ffoooolll!) Some of my friends think its so horrible I do this... While others are pissed they didn't do it. Juan said his parents would be SO offended if he handed them a list... The point of the list is this... I don't want a cream sweater! I don't want ugly shit! I don't expect everything on my list... Its more of a "suggestion guide" Wouldn't you like to know the gift you bought is something the person really wanted and that they will actually use and not RE-GIFT? YES of course! HAHAH I am totally making myself look bad... I only speak the truth! There are people in my family who always buy me cool stuff and they don't need THE LIST.

Juan was really trying to ruin my life! He didn't follow the list... He's a stubborn ass and refused to follow my "suggestion list". Which would be okay normally.... but then he told me he refused to buy me jewelry... WTF!!! I think jewelry is a boyfriend gift. Granted for my birthday he bought me a Japanese craft book, a Q-snaps, scissors and some other stuff he didn't know even existed ... Seriously though... NO JEWELRY? I didn't really care too much but come on... You can't go wrong with Jewelry! I don't know if his jewelry strike was all an act or if he had a change of heart... He bought me this BEAUTIFUL diamond bracelet!!!!! Which I was shocked HE PICKED OUT... He kept on telling me " AND ITS NOT ON YOUR LIST..." as if he was trying to challenge the power of the list... So I guess... People Know me better then I thought. It actually meant more to me that he bought me something that he thought I would like rather than follow the list. I am glad to know that my boyfriend isn't completely hopeless when it comes to shopping! HAHAHA... Oh and just so you know.. I don't sent the list to my whole family.. I am not that HORRIBLE!! That would just be TACKY! I only give it to the parents! Speaking of my parents... My mom has a list... and pretty much all she wants is this: Ped Egg, Pajama pants, slippers, watch, Disneyland pass, Beach Perfume. She thinks my dad bought her a lap top and she's pissed... She said " If I don't get slippers I am going to be so mad!!! Can't I just get a pair of slippers! " HAHAHAHA She is so weird!!!

So the moral of this story is: Maybe I am wrong to make a list, but honestly I wish everyone made a list... It makes shopping so much easier!!!

P.S. The reason I got this bracelet today is Juan is going home for Christmas and I am dropping him off at the air port! :( Its okay though! I am flying out to DC for New Years to meet him!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Interview: Angel I mean, Amy Rose

Okay, so my December interview is Amy from Swell Stitches!!! We have become really close since we became swap partners on Craftster!! She is super fun and she loves everything candy colored and pastel!!! Which really makes me laugh because her personality isn't all frilly and sweet... I mean she does put up with me... She has to have some edge to her!! Anyways she makes super cute things!! She also LOVES LOVES LOVES Christmas... So she is the perfect fit for my December interview check out her blog because she is having a GIVEAWAY. Which by the way I want to WIN.... Even though she made me some already!!! They are so beautiful and look Vintage!!!

first name (you don't have to answer this): Amy

Where did the name AmyRacinRose come from?: I've been dragracing ever since my sixteenth birthday. A guy that I've known and been friends with since I was kid started saying.. hey, it's Amy Racin Rose!.. everytime I'd walk up. It just sort of stuck from then on out!

where do you live?: Alvin, TX... it's a small town just between Houston and Galveston. I'm just here for school. The moment I finish I'll burn rubber getting out of this town! (maybe sooner than later... HAHAHAHA just kidding!!!)

your real job is: I run the parts warehouse at one of the largest car dealers in Texas (you also flirt with the old UPS Man)

How long have you been embroidering?: A little over two years now

what inspires your work?: For the most part I'm inspired by things other people create like Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy, Lori of Pretty Little Things and countless other crafters out there. Vintage goodies are a constant inspiration, too. (yeah I love LOVE vintage embroidery patterns!!!)

If you had an alter ego what would her name be? Hmmm.. something cute and retro that you could really put a tabboo twist on... Peggy Sue or Suzie Q. She's sugar and spice and everything nice.. but this girl has a dark side.. you better watch out! Something like that lol. (yeah you do... all these girlie colors... and really you are BLACK INSIDE!!! HAHAH just kidding I love you!!)

other crafts you do?: Well, I sew... or I attempt to anyway! I've also dabbled in painting small things like little houses or decorative things of the sort and I just made a Christmas gift using stamping and fabric paint. I've been branching out into quick, fun projects. If it's fast I like it. I'm a big fan of instant gratifcation!

What project of yours is your favorite of all time?: My Puppy Love pillow.. mainly because it's sentinemental. I embroidered two yorkies and a poodle with our dogs' names on it.. Angel, Kooty and Isky. (Aye Dios Mio... you and your damn dogs!)

Mother Fucker is my favorite cuss word... what is yours?: I like a basic Fuck.. it's a very useful word.. it comes in handy pretty often.

What are some of your favorite blogs or websites? Well, there is yours, of course! Also, I'm contstantly stalking Pretty Little Things, Posie Gets Cozy, Casey's Musings, Doe-c-Doe, Craftzine, Goody-Goody, Craftster and many, many more. (Bitch I trained you well... you better say my fucking blog... I was the one that FORCED you to blog again!! JK)

What is your favorite song?: Now this is a very tough one for me. I'm a huge fan of music.. 40's, 50's, 60's, Jazz, Rock, some Pop and very little Country... but I gotta say one song that always makes me happy is Sunny Side of the Street by Benny Goodman and sung by Peggy Lee. I love Benny Goodman. He was such an amazing clarinetist! ( I love Peggy Lee! you forgot to add ELLA!)

favorite alcoholic beverage?: Oh, easy! Amaretto Sour.. sooo yummy!

What was your favorite Christmas gift? Well, I gotta say my car... last year my parents surprised me with a brand new 08 Chevy Cobalt! It is a gorgeous car!.. and yes, I know how spoiled I am. ( I will just not say anything... but you know I am dying too!!! It's too easy)

In High School what were you like?: Oh god. I was such an overachiever! I graduated top 10 of my class with Honors, had straight A's throughout school and I was in the Honors Society. I was in A Capella choir as well as band and I lettered in both. In choir I was a section leader as well as in band. I was also a Lieutenant in the band. In fact, I played the clarinet and I held first chair for 6 consecutive years. Despite all of this sickening goody-goody over achiever crap, I still had a cool factor because of the dragracing. I knew all the guys and vice versa .. main reason they knew me is because I beat the crap out of anybody in my Camaro! haha I wasn't a cliquey girl, either. I knew everybody and hung out with everybody. (One time at band camp...... AAAHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Amy I can always get a good laugh...)

What are your other interest besides crafting? Well, there is the dragracing. Also, there's Angel.. she's always my main interest.. spoiled little dog! lol And there's court reporting, which is what I'm going to school for.

You love your rat dog I mean Angel what tricks can she do? Or do u just love her because she's fluffy and cute? haha... Angel is fluffy and cute! She's also very, very sweet and as spoiled as she is she's not one of those bratty dogs that you just want to hate, you know? I've never taught her any outright tricks but she does know commands... like when I say Grass she hops straight into the grass and she'll hop into the bathtub when I say bath. But there is one trick that she just did on her own which is so cute! We have a swing in our backyard at my parents' home. During the spring and early summer my Mom used to let the dogs stay outside in the backyard while no one was home. Well, my neighbor said one day he saw Angel jump onto the swing and start thrusting herself in a way that it made the swing start to swing back and forth. Then she laid down and rocked herself to sleep! I always wished I could see that!
(ugh.... your dog is made out of poly-fil)

Here is "Angel" AKA poly-Fil

And here is my mondo 100 lbs Doggie LOLA GIRL.... WAY BETTER... Lola takes bigger POOPS than Angel!

Do you have any tattoos? if so what are they? I have one little heart on my second toe of my left foot. I really want to get more but just haven't been able to settle on one yet. I'm very particular about something that's going to be on my body forever!

If you were to live in any decade what would it be? At my age that I am right now... the 40's. I love everything about that era. In my mind, I've romanticized it all so much. I know people had it a lot tougher than we do.. but oddly enough that's one of things that's so appealing of that era to me. It's difficult to appreciate all of the wonderful things we have now when they've never been unavailable to us.

What is your favorite material to stitch on?: Basic muslin... it's soft and doesn't pull apart easily as you stretch it out on the hoop. I hate fabric that does that!

Favorite Christmas song? What version? It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas by Bing Crosby. I adore Bing Crosby! His voice just makes me melt. I really love the songs he recorded with the Andrews Sisters, too. Seriously, I think I have a little crush on the man! haha I love love love the Andrew Sisters

Have you always been crafty? I think so. I just always expressed my creativity in different ways. For about 9 years it was musically through the clarinet. I got to the point, though, that it was hindering my chance to finish school in court reporting. So, I quit and for a long time I was really sad that I didn't have anything creative in my life until I discovered Sublime Stitching a little over two years ago. It just opened up this huge, seemingly never-ending world to me.

What is your favorite stitch? The stem stitch! I rock the stem stitch! It is so easy and moves along very quickly.

What is your best Christmas Memory? I have a lot since I always spend Christmas with my family.. but seriously is there any better feeling than waking up as a kid just itching to know what Santa brought you?! I mean that moment when you sneak into the livingroom to peek under the tree before yelling to wake up your parents is just so incredible!

Would you want to live in Alaska where its freezing and snows during winter? I wouldn't mind Alaska, but my dream is New York City... and it's definitely freezing and snowy there during the winter.

Why are you obsessed with "pretty pastels" ? Umm... I don't really know. it's not just pastels. I'm into candy colors, too.. very girly colors. My favorite color of all of them, though is aqua.

What's one thing that might surprise me about you ? I think there's a lot that would surprise you.. I have a very dark side lol. I know of one thing that did surprise you.. the fact that I dragrace.. and kick ass doing it! (No, I know you have a dark side... you evil pastel loving bitch!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA)

If you could be on any reality show what would it be? The Hills! I know it's stupid, but I love that show. I heart LC.. lol Honestly... I should stop talking to you RIGHT THIS MINUTE... That show is a DISGRACE to the human race.... I can't even BELIEVE you!!! AMY!!! WHY DID U KEEP THIS HORRIBLE SECRET FROM ME???

What makes you happy? Angel, embroidering, hot cider, cold and bright winter days, Bing Crosby's deep voice, Benny Goodman playing his clarinet, Doris Day or Ginger Rogers movies, walking in the park on a breezy day, New York City, Starbucks coffee, finishing a sewing project, West Orange-Stark highschool Mustang football games, singing to oldies music with my Mom, shopping at craft stores! This list could really go one for a looong time.

Favorite Christmas Cookie? Ooooh.. I'm not sure if this is actually considered a cookie.. but divinity! Oh, the name is so befitting!

Why haven't you sent me a picture of your typewriter thingie? I'm a procrastinator! Haven't you figured that out yet?! ( YEAH AND I'M STILL WAITING!!!)

If you were to be stranded on an Island what 3 things would you bring (water and food are already included)? Angel! A boat! And several gallons of gas so I could hightail my ass out of there! hahah you are funny...

So my mother once had a question in her Bible Study Homework... It was " What is one thing you WOULDN'T give up for Jesus?" Her answer of all things was " PEPSI" What is one thing that you are addicted to that you wouldn't give up? (not necessarily for Jesus, just in general) Angel! I love her too much. The only way I'd let her go is if she were in pain. Oh my.... you could write a book about that freaking pooch

and saving my favorite for last:

Would you rather..... never be able to craft again or... eat a cup of shit? Okay I know that you would eat shit.. but I'm sorry. It's not gonna happen. I would just stop crafting. I think I would really miss crafting, though. It's not just a hobby.. it's a way of life! Yeah exactly!!! I would eat a cup of shit!!! All in the name of CRAFTING!!! What else would I do with my life??? Regret not eating shit so I could be crafting!!! HAHAHAH

This is my favorite thing she has made!! " Not Quite Vintage" ... I am still waiting for mine (cough cough....) Anyways that is all!!! Isn't she great? She stitches on EVERYTHING!! I also love her aqua framed embroidery!! So cute!!

I haven't edited this bad boy... its late... EDIT LATER...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some things I've been working on...

Soooo.... I've been super bad at posting... Which I figured would happen during the holiday season... BUT I haven't stopped crafting!! I've actually been doing some straight up sweat shop work... I've been making a million headbands! They were a huge hit on My Etsy There are still some available and I will be listing the most beautiful deep purple ones tomorrow. I sold out of them within the first hour at the craft show I was in on Saturday. I could kick myself for not making more purple and red ones... Oh well... At least I know for next time.

Smile rosette

I also have been making some fun little other things... I am slowly but surely getting my craft "TO DO LIST" checked off one at a time... I finally made some clothespin dolls. Don't hate on the one with super big eyes!!! Shes my first one, I used a paint pen and made one eye too big... then I was like... FUCK IT... This bitch is going to have the "stink eye"...

clothes pin gals

Isn't the tree so cute? That was another one of my "projects" I found it at Michaels on clearance for $4.00 but it was just a regular bushy tree.... Well I gave that thing a brazilian wax! I made it bare and lovely!! I love the vintage feel it gives!

The clothespin gang

I have also been thrift store shopping... I have been keeping my eye out for some cute little tea cups to make pin cushions out of and here are two I "experimented" with.

Green tea cup

cheetah pin cushion

Also I made another one of my "Embroidery art" pieces. This time I made her with green eyes, a green bow, red hair, and silver stud earrings. I think I like her better with a more traditional earring.

Woman Circa 1951

She is available here.

Other then that I have been decorating for Christmas. My boyfriend went home to Maryland for Thanksgiving, so I decorated his apartment while he was gone. The tree is so not at its prime A) because I don't have any of my handmade ornaments on there because I was going to be selling them at a craft show and B) My mom gave me all these "handmade" ornaments some crazy "aunt" of hers dropped off at our house last year... If you blow the picture up you will see there is an ornament of a "snowman" and his hat is made out of the top of a tube sock... (OH HOW CLEVER). I should be caned in the crafting world for allowing such ugly ornaments on that tree... but you know what... I love them because they are SO TACKY!!! Also see the snowman chillin' at the bottom of the tree... Ugly Ornaments need love too sort of like the Island of Misfit Toys!!! I also used dingle berry garland. I think that was a wonderful idea on my part. Partially because I bought a HUGE spool of the shit for $6.00 (thats a wonderful deal I think there is 50 yards) at a thrift store and my mom told me I would never use it... Well here you go Momma O... 2 yards down... 48 yards to go!

My Christmas tree so far

So yeah to say the least I have been keepin' busy!!! Its really rewarding to know that people actually like my stuff!!! Keep your eyes open for my headbands in some new colors..... (lets hope I take photos of them tomorrow!)

EDIT: Just listed new headbands!!

Headbands for Etsy

Headbands for Etsy

Check my Shop