Tuesday, August 28, 2007

camis and cancer sticks

Who would of thought i would fall for a guy who wears camis and smokes???? I love this picture.... mostly because it turned out so good when he was being such a PEST and not letting me take a picture of him in his uniform.... this was about a week after he got back from Iraq.... mmmmmm i just want to eat him up evertime i see this picture... if he reads this... which he wont....i would die of embarassment.... but man oh man... he makes me..... melt.... only sometimes :P hahaha

Beauty is a pain in the ASS

I love my work.... but after ten hours i start to get a little loopy.... my real self starts to slip out... well i am always myself.... but the side of me that only the people im close to see.... so i think my boss thinks im crazy.... luckily he is even more crazy then i am so it all works out in the end.... but i fear his clients dont always understand my banter.... hahaha..... I recently just got my cosmetology license so i am assisting for a guy at a salon so its hard not to lose your mind after shampooing 20 heads of hair at least twice somtimes three times.... so like 40 shampoos or more.... my beautiful manicured nails have gone to shit.... my nails are stained brown from hair color... my knuckles cracked from so much washing... my face oily from sweating balls (if i had any) from the blow dryers and the lack of good AC circulation.... feet killing me after 10 hours of standing up.... i went into this buisness thinking it was glamorous... let me tell you.... when they say beauty is pain.... they were'nt lyin' sister.... ok i am done complaining.... hahahaha..... and the beat goes on...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hat and Stroller Blanket

This I made for one of my friends who is having a baby in a few months. She already has said she had recieved a few either knit or crochet handmade blankets that were baby colors. I didn't really feel like making her another pastel blanket so i thought i would mix it up a little bit. The Yarn is 100% cotton i got it from Michaels... I made a little hat to match that i knit and then made a crochet flower for it..... it was really easy its just a basic shell pattern for the blanket and then the hat pattern from my free pattern site.

The 7 year itch blanket

This blanket i never thought i would finish. I think i worked on this on and off for a year or two.... hahaha it felt like 7 thought i used a small needle and for some reason anything bigger then baby clothes and hats i start to go stir crazy and cant finish. But i was determined to finish.... i think there is a point in a project where there is no looking back.... where too much time has been dedicated to it to give up. so here it is finished. I think ill save it for when i have a baby which is like a million years probably but i have a hope chest so its been soaking up the smell of cedar and probably will for many years to come.... but pretty much it was the first thing i started and eventually finished....

Debbie Bliss Sweater

I made this awhile back.... Its from one of the Debbie Bliss book for beginners... it was actually pretty easy and straight forward... the only problem was it was size TWO needles!!!!!! but i love the Debbie Bliss yarns.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MY BIKE... my man

Well lets just say that yes i understand this is a mens bike.... but i was originally going there to get a mint green one.... but for some reason.... if its a girl bike they have to be metallic and i am not down with the matallic...... so i saw this black one and I LOVED IT!!!! and of course my boyfriend liked it because that means he can ride it when im not around.... or just take pictures with it.... whatever works....

What the heck

its hard to get this darn thing working again its been like two years !!!