Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Embroidered Native American Princess


Well I actually don't know if she's a princess or not... but lets just pretend OK? Actually the reason I did this was because Rectangels theme was sort of " Cities named after women" so I thought this would be perfect
"Attala County, Mississippi: Attala is named for Attala or Atala, a fictional Native American heroine from a story by François-René de Chateaubriand."
That's what wikipedia told me! This is by far my most detailed work I've ever done. Like seriously... I am totally all about some INSTANT GRATIFICATION... But Rectangel puts a lot of effort into her work so I didn't want to dissapoint! I am actually really proud of her! Isn't she delightful? My fav has to be her hair and jewelry... the bone necklaces are wonderful and gross at the same time! She looks so hot with her big ol' cleavage bustin' through her turquoise french knot necklace! Makes me wanna do a little rain dance.... wow... (yeah I said it...)

This is my contribution to Rectangel's Tea Towel Tour 4 Towel:
ttt4 rectangle

I normally am not too keen on Native American "style" shall we call it, and I LOVE to tease my best friends Native American boyfriend to no avail... I always say " You better watch what you say, I might give you SMALL POX! " and other really mean things I will keep to myself to laugh about (all in good fun of course)... but the sad part is... I have Native American blood in me! You wouldn't know it because My whiteness could blind you, WITH glasses on! But My best friends, boyfriends, brothers are really into pow wows and they dress all up in the Regalia (remember people NEVER CALL THEM COSTUMES I almost got attacked because I called it a costume) and one dances and one sings and does the drums and it is SO BEAUTIFUL! When their grandmother died they had a catholic/ traditional Native funeral and the drums and the dancing brought me to tears (also the sage burning made me shed a few as well). It was an experience to say the least and the Regalia they wear is AMAZING... All hand beaded. Something any crafter could appreciate. I wish I had pictures to show you... but here are some more of my Attala


Attala close up

What do you think of her?

Other then that... I just bought myself some wool blend felt... {swoon} it is worth $9.99/yard... I will never use rayon felt as long as I live!!! Its just ssooo yummy!! its thinner and feels so much nicer!! I can't wait to start creating with it!! I have my mind on some little Elf shoes... Other then that I just want to thank all of you for your kind words on my last post! It was such a debbie downer post !! But like I said... crafting heals my soul!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The worst day of my life... September 26, 2008

DSC06455This is him with is discharge papers... i thought he was done... BOY was I wrong!

So if you read my blog you would know that my boyfriend is an ex-marine. I met him just at the tail-end of his 4 years active duty... Right before he went to Iraq is when I met him... So I knew what I was getting myself into. He made it through Iraq without a scratch. I was so thankful and knew he would be ALL MINE for good! No longer getting sent to the middle east, because he was going to be officially out 1 month after he got home!!! yiiipppeeee!!! I remember his last day in the military... He was so excited to be a "civilian" and get on with his life, go to college, get a civilian job, and NOT GET HAIR CUTS!! So lets just say... he didn't cut his hair for 3 months or beard!! He looked like a mountain man and it was NOT PRETTY!!!

Well I guess how the military works is you sign a 8 year contract. 4 years active duty and then 4 years inactive. This I was not aware of when I met him... (I didn't even know the difference of a "soldier" and a "marine")so... he told me awhile back that he could get "re-called" meaning... if the government decides they need more people to be in the military they will pull the "inactive" men before they start a draft... Well Juan assured me he DOUBTED that it will ever happen unless we get into some crazy war with Afghanistan, Iraq, and Korea...

Well a few days ago, two of his friends text him saying they got recalled... it spiked my fear that it was possible Juan might get recalled as well... but I figured he wouldn't because he scored pretty high on his "disabilities" through the VA so I thought he would get overlooked...

NOPE! yesterday there was a big fat envelope on his doorstep from the good ol' USofA.... freaking great! I FLIPPED OUT!!! picked it up... saw what it said screamed for Juan and cried and ran inside as I chucked that envelope on the FLOOR!!! (yes I am so dramatic at times) I was PISSED!! I cursed every person I could including GEORGE WASHINGTON hahaha !!! To say the least I was crazy! I wanted him to do every drug he could so they wouldn't take him...Juan... took it all in stride. He didn't let my emotions get the best of him. He's not mad. He knew it was a possibility... He laughed at my offer to buy him the biggest bag of weed I could find, to cut his trigger finger off, to run over his legs, move back to Ecuador with him, ANYTHING... I DON'T WANT HIM TO GO! But... He's ready. I can appreciate his courage... I can appreciate the fact that he is happy its him and not another man with a wife and kids. I can appreciate the fact that while I am bawling my eyes out cussing like the excorsist he remains calm... I think that is why we get along so well... I am crazy and he is rational... He sees clearly through the most stressful of times... The letter said "under presidental code blah blah blah section blah blah blah WE ARE SENDING YOUR ASS BACK TO THE MIDDLE EAST! TO FIGHT THE WAR ON TERRORISM" (more or less thats what it said) So Oct 20 he's going to Kansas City to see if he is eligible for deployment (I am hoping they tell him he can't go) but I know in my heart he will go. There is no reason for him not to go... So to say the least I am scared. More scared then I have ever been....

My next post will be about crafts I SWEAR!!! Crafts make me feel so warm and happy inside... my world as I know it might crumble around me but I'll be fucking DAMNED if they take my crafts away! VIVA CRAFTS!!!! hahaha

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Honey-DO list... crafts I must learn, Do, and MAKE!

Okay so I guess I have been lagging in my blogging world!! Well... I have. I feel a little overwhelmed! like mucho overwhelmed! I have a craft show coming up so I have been trying to get as much stuff done as I can. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you just stop what you are doing to read? hahaha... I am such a procrastinator... and I hate feeling like I HAVE TO CRAFT... thats part of the drawback to doing shows... You feel pressured to craft. I love doing it on my own leisurely time! except for swaps... then I just wait till the last week so I can pump out a masterpiece (hopefully...). So as I am stitching away... I've been thinking... its time to mix this party up! I need a NEW HOBBY!!!! So far in my craft endeavors I know how to: knit, crochet, embroider, cross stitch, make jewelry, scrapbook, cook, and sew.... so far I am pretty "seasoned" in all of them but sewing... I can sew aprons etc... but making that straight line has always been a task... I don't know if it has something to do with my sewing machine that literally sounds like I am using a chain-saw to sew (yes people the bobbin is in correctly) ... or just the fact that... I am not the type of girl to follow the straight and narrow... but in sewing... its important to know how to sew a straight line... so what's a better way to learn then to quilt? my grandma wants to kill me, clearly... she hates quilting... but she is the only one I know who a) knows how to do it and b) owns a pfaff sewing machine that literally makes me want to take out a loan just to buy myself this heavenly piece of machinery... like literally... its amazing... I told her when she dies I don't want any of her jewelry I just want the machine... she laughed so hard... I love how she thinks I am funny but if my mom heard that she would slap me in the face for the first time! but my grandmas jewelry is F-UGLY... yes I said it... FUCKING UGLY!! No offense but its like... hippy shit. not even like beautiful 1930-1950s. its straight up BRIGHT and ugly! so to say the least the sewing machine has its weight in gold! but before she has one foot in the grave one foot on a banana peel (I mean that in the kindest of ways) ... she needs to teach me AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! With that said I have totally been inspired by craftster to quilt... Craftster pretty much inspires me to try as many cool crafts as I can... one girl in particular makes some pretty cool quilts here is an example of one

check her out Here.
I figure once I am really good at sewing straight lines... then I can move onto sewing clothes for myself.... I've tried this before and it turned out quite sad... but my heart is set on "that perfect black pencil skirt" and I'm set on one day being able to make it!

Another one of my crazy/ wonderfully fabulous ideas is... I need to learn how to CAN... yes can goods... AKA "putting up" this has also been influenced by my many hours on flickr... canning has been inspired by graygoosie She is totally fab and has the CUTEST style... she wears aprons as part of her everyday wear. She takes the most amazing photos and makes me jealous of all her vintage goodies! Totally check her out. I want her to be my neighbor so I can run over and bug her all the time! because I already bug her on flickr! she's a sport about it! but seriously look how wonderful
YUUUUUMM!!! the only problem with "canning" is I don't have an abundance of fruit or veggies at my disposal... so it might be a little costly seeing that I don't have an orchard in my backyard... we do have plum trees... but plums only seem to be good while fresh! but it is on my list of things for my grandma to teach me... did I say she hates canning? but she loves me so she is willing to pass it on to me... what a great g-ma!

The other two "crafts" I want to learn DO NOT include my poor grandma... I will let her rest for awhile...

Sooooo... the first time I saw "frosting glasses" or "etching" was on none other then the FFFAABBBUUULLLLOOOUUUSSSS ex-con.... you guessed it. MARTHA STEWART! Isn't she a gem? I just hate and love her all in one! but she makes these beautiful glasses
she also has a "how to" video here.
Now try and picture this with me... Cheap wine glasses from Ikea being etched with beautifully monogramed "B" or" J" or" M" in old script. Or I was thinking little bats on the wine glasses in the spirit of halloween ! On craftster I found some Tattoo style ones as well! doesn't it look so fun?

So last but not least... I want to learn to solder! Its always wanted to try it especially when I was in my "jewelry making phase" I love the glass slide soldered pendants! I think they are so beautiful plus unique because you can add almost anything flat in the middle... I found a girl on craftster who makes soldered pendants with stamps... She has a blog called The Conundrium if you want to check it out ...SO CUTE.. besides I love pen palling and one of my pen pals from Japan sent me the most beautiful cherry blossom stamp that I have been eyeing to make something with...
So with all that said... its time to begin.. I think I will start with canning, etching, and quilting first... since the first two are pretty much a 1 day affair... and quilting... I've had a WIP quilt under my bed for the past 5 years I started before I realized I didn't know what I was doing... a few other things I want to make are
Clothes pin dolls like these ones from Posie gets cozy

Pear Pincushion from HELLOmynameisHeather I already bought the pattern... and while doing that discovered she makes a strawberry pincushion that is to DIE FOR and way cuter then mine!

And who can resist one of The black apples little dolls?

AND last but not least... this scarf... I NEED IT AND WANT IT!! since my alter-ego is Little red riding hood.. I totally love big bad wolfs! here is the pattern (you have to be a member, its free and totally worth it) I really REALLY want this little cape but I doubt I will wear it frequently, if at all... So instead I am picturing this scarf in RED of course!! all snuggled up while I drag my WOLF around Disneyland or any other outdoor activity...
Isn't it sssooo cute?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken cordon bleu
The first time I have ever had chicken cordon bleu was like a month ago... and I made it. My boyfriend was complaining about something we ate (aka something I made) so I threw a fit and said " well if you don't like it... find some other F-ING recipes that we can have" like I said before yes... I am a brat... but. coming from someone who just eats the food and doesn't prepare it he was crossing the line... besides he normally loves everything I make so I was mad at him... you know... since I literally sweat my ass off every time the oven goes on.... in his tiny apartment that isn't up to code and doesn't have a stove vent... so if you could imagine... it gets hotter then a popcorn FART!
So he was on a mission to find something better then what we ate... and he did... WAY BETTER.... Swiss cheese and ham make me feel like vomiting... like literally... but with this combo it is DIVINE... and pretty much orgasmically good... (judging by the face my bf makes while eating it...)
So I read over the recipe and I sort of.... um... don't follow the rules... plus I cut everything in half since its just me and ding dong eating it. and yeah... its pretty easy... I get the ham and cheese from the deli at the grocery store, I get baby swiss cheese because... its not as... um swiss-EY I guess...I roll the ham and cheese inside the chicken and then put a piece on top, depending if Juan has decided to eat the cheese even though I told him 3 freakin' times " I only got enough swiss to make that dinner YOU picked out"... I buy the chicken already filleted ... but sometimes its still not as thin as I want it to be.... so I beat it with a tuna can in a plastic bag, hey girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Another thing I don't "sprinkle" anything... I put the bread crumbs on a plate and put the chicken in the plate coating both sides with bread crumbs (no I don't use egg just the chickens own juiciness). Plus I don't wait to put the cheese on top... Actually I just realized that was on there when I copied the recipe to my blog... ooopppss... so do it however you would like!

pre cooked cordon bleu
See what I mean... the last little baby one is missing cheese! My favorite part is he acts like he has no clue... um... who ate it then? the only mouse I see in here is YOU!!!

Chicken Cordon Bleu I
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper
6 slices Swiss cheese
4 slices cooked ham
1/2 cup seasoned bread crumbs

1)Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Coat a 7x11 inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.

2)Pound chicken breasts to 1/4 inch thickness.

3)Sprinkle each piece of chicken on both sides with salt and pepper. Place 1 cheese slice and 1 ham slice on top of each breast.

4)Roll up each breast, and secure with a toothpick. Place in baking dish, and sprinkle chicken evenly with bread crumbs.

5)Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until chicken is no longer pink. Remove from oven, and place 1/2 cheese slice on top of each breast. Return to oven for 3 to 5 minutes, or until cheese has melted. Remove toothpicks, and serve immediately.
Yield: 4 servings

Chicken cordon bleu, salad, rice
This is rice-a-roni the San Fransisco treat and the salad is the bagged "Caesar salad" mmmmm.... I love that salad....

Juans rating: ***** Five stars!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Swap craft goodness!

Katie and I decided we wanted to do a swap with each other. Well she is all fabulous and stuff and finished mine ages ago... She made me the cutest pillowcase and she cross stitched me " don't make me flip the bitch switch" and framed it!!! So I wasn't sure what to make her... she told me she would like whatever I made her (puuullleeaaasseee) hahaha well I hope she liked what I made her... here is the tampon holder I made for her... well she said she doesn't carry tampons around... well dang... so it now is a tampon/ pen holder... :( but regardless i love the little geisha I stitched on it!
Geisha pin up

close up

I sort of didn't know how I wanted to make this... so I used felt and then used pinking shears on the edges and then added some velcrow for closure...
I also made her this tea towel... It is a pin up holding a telephone... I thought her hat was so cute... I used 6 strands of floss on her hat and really wished I hadn't, It seems too BULKY! but regardless I love the way she looks all sassy and stuff... and of course I added some giant ric-rac on the bottom... because I just love me some ric-rac!
ric rac pin up

pin up

pin up close up

I also made her an oil cloth card holder! I love oil cloth so much... So I am trying to figure out different things to do with it... this card holder is sort of "under construction" I don't like how loose the card part is... so I am working out the kinks... anyways... here it is...

oil cloth card holder

anyways I hope she liked it... I really tried to make something she would like.... anyways.... other then that I have a few more crafty goodness I will post soon.... not only that I have a new RECIPE that I will also post soon.... and my hair post... is in the works.... I need to touch up my roots before I do a tutorial... I know I am so vain... but come on... I don't want to look like a skunk!

Sunday, September 14, 2008



So Juan decided thursday night that he wanted to go to Vegas... wwwhhhhhhuuuuttt? so random! so at 3 am it was official we had a room and were going to vegas the next morning... I am normally not partial to last minute plans but you know what... LETS GO!!! it's not like we had anything better to do!! besides that, I've never gambled in Vegas. I've been there plenty of times before I was of age but now... I WAS READY!
Juan was such a great BF he paid for everything... what a gem! So as I was driving I was telling him about how wonderful this roller coaster is at the state line. Back in 1996 it was the tallest roller coaster in the WORLD! (No I am not that much of a nerd... It said it on a sign as we were getting on)

SO of course we had to go on it.... it is scary as shit but SSSSSOOOO fun! I was screaming so loud that my throat hurt for 2 hours after. Pretty much you just feel like your are going to die the whole time! Well I was so dumb I forgot to take a picture of us there... oh well.
So finally we get to Vegas. It only took us 4 hours driving! Well come to find out, our old friends (Juans old roommates) were in Vegas as well. So we decided we will meet up with them at Club Tao.

I've never even been to a club, so what better then to start off with one of the best in Las Vegas... It wasn't that great... and I was REALLY DRUNK. (I was drunk off one drink... but drank 4 hahaha ) I guess for one I am not much of a club goer... I mean I love to dance and pretty much can shake my money maker... but the music is so loud and its SSOOOO crowded... I don't really like people touching me... so yeah... I guess I love dive bars... and I love live music... and Rock-a-billy music... so it wasn't really my thang' but hey it was really cool going there and there was naked girls in tubs and girls in cages shaking their ass... so to say the least it was an experience...

do you know where you say "old friends" and they should stay old friends? Like the same old shit is going on with them... D-R-A-M-A.... and then you think to yourself... why the fuck did I meet up with them? They are still up to the same shit... and you are greatfull that you moved on from it all and sort of don't feel bad at all that they are still stuck in it... because they are SO STUPID and will never learn... I swear they live in this delusional bubble... they think they are smart but the part is both of them are so dumb they are not smart enough to figure out how FUCKING STUPID they really are... I really just had to get that out there... Like really... (trust me I could write about the Jerry Springer S that went on... but I'd rather keep this sort)

hahaha with that said... Juan and I ditched them after the club and walked around on the strip and then went and gambled... we stayed up till 7 am.... it was crazy! Luckily I stopped drinking around 3 so I was fine... but it is so weird having a hang over, yet haven't even gone to sleep yet... ugh... I was playing black jack and couldn't even count the cards I was so tired! I haven't drank or partied for MONTHS AND MONTHS....so this ALL night thing made me feel like a grandma !!! But Juan and I had a great time! We woke up the next afternoon (yes afternoon....) and then went to the pool for a few hours and then hit the road... nice little vaca on Juan... thanks POP!

P.S. in case you were wondering... NO WE DIDN'T WIN ANY MONEY... We gave it all to Vegas...


Thursday, September 11, 2008


I remember this day like it was yesterday... it was the day that changed my whole perspective on "my world". I was a sophomore at Aliso Niguel High School. I was 15 and still needed to get a "ride" to school so that meant my mom and my best friends mom would switch off... It was my friends mom turn to pick me up... to say the least I hated her. she was uptight, opinionated, and would pass judgement on any kid who walked in front of her car... lets just say she was sort of like an evil Martha Stewart... but the difference was... I actually had to see her on a daily bases... and also our rides to school included "Dr.Laura" so pretty much for a 15 year old... She was the biggest bitch I'd known. I get in the car and we are driving along and she turns the radio on.... " A plane has crashed into the twin towers" I have no clue what's going on... Evil Martha is flipping out... my best friend is silent like always when she is at the wrath of her mother... So I ask " what does this mean?" she turns around and says this " BROOK DON'T YOU GET IT ???(no bitch obviously not) TERRORIST ATTACKED THE TWIN TOWERS" me: " what is a terrorist?" I mean literally I had NNNOOO clue what a terrorist was... I've never even seen a crime happen in my neighborhood how the hell am I supposed to know that there are extremist who want all Americans dead? I was 15 mind you... my life involved school, swimming, my friends, the phone, and make up. So to say the least evil Martha was not pleased with the answer... little did she know her daughter had no clue what the hell was going on either... I just remember I wanted to go home. I didn't want to be in the car with an insensitive BITCH yelling at the radio... I wanted out... but of course I went to school. My best friend and I had choir together so we walked in and the TV was on and everyone was SILENT... We watched and as we watched plane 2 crashed into the other tower... it was real then... I knew by the news casters that tower 2 was FULL of people who they told not to evacuate... I knew they were dead among the people on the plane... then both the towers collapsed ..what do you do? you're a helpless viewer.... nothing like this has ever happen since I've been alive. I still didn't understand why or how someone would or could do this. I didn't understand because it wasn't a "country" attacking us, it was terrorist... I was so naive I thought no one could hurt America... I was wrong... That day was one that will be burned into my brain forever... It changed how I saw everything... by innocence was stolen. I now second guessed flying all together, going to big cities, and the media even scared us to go to our local mall... I remember going home and just being numb. All those people... all those frantic people on the news begging to find their family members... pictures, banners, flowers, ash, nothing could save those people from the misery they were feeling.... all I could think was "why?"
My heart goes out to all those people who were killed in 9/11 and my prayers go out to all those who have loved ones over in Iraq. I've been there. I've been the girl that checks the casualties of war list praying that my boyfriend wont be on it... tossing and turning all night because I haven't heard from him in over a month. Watching the news only to make me feel worse... holding my phone in my hand all day and night because I don't want to miss his call. You learn that life is precious and not to take it lightly. If 9/11 has taught me anything its to be thankful for where I live, not to take things for granted, and know that someone is way worse off then I am....

Monday, September 08, 2008

Rosemary Chicken

Rosemary Chicken
I know the picture makes it look sort of yuck... but I took it on my I phone and the photo quality is not so great!

okay... so my mom got this recipe off T.V. a long time ago , I am not sure what her name is but she is tall, beautiful long brown hair, english accent.... looked like a super model...I don't even know if she is on T.V. anymore... anyways... this is seriously the easiest and yummiest moist chicken ever!! I actually made it today for Juan and I, he gave it 5 STARS (I make him rate everything I make for him)!! but he said he thinks I should have marinaded it a little longer so it tasted more like rosemary.. ( well if you want it to be exploding with rosemary flavor... go chew on a damn rosemary sprig...) okay... wow did that just come out of my mouth??? CARRY ON... so this is what you need

1 gallon zip lock bag
1 whole chicken cut up with bone and skin (you can use how ever much you want as long as it has the bone in)
6 tbsp Olive Oil
1 Lemon (don't throw the lemon rind away)
1 Red Onion
2-4 sprigs of fresh Rosemary
Salt to taste (I'd say 2 tbsp)

So you take your gallon zip lock bag and throw in your chicken, then quarter your onion throw it in the bag, add Olive Oil, add rosemary ( I strip the leaves off and then throw everything in, stem and all), half your lemon, juice it in the bag and then throw the lemon in the bag as well... then add salt... then you ziplock the bag and shake it all up... The longer you marinade this the better. I say 24 hours is perfect flavor... You can also pre-make this and freeze it! It really is so good! The chicken just melts in your mouth! I added red potatoes but I suggest you NOT... since they were still hard after I cooked them.. Also don't use a whole chicken because it takes forever to cook thats why I said "cut up". Then I just dumped everything in a casserole dish and added 1 cup water ( not suggested if you want your chicken browned) so it would be extra juicy... served it with white rice, Juan liked all the "juice" poured on the rice. Pretty much its so easy, so good, and can be served with a bunch of things!!

Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees and cook for 1 hour

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A day in the life... Football, T.V., Food...

YAY football season started!!! YAY I am so excited I might jump off a freakin' bridge! to say the least football can kiss my white ass... but guess who loves it... my boyfriend... OF COURSE! but ....YAY Juan doesn't have a T.V. (he has one but doesn't want to go pick it up at his friends house.. thats a whole other story, don't get me started) which means... NO FOOTBALL unless we go to a sports bar and at least I can entertain myself by getting drunk and watching all of the drunk people at the bar and then make fun of them in my head... but that didn't happen. So I am cooking a wonderful dinner for him and all the sudden... my Lap top fires up... So I am thinking.. ok whatever he can go on my Laptop... about five minutes later I hear football commentators... ummm wait WHAT.... i thought there wasn't any T.V.s in this apartment... no... no, no, no... Guess what... my Lap Top... YES I said MY Lap top is now a wireless T.V. that plays the football games LIVE... Did I just die and go to hell??? I mean seriously... my laptop is a WIRELESS FOOTBALL GAME that can go anywhere in his apartment... Juan is THRILLED to say the least... I am cooking so I am okay with it ,because I mean... he missed the Cowboys game (oh boo freakin' hoo) so whatever plus I was busy.... then I don't hear the game any more... thank god! he turned that shit off... wait... where did Juan go??? All of the sudden I hear hooting and hollering in his bedroom... ummm no not his bedroom... in the fucking bathroom... I knock
Juan: " Yeah I dont want to miss the game"
me: " are you fucking kidding me? you are going to get poop particles on my key board!!"

This is coming from him OF ALL PEOPLE... who gets sooo mad if I leave toothpaste in the sink... and here he is... on the shitter with MY laptop...

So I have come to conclusions... I am in hell... and my boyfriend is out to ruin my life...

I few things I am going to add to my blog: a tutorial of my hair, and also I've decided I am going to start posting my favorite recipes I make and share pictures and the recipe! I will then have a link on the side with all of them listed... what do you think of that?? I think it sounds wonderful! because some of the things I make are super super easy and also SSOOO good!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

What I got in the Apron Swap

Ok people.... I got my package from Amyracinrose and I was DELIGHTED!!! she made me not one but TWO aprons because she said the one she originally made for me she was not happy about... well I tried it on and the sewing WAS WONDERFUL but it was really really big... but i am totally pleased with it anyways because 1) the fabric is cute 2) Monday I am taking it to my grandmas and making her fix it ( I can fix it myself... but lets leave this one to the G-ma) 3) she used the EXACT pattern that I wanted 4) its like wearing a dress that i can wipe my hands on... or boogers... or whatever else comes my way 4) its reversible!!! Plus I am totally excited because it covers A LOT so it will be perfect for cooking, crafting, painting, etc etc... anyways Here it is I pinned it how I wanted it to look
apron swap

and here is the back... its a smock apron... I love it
apron swap

SO yeah pretty much every night when I come home i put it on... my mom laughs because it still is so big but I don't care... because I love it and I put all my crafting stuff in the pockets and my phone... and this super awesome book on tape little machine... (i'll have to post about that later) and its just wonderful! She also made me other wonderful things!

How cute is the little birdie! plus the pot holder is sooo cute! love the bias tape
embroidered pot holder
Then she made me these vintage spool ornaments! I was so spoiled!!!
vintage spool, ornament

So when I posted these pictures on craftster a few gals asked me to do a tutorial on my blog about the way I curl my hair... I was shocked hahah this day it was sssooo curly. I actually hated it especially since the brown still is in the bottom... so maybe a hair tutorial will be in the works... It actually is really easy and 100% UNGLAMOROUS pretty much I look like a grandma at night... well... yeah... at the moment I am trying to find another way to do it. I am trying to figure out how to pin curl it where it is to my liking... because pin curls are wwwaayyy easier to sleep on.... maybe I'll try it tonight at Juans apartment.... hehehe... he says " BROOK ITS NOT 1950'S ITS 2008" well bitch... TOO BAD! IM SLEEPING WITH CURLERS AND A HAIRNET!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Embroidered Tea Towel, vintage suga' and cream!

So I was in the Favorite Recipe Swap on Craftster and we had to make something small for our swap partner! So she said she loved "vintage patterns & embroidered tea towels" well that is right up my freakin' alley !!! So anyways she said her kitchen is sort of "strawberry themed" and blue... so here is what I made.
vintage dishware

Its cute huh?? I got the patterns from here I love their little shoes... he's wearing loafers... and she is wearing some heels... I love the simple designs of vintage patterns. half the time the drawing is just a simple animated sketch and it just makes me swoon... they don't make things like they used to! I also added the "dingle- berries" for a kitsch feel... plus they are just sooo "gaudy cute" !
Besides that I have finished Katies swap stuff, YAY it took me forever!!! I just have to do a few finishing touches and it should be on its way!!! I will post pictures of what I made after she receives it!

Also I set up my Etsy account and now I just need to get some better photos of some of the things I have made so I can list them!! Thanks to many of you in blog land and on craftster who have inspired me to try and sell my stuff! besides that I already got the licensing agreement with Sublime Stitching so I am in the clear as far as that goes!!! I wonder if anyone will buy my stuff??? Hopefully... other then that... I need to get going on my stuff that I will be selling at a few Holiday craft shows...Also, I think I am all swapped out for awhile... SPEAKING of that... I received my goodies from Amyracinrose... I must post photos today....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

He Does Love MMMEEEE !!!!

YAY! So for all of you that have read my "graphic" post from the other day you will see that my boyfriend REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND! But of course I didn't yell or throw a fit ( yes I act like I'm 2) Instead I just let it go.... I mean really how fun would it have been if I dragged him to Disneyland just so he would be grumpy and no fun to be around!? So I guess he thought since I wasn't begging and being an annoying brat he thought I was pouting about not going to Disneyland so about 45 minutes later he was like " UGH FINE LETS GO TO FUCKING DISNEYLAND SO YOU DON'T POUT ABOUT IT ALL NIGHT" (um did he just say "fuck" and "Disneyland" in the same sentence? he really is a man after my own heart!!!)

So it started out at California Adventures so we could go on "Soarin Over California". Well of course I am next to the super drunk 40 something couple taking pictures of the screen (um hello.... NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY... don't make me say it in spanish... because I can! ) While Juan is sitting next to spawn of satan kids screaming out EVERY object they see on the screen and then throwing up devil horns on their hands.... I am trying to enjoy myself why peeping at Juan to make sure he doesn't decapitate spawn 1 and spawn 2... we "land" ,wow that was fun!!! so we walk off the ride.... UGH it smells like SSSSSHHHHHIIIITTT..... like straight up CA-CA !!! well a little boy decided to shit himself... cool... keep walking... random guy with his friends is smelling the bottom of his sandal..... (giggle with a HUGE smile on my face) We pass him and I hear this
" aaahhh is it shit or puke? SHIT OR PUKE?"
"aaahhh someone shit on the floor in line or what?"
If he only knew he just made my day....

So needless to say it was wonderful. We had such a great time. My photos all sucked since I was walking and snapping photos, since taking photos + being at Disneyland might have sent Juan into cardiac arrest ( I can only push so many buttons at once... ya know?) but we really both had a great time. Juan even said he had a lot of fun ! then I asked him if he wanted to go tomorrow :) hahah then he changed his mind about his fun factor... sometimes I don't know when to shut my mouth...

So anyways.... We watched the firework show... Its more of a firework/fire/light/music show !!! then we went and watched Fantasmic which Juan really liked. Its really cool they have a huge "water spray" that they project movie clips on... its hard to explain but its cool... and yeah... they also light the water all on fire.... Then we ran on Pirates of the Caribbean before the park closed! It turned out beautifully! So I decided since the park was closing I could get a cute pic of the two of us at DISNEYLAND... and this is what I get....

Well shit... you can't win em all.... he says he looks retarded... I think he looks stoned... fortunately for me... he is neither

Monday, September 01, 2008

WARNING GRAPHIC!! Roadkill, Dinseyland, & Saddam Hussein

WARNING: there is a photo on here of roadkill.... reader beware!

okay so today has been one of those... what the fuck days... so random... my boyfriend loves me... right? well I am not so sure these days... hahaha just kidding....

Here is a little background story:
we both own IPhones and so taking photos and sending them to each other is something we think is sooo funny. well... actually I love taking photos of him when he is indisposed and he HATES it... because i always do it when he doesn't know.... like getting in the shower etc etc... but the best part... I don't tell him and then I make it my "wallpaper" on my phone (giggles) and he is a nosey mother fucker so he clicks on my phone and sees his naked ass on my phone! YES SCORE FOR BROOK! literally this can send me into fits of laughter for literally 30 minutes... the best part is... even if you delete the photo it will still stay as the wallpaper unless you go back and change it manually.... aaahhh hahahaha by this time he is laughing too while cussing at the phone because he is staring at his butt! hahaha... okay so that is part of the story... the other part is. We both have Disneyland passes and Juan has decided he HATES Disneyland....( uummm does he realize that him hating Disneyland can make or break this relationship) I love Disneyland... LIKE LOVE... So today is his day off. He works at The Montage and he works in security mostly grave shifts.... so last night while he was working this is what happened through text:

me: What r u doing now?

J: At the villas

me: SCARY! Don't you ever get spooked?

j: No, there isn't anything down here that could hurt me

me: GHOSTS!!!

J: No way

ME: yeah all the people who used to live in the trailers right there before the montage flattened them to build that swanky hotel... THEY ARE BACK TO GET REVENGE!!!

ME again: Let's go to Disneyland tomorrow night!

j: hhmmm I don't think so.... TO BOTH

me: You don't love me then

j: I sent you an email

************* Checking Email*********** this is what it says....

From: Juan
Topic: I'd Rather....

Be like this then go to Disneyland.... Roadkill right in front of the montage

me: No you don't! You said the baby racoons dying was so sad but then send me a pic of one with its guts out!

J: I am just trying to tell you how much I don't want to go to Dinseyland

me: okay well I am going to bed I love you!

J: Ok, goodnight love you

me: love you more... rest up for the D-Land...

J: hahah ok


Is that normal??? that I am sooo pushy he has to send me photos of dead animals to get his point across? hahaha I actually thought it was really gross but really funny that he would do that...

another random thing... so I am lurking around craftster and find this...

The topic is "Saddam Housewarming" WHAT THE FUCK? who wants this worthless mother fucker staring at you while you are in your house!?!?!? apparently her friend did... this is what the description said:

It took over 2 months, but I finally finished my embroidery portrait of Saddam (made for a friend as a housewarming gift--she picked the subject!). I absolutely love it, and I really feel sad that I have to give it away now! I kept working and working away, finding new things to add, putting off the inevitable.

LORD HELP US!!! but other then that... I think she did an AMAZING job and I can see the irony in it... but I think I would have a noose around his neck... you know... just for the added drama... I would actually have it hanging in my house if there was a noose around his neck ....the replies are already pouring in... I can't wait to see what all the super uptight craftster members are going to do... I love me some drama!

EDIT: Just for the record... I wrote this BEFORE she posted why she made this... now I am really sort of turning into one of those uptight craftster bitches... HER FRIEND LIKES SADDAM HUSSEIN ??? seriously? People loved Hitler... but it doesn't change the fact that he MURDERED millions of Jews... My boyfriend went to Iraq twice and he said everyone he talked to hated Saddam Hussein and many of them told them of how Saddams "military" came into their houses and murdered their family... This actually really is APPALLING !!! can we say Genocide? and you like the man... aye yi yi .... we are so far from where this world needs to be...