Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas Ornaments are HERE!!

So I spent today taking pictures of my Christmas ornaments I made!! YAY!! FINALLY!! I got super pressured when I went shopping and everywhere I went already has their Christmas stuff up!!

My favorite are these Moustache Ornaments I made... They are so funny and looks ADORABLE on the tree! my little jingle is

" Since every Christmas tree needs a disguise"



at My Esty Shop for $4.50

The next one some of you have already seen... My Russian nesting doll... made with a Sublime Stitching pattern but revamped to make it into a Christmas theme!


I love her little mistletoe french knots!

At My Etsy Shop for $7.00

And my favorite... since they are so silly and have the cutest little personalities... My California Snowman!!
These are so fun! I sell them like mad at the Craft shows I do! They are all unique one of a kind!



Also at My Etsy for $4.50

What do you guys think? Cute? Silly? or just dumb?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Pony & Family Matter Soul Mates...

Okay a few random things to talk about today... I went to Costco with Juan because he was looking for a T.V. and I went down the toy aisle... What the hell... When did toys get so cool??? I have to say though they had a new version of the Teddy Rubskin... Brought me way back... That was my favorite toy... Mostly because I would shove my fingers in its mouth and it had a pretty good bite... But as we were strolling along... I came upon a PONY... With a saddle!!!!! Me being the mature adult... had to try it out... you know, for safety!! There was a girl about 12 right next to me as I pretended I was riding it and insisted on Juan taking my photo... I think she was scared of me... but that's okay... I am 22 and I can act like a freak if I want... I'm over the " I'm too cool"!!! Besides it reminded me of these old Vintage pictures they used to take... you know where the guy would bring a pony and cowboy clothes and the little kids would get their picture?

Like this....

Isn't that so cute? Well my picture is not so cute but thats besides the point....

SO of course Juan was working at a snail pace taking my picture and I actually started to get nervous... but let me tell you... this was a quality toy.... I sat on it and it was sturdy! SO here I am... drinkin' a .59 cent soft drink ridin' the pony!

Yeah so that made my day... The pony I could sit on... even though he looks like he is struggling... I assure you... he is not.. he's a STALLION!!! My kind of Pony!

Anywho... I've found my TGIF soul mate... If you are around my age (22) you will remember T.G.I.F. as a kid. I used to be so excited for Friday nights so I could watch all those shows.... Its been A LONG time since I have seen any of them or even talked about them... but they still stay dear to my heart... So last night I was harassing Amy Rose through text messages and then she seriously "completed" me....

October 29, 2008 1:23 AM ( 3:23AM Texas toast time)

Me: " Go to bed you FREAK!!! HAHAHA your neighbors probably think U R a tweaker" (yes I talk to people I've never met like this)

Amy: "LOL I'm actually going to bed now mommy dearest.... your finished deer is cute BTW"

Me: "Thank U thank u"

Me: Nighty Night Winslows!"

Amy: " GO AWAY STEVE!!!"

ME: "Seriously we just became soul mates.... I am blogging about this tomorrow"

HAHAHAHa... Family Matters was my favorite show... Steve Urkle was so annoying I loved him... and when he became Stefan.... mmmm mmmm.... Laura was all over that!

SO yeah... Other then that I really need to start taking some photos of my Christmas stuff to list on My Etsy!!! I've made some really fun things... I made moustache Ornaments... Since every tree needs a disguise !!! But yeah... My shop has been neglected! I think I just hate taking the photos... If I just had someone who knew what the hell they were doing with a camera I would be golden.. but unfortunately I am the best photographer in the house... I could ask Juan... but I am sure he'd rather eat paint chips then take pictures of my ornaments... He's a great boyfriend... but this may send him over the edge! hahaha So yeah... I will post the updates on my Etsy once I get them going... Wish me Luck... and give me some pointers if you have any!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm Twittering!

Yes... I joined TWITTER, since I refuse to join Myspace... for many reasons we will not get into... I'm sure a few of you have had some bad experiences with people on Myspace... it seems like all the ones you don't want to find you...always do! So I have decided to join Twitter. A lot of people from Etsy say its a good marketing tool to have people look at your stuff. It seems sort of fun... so far its pretty addictive... Though I think its sort of dumb at the same time... but luckily for me I have an Iphone application that allows me to go on whenever I want! I was playing around with it and there are features where you can put a map of where you are... So I decided to try it out... OH MY GOSH! Nothing like setting yourself up to get kidnapped! It tracked me right to my house! I was APPALLED! For other places I am sure it will be fun! Love the photo feature as well... so easy! SO if you have twitter and want to follow me click Here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love is.... STUFF

Okay. So I have good new and bad news. The good news is while my boyfriend was in Kansas City seeing if he was going to get recalled he bought me souvenirs !! He bought me some shirts and a magnet from Kansas City ( all I wanted was a magnet). Then he had a connecting flight in Dallas, Texas and he was such a peach he bought me some more goodness!!! He knows the way to my heart...


Texas cow boy boot Salt and Pepper SHAKERS!!! I LOVE HIM!!! These are so cheesey I can't stand it! I am slowly turning into my Great Grandmother..... one S&P at a time!!!

So the bad news.... It's not actually so bad... So originally they told him that he would find out today if he got recalled or not and if he did they were going to give him his orders... Well I guess they recalled 1,200 people thinking they would need a lot, but while this "screening" (aka fondling my boyfriends balls and making him pee in cups) was going on some big wig called saying they are not going to need as many people as they thought... Possibly only 300... So now the mother fuckers are making me wait another month to see if Juan is going bye bye or not... WHY do they do this to me? Seriously... I know this is all ran by men because women don't leave a sista hangin' like this! Especially about life altering PLANS! So whatever... Now when I find out its going to be right around the holidays... Nice way for the military to take a Royal Shit on my Christmas!


Ssssooooo......Whoever said things can't make you happy obviously never had the cute little things I have!! I love vintage things, cute things, and crafty things. My favorite part of crafting is dreaming of what I will be making and then going down the isles of my favorite craft store looking for my goods!!! unfortunately I have a whole closet full of "dreams" that have yet to be assembled... but thats not the point... I am here to show you the things that I DO HAVE!

Lets start with this cute make up bag I recently purchased:
Isn't it so cute? Its made out of vinyl stuff! I got it from The Craft Kitchen in Santa Ana, CA Its a totally cool indie craft store! Everything is made from local artist! Some of the stuff was to die for! I heard of this store from the wonderful Craft Pig check out her blog... she is super funny and makes the cutest stuff... also she is a crazy dog lady and wants to steal everyones dogs and give them better lives... plus she has an English Bulldog named Miss Gladys... pretty much the cutest thing ever! hopefully she brings her to the Patchwork Show I will be in!!!

The next item I am posting is for Patty! This is my vintage jar full of vintage buttons!! My aunt picked it up while she was driving from Virginia to Michigan.. $3.00 full of smelly vintage buttons.... I am in love...
vintage jar of buttons

This is the bowl I found at the Goodwill for $1.99! I love the texture it has!
goodwill bowl

And this last little treausure I will show you is just to make Amy jealous. This little vintage lamb and skunk is one of my favorite things I have... I love how its not perfect. It actually LOOKS vintage...

little lamb and skunk

My boyfriend says "Vintage is a nice way of saying old junk!" That comment almost got him a kick in the ass that would send him back to Ecuador!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay so my last post was so random I know... Those Japanese Pillows about killed me... I thought I would never see anything like it again.... oh boy, oh boy!!! So sweet little innocent me was strolling through The Goodwill looking for 100% wool sweaters so I could make myself the cutest darn plushies that are on the cover of Martha Stewarts New Holiday magazine:

I mean come on... a flippin lamb with a scarf!! I NEED IT! I WANT IT! I GOTTA GET IT! There is also a pig plushie... Hes my fav...

So I only go to the Goodwill on Mondays while I am baby sitting my cousin. He has Tae Kwon Do for 45 minutes and I'd rather eat a cup of shit then watch 4-11 year old kids doing reenactments of the Karate I drop him off and jet over there... Normally I am HIGHLY disappointed because it never has any vintage items and if it does have something I want it's always so over priced its stupid... Goodwill gets all their shit DONATED... and now they are trying to make a huge profit... WTF... but NO this Monday was the day for a few goodies! First I found this fabulous vintage bowl that I am in love with (I'll post it later). Then I found a vintage sweater that's angora and wool blend in my favorite red/pink hue... perfect for Miss. Piggy I plan on making... I sort of am questioning if I should cut it up or not... I'll have to ask for a second opinion from "Mother Love".

Then as I am leisurely walking down the isle... I spy this diamond in the ruff... Did the Goodwill god read my blog or what?

SERIOUSLY!!! It's not just the Japanese that are crazy... Its " MY GUY"
"When your guy wont cuddle My Guy will"

Is it just me or does that moon look like he wants to touch you in naughty places?? What a pervert!

It was only $4.99 brand new, but I didn't buy it... Now I think I regret it... "Mother Love" would really get a kick out of this... I am sure her two little rat dogs would love to pee on the chest of a pillow with a six pack and nipples... It might actually be cool to embroider "tattoos" on it... hhhmmm.... Maybe I need to go back on Monday ! If "My Guy" is still there it's DESTINY!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Know You Are A Little Crazy When....

You compare suffocation quality of pillows on your boyfriend... No this isn't some sort of kinky S&M thing we are into... It was just an everyday conversation people have with me... Juan and I were talking after dinner and some how Juan said " I've never understood how people can suffocate someone by using pillows.." I respond of course by saying " Hhhmmm I've never thought about it... LET ME TRY!!!" He laughs... and AGREES!!! GEE GOLY! How I love him!! He sometimes enjoys playing along with my crazy games...

So first attempt was a super puffy down pillow... No such luck... He was breathing right through those gooses butt feathers... DAMN... My next idea... " Lets try the polyester fill pillows... Synthetic as we know it doesn't breathe very well..." He laughs and allows me to cover his face with the pillow and then push my hands on his face as I repeatedly ask him " Can you breathe? Can you breathe now? How about if I push down really hard? Now?" Each time he is giving me the thumbs up meaning he can breathe... I remove the pillow and my boyfriends nose is squashed down but that's about all... But he did say the polyester has much better suffocating potential than a down pillow... hahahaha then I was like " Okay try it on me.... actually never mind..." I am pretty sure him being 100 times stronger then me would really affect this "TEST" we did... Besides in my ripe old age of 22 I am really becoming claustrophobic... We both had a good laugh about our little experiment...

So while I was looking for pictures to post on this post I came across these... Boy, what would we do without the Japanese? I just love them.... The first pillow is a "Lap Pillow" and the second is a " Lonely Pillow" if that isn't the most pathetic thing I have ever seen I don't know what is... Would you ever use these?

New craft BLOG check it out!!

So I don't know if you know this... but I have a new online/text bestie and her name is Amy... We became friends when we did the vintage apron swap together on crafster. Ever since I got into embroidery about 8 months ago I always drooled over her stuff. Especially the pillow you see pictured above!!! You can also check out what she made me here. Now we are moving on to bigger and better things and have decided to do a christmas swap together since we both adore Christmastime! Doesn't that sounds so fun? I love swapping!

So since I have bugged her to death... (literally) she is now blogging again... (yes I am taking all the credit hahahaha) What a peach! Her new blog is Swell Stitches. Go check it out!! The stuff she makes is so fun and girly... I always think of Dutch Mints when I see her stuff. (if you don't know what dutch mints are... they are beautiful little pastel goodies!!). She is mentally abusive (ha-ha) to me and thats why I love her... She can dish my shit right back at me! hahaha plus she has a fun Texas drawl!! Some fun facts about Amy Rose are:

1) She drag races!! .... I know right??? The crafty girly DRAG RACER!!!

2) She has a poodle cockapoo (its still ugly hahah just kidding) named Angel

3) We are both left handed!!!

4) She doesn't DIDN'T know what a "cholo" was....

So in the SPIRIT of Amy being a complete Texan and her grand opening of a brand new blog... I would like to dedicate this song to her....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Woman .... Circa 1950

Yay!!! here is my new "style" of embroidery!! Embroidery is ART!!! YAY I love her!! isn't she so saucy?? I love her hair!!! I want to marry her! Stitched onto the canvas and then added the nail heads around the edge for some flare! I did back stitch and split stitch. It took forever!! but I love her!! her nose is so cute!! I wish I had a nose like that....

Woman circa 1950 canvas

Woman Circa 1950 canvas close up

Woman circa 1950 canvas hair

Woman circa 1950 canvas side

Woman Circa 1950 canvas top view

Woman circa 1950 canvas side

For sale on my Etsy for $35 SOLD!!!!!

This is the first of many I will be adding to My Etsy! The next one is going to be so cute!! I already have it in the works! i really want to start to branch out in my embroidery... This is totally a different medium from what I am used to... Most of my stuff is either onesies or tea towels... but I want to start doing stuff that reflect me as a person. And since most of you know I am really into vintage things, Rock-a-billy music, and old country western! This is right up my alley!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup

This is the BEST Tortilla Soup you will ever eat.... Its seriously AMAZING!!! mmmmmmm! but you have to make it according to directions... once you think you are all bad ass and start "substituting" is when you jack it up... so be a peach and just follow the RULES! My Grandma I think got this recipe from the newspaper... but I am not sure!! All I know is its so good and Easy to make !!

Cooking time: 45 minutes

1/2 c. Chopped Onion
1 clove garlic
1Tbsp butter
* Saute all together
about 2c shredded chicken
1/2 can Homony or corn
3 1/2c. Chicken Broth
1/4c. Cilantro
1 Tbsp ground Oregano
1- 14oz can Diced tomatoes
1- 8oz can tomato sauce
1- 4oz can diced green chili's (drained)

optional: add carrots & cabbage

Topping: shredded jack cheese and tortilla chips

What I do is get a big soup pot, saute the onions, garlic, & butter then just add all the other stuff in after the sauteing is done! then I let it cook on low heat for 30 minutes then I serve in bowl with shredded jack cheese and some tortilla chips! I also add avocado if I have one around! MMMM so yum!

Things that made me laugh today....

First off... My boyfriend and I have I phones (lucky us) so pretty much my boyfriend watches youTube videos all the time since he doesn't want to get his T.V. from his friends house... I know... I know... ANYWAYS... today we watched some "re-runs" . oldies but goodies that always make me laugh....

This one is my favorite

This one is pretty funny too

So after watching Dane Cook videos Juan and I were just snuggling and joking around laughing at the videos and then this happened

Me: "Say something in spanish" (I wasn't trying to get any action I just wanted him to say something)

him: "NO!"


him: " NO!"


him in his spanish accent: " ! NOOOO !"

Then I started cracking up!!! what a brat!!!! He's such a PAIN!!!

but on that note look at what he emailed me today. His sister and Dad just went to Ecuador and she copied this photo of him when he was little!!! I've never seen a young picture of him, the only picture I've seen is his passport but he was at least 12 or 13. hahahahaha He was a PIMP!!! He looks like he should be making Cement Shoes for the Ecuadorian mob!!

He is the top left!! hahahaha... Hes sssooo cute and serious! Look at the kid next to him... rockin' the gold chain!!! Juan apparently doesn't know who the other "ninos" are... except for his sis below him wearing a polygomist dress... SERIOUSLY ? what is that thing... a mess of ruffles and a mini vest!! but thats about right... 80's+ young kids= ugly ass dresses... I had my fair share...

Friday, October 10, 2008


So I am adding a new little feature to my blog.... Interviewing people who I love, find inspirational, or who make me laugh... or all three together.... whatever it may be I think this will be fun... because I get the ask whatever questions I want and hope they will answer them!! There are a ton of people I would love to interview... pretty much just to pick at their brain.... So don't be surprised if I ask!!

The first victim is Sophie from Threadhead. Pretty much she blows me away as an artist... her embroidery skills are out of this world and I love everything she makes. We seem to have the same style and love the same things... She knows the art of fill in stitches... which is why I secretly despise her.... and love her all the same... She has such attention to detail its sickening! But now I understand... She carves stone!!! wwhhaaatt? No wonder she is so fabulous! Check out her interview and beautiful work! Hopefully she will post some things she has carved on her blog!!! I would love to drool over them and find another reason to hate her... hahahah just kidding... I don't hate her I think shes fab! thats why I chose her!! She really has been an inspiration for me to push myself to try new things. I have been drooling over her work over at Craftster for months... everything she does is just amazing to say the least...

I think I will have a new person to interview every month... What do you think? Hopefully the questions get better... more fun and riskay... I wasn't on my A game when I came up with these... but I like her answers so... they will do!

first name: Sophie

where you live: Preston, Lancashire UK

your real job is: I’m an occupational therapist on a psychiatric ward. It’s a great job, I’m lucky to do something I enjoy. Before I qualified I used to wait tables and do promotional work. I once had a job where I had to dress as Elvis and hand out free samples of bread in a supermarket. I’m so glad I don’t do promo work any more!

How long have you been embroidering?: Probably a couple of years. I can’t remember how I got into it, possibly it was after stumbling across Craftster. I think the first thing I did was the cross stitch lady (it’s Anna Karina) I use as my avatar on blogger.

what inspires your work?: Other crafty folk, tattoos, old drawings, pin up girls. Anything can inspire me I’ve got a thing about magpies at the moment and am planning some magpie pieces. Also after trying Assisi work for the Craftster Tea Towel Tour I’m planning some more edgy, modern Assisi pieces.

If you had an alter ego what would her name be? (I am assuming you don't have one... but if you do... what's her name?) Mrs Mark Lanegan

other crafts you do?: Resin jewelry, knitting (well I started a scarf in March), shrink plastic is fun to play around with. I get to do a lot of crafts in the groups I run at work today we were using glass paints on Perspex. Crafts work really well in my job they can be healing, relaxing and help us to assess people who find it difficult to communicate. Here’s a bit of a history lesson- the term ‘basket case’ comes from when occupational therapists used to do basket weaving with patients in the asylums. For a while crafts were very out of fashion in my profession because they seemed old school and had negative associations because of the old asylums. Luckily now it’s being recognized that there is a positive place for them in building service users self esteem and helping them develop skills. Ok, lecture over kids 

Do you think it is mean of me that I secretly hate you because your fill in stitches are so wonderful?
Ha ha ha! That’s funny. I think you are a total bitch for hating me- I’m gonna think of a reason to hate you back and send you nasty messages. The Anglo American war is on sister! (Brook: HAHAHHAHA I love you! "AMERICA: land of the free and home of the BRAVE!!!" Don't make me bust my pilgrim skills out! )

What project of yours is your favorite of all time?: The sailor girl here I was really pleased with the little flowers. It’s not very big, maybe 4’’ high. It’s based on an Angelique Houtkamp (more of her later…) artwork so when I was done I emailed her with a photo and she sent me a very sweet email back. It’s one of the few pieces I made for myself a lot of the things I make are for swaps at the moment. I may be addicted to swapping. The best thing I’ve made for a swap was this piece also a Houtkamp design I did for Katie Kutthroat.

Do people still say "the bees knees" and "dogs bullox" ? In England?:
Dog bollocks! Yep we do! Also I love cockney rhyming slang eg you say whistle for the word suit (whistle and toot =suit) or a nice cup of rosie (rosie lee= tea) or he’s a pain in the Khyber (Khyber pass = ass). Oh dear, this probably makes no sense if you aren’t English… (Brook: I have heard of this... Some rhyme about answer the phone = the dog is barking or something)

Mother Fucker is my favorite cuss word... what is yours?: Berkshire Hunt (rhyming slang again, I let you work it out) (Brook: eeewwww is it fucking cunt...? you dirty dirty gal!! )

What are some of your favorite blogs or websites? Favourite blogs; Needle and Pins, your blog ♥ Knit with Love ♥, Lily Blogs, Between the pages and my friends art blog Chloe Cumming Is Erumpent oh and that Cake Wrecks one is hilarious.
My favorite websites are Craftster, Instructables, Facebook (I know, I know) and Flickr. I also use the Google image search a lot to find images to embroider.

What is your favorite song?: Anything by Mark Lanegan or Tom Waits and my funeral song is going to be Lay Me Low by Nick Cave

In High School what were you like?: Drunk mostly.

What are your other interest besides crafting? I like watching films, listening to music, going to gigs, cooking, drinking tea, reading, pub quizzes. I’d love to be able to say something dramatic like skydiving but I’m really very average.

A lot of your work seems to be Tattoo inspired, Is there a particular artist that you get inspiration from? I love Angelique Houtkamp’s work. She is a tattooist and painter and everything she does is sooo cool. Check her out she does gorgeous tattooed and nautical pictures of girls with a ‘20s feel to them. I also like Mitch O’Connell and traditional Sailor Jerry stuff.

Do you have any tattoos yourself? if so what are they? Sorry no- boring I know. Maybe one day… I think girls with ink look amazing but I’m not sure it would suit me and how I dress. If I ever had the opportunity to be tattooed by Angelique I would definitely go for it. I’d have one of her fab glamourous nautical ladies on my back. I’m also thinking of getting a little tattoo of a bee on my foot because I love foot tattoos.

If you were to live in any decade what would it be? The ‘50’s for the fashion, hair, fabrics, cars and music (Brook: A-freakin'-MEN)

Do you drink tea everyday? (I know I am stereotyping you.. but oh well)
All the time, it’s true. We Brits love a brew and drink tea non-stop. I probably drink two to three hundred cups of tea a day

What is your favorite material to stitch on?: cotton- I like coloured quilters cotton for stitching on.

Have you always been crafty?
Not crafty as such but when I was younger I went to art school and studied sculpture. I used to make these upholstered masks with big ‘growths’ sticking out of them and gloves with really long fingers, they were quite creepy. Maybe I’ll dig out some photos some time and stick them on my blog to freak people out. (Brook: PLEASE DO!)

favorite season?:
The Summer, music festivals in the mud ahhh…

What is your favorite stitch? I love to use split stitch as a fill stitch it’s so even and flat.

What's one thing that might surprise me about you ? This is a very boring answer but people are generally surprised that I know how to stone carve as it’s seen as a bloke thing. One other thing that is maybe not surprising but very sweet; when I was younger both my parents used to embroider, my friends thought it was odd that my Dad used to cross stitch but I always thought it was pretty cool.

Thats all folks!!! Next month I already have an idea who it will be... I've asked her and she has agreed... he... he... he.... Can't wait! hint: she is the sheriff in town.....


Okay so first off... I am 48 minutes late on posting the winner for my blog giveaway.... but thats okay because I make the rules around here! So I used this silly random name picker and the winner is


YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! I recently came across her blog when she entered in the Craftster Challenge and I was blown away by her cross stitch... I adored the frame as well.... and since then I have been a dedicated reader!! She seems super fun! and who would have known... SHE MAKES MOVIES!!! If thats not cool I don't know what is!! totally check out her blog. It's filled with fun embroidery!


This is totally off subject but I thought I would add it to this post... other things I am 100% loving right now... is this book, Hello Cupcake

Most cookbooks or craft books I only like half of the stuff... this book... I LOVE EVERYTHING... Every cupcake is SO CUTE!! the pictures are to die for! They are just fun and make me all fuzzy inside!! Who knew a pringle, gumdrop, and pretzel could made the cutest cowboy hat ever!!! I suggest this book if you are looking for cute quirky cupcakes that will blow everyone away!! The ideas in this book are amazing!


Today was horrible and wonderful at the same time. Ol Shwan and I had a DENTISTA appointment! I hate the flippin' dentist! Good news... NO CAVITIES!!! So we got are tartar removed and went to the Gypsy Den, santa Ana swollen gums and all!!! MMMMM.... I don't even know how to explain the Gypsy Den.... its just one of the coolest yummiest cafes I know... The atmosphere is laid back and easy going... the lights are so dim you can hardly read the menus, none of the chairs or tables match, there are persian looking carpets on the floor and random artwork filling the walls from ceiling to floor... like clutter chic! but who cares about what it looks like.... the food is sssooooo YUMMY!!! The salad is my fav... homemade cruotons !!! DELISH!! It was open mic night so we stayed for a few hours listening to Johnny Cash wannabes... it was fun to say the least!!!

I have a few new ideas that I am working on and hope to show you soon! Other then that... I also have a few new ideas for my blog.... Should be great!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Craft show and One Crazy Friend

Craft show crown valley

So today was my craft show it was AMAZING! I am so happy it didn't rain out... would you believe on a day it was supposed to rain I got a sun burn (can't you tell its sunny from my lack of eyeballs?)? I had such a great time! sold a BUTT LOAD of stuff... my cheesy California Snowmen sold like M-F'in hotcakes!! Nearly $100 just in ornament sales!!! It was so great! Its almost like those ornaments are so dumb you just have to get one to show other people... I also sold many of my felt ornaments! it was so fun! and my baby stuff was a huge hit! I swear it was like the land of OZ, munchkins everywhere... If they weren't just born they were on their way out.... If someone didn't have a babe they knew someone who just did! So it all worked in my favor! The people were really nice and AMAZED I stitched all the onesies by hand. They didn't think people did that anymore... WELL HELLO DOLLY... I DO!!! and thank you for buyin' it!
Other then that I sat across from freak-o-mcfreaky with an airbrushed "flame" shirt and a flame do-rag on and to top it off faded black jeans and Tevas with hammer toes in all their glory... He made hand blown glass heart pendants... but before I tell you what his super super LAME ASS "catch phrase" "selling pitch" was... lets just say... he told everyone he was an "artist" but he was a "straight artist" ... wwwhhhaaaa? meaning... since he was an artist making heart pendants he wasn't gay... so weird... I didn't say " hi my names brook and I love the weenie.... look at this cute little ornament I've made" SO yeah to say the least he was SO on my nerves but then it got worse! All of the sudden this was his new catch phrase... I kid you fucking NOT...

"Hi WELCOME! I am a heart specialist!!! I've never studied medicine but I've studied the ways of the heart and learned how to create them in my own special way"

RE-freakin-WIND.... Can we say SSSSSSOOOOO CHEESEY.... and the part was... I would've been able to handle him for ONE transaction... BUT NO... I had to sit across from him from 10-3... AND my mother wouldn't even let me take a picture so I could show you how crazy he was... Her reasoning wasn't " thats rude" it was, " No Brook, DON'T ! he's going to think we like him and he might talk to us" hahahaha she is scared of creepy men.... so to say the least it was quite a day!



So in the spirit of being totally politically incorrect, rude, and a straight up shit talker lets add a little more skank to this post....
I have a best friend... lets just call her "mother love" (she made up the name herself and can only say it in a sex phone operator voice) Well Mother love came into my life literally in a flash...
I was a freshman in High school trying out for the swim team. I was so nervous because I thought I might not make it (ppssshhtt) and I was really shy... so being shy and nervous plus in a speedo that gave me a camel toe and wedgie at the same time... I was "vulnerable".
Well Mother love runs up and screams " HEY WE HAVE THE SAME TAMALE TOES!!"

me being shocked I was like " wwhhhuuu? what are tamale toes?"

mother love replies like I'm the idiot "short little square toes with red nail polish!!!"

me " oh yeah... "

mother love " Okay you can be my friend" (Did I ask to be her friend?)

So I was now "marked" as mother loves friend... and we have been friends ever since...

9 years later....

We are best friends... Our friendship pretty much consist of who can make the other one laugh the hardest... and its a fair fight... though we both have different strategies... Mine is to tell talk as dirty as I can... you know conversations that include words such as
"meat curtains, rusty trombone, rim job, pearl necklace, snow ball, dirty sanchez, Boston steamer, carpet muncher... etc etc"

The funny part is I learned all these words from my ex boyfriends older brother... He was a longshoreman and pretty much spent his days learning new nasty words and then would repeat them to me... knowing he would get a good reaction... pure terror and then extreme laughter...and me being me... I logged them in my memory to repeat them later to an uneducated person in the art of "vulgar"... so mother love coming from a family where she lost her dad at a young age and was left with a house full of girls she has no clue about this "nasty talk" as she calls it.... I mean shes really bad... we were playing scatergories and the letter was G, topic was " body parts" well of course I wrote down " GONAD" yes, it did get a good laugh out of her but she refused to give me the point because she said I was just trying to be nasty... Me being the crazy competitive psycho I picked up her phone called her mother who is a retired nurse and asked her if "GONAD" was a word...of course she said yes! SCORE: 1 point for Brook...

Well.... Mother Loves strategy isn't a strategy at all... its just her being her... A STRAIGHT UP CRAZY BITCH... like seriously... She is SUPER aggressive, cheap, opinionated, needs anger management, SO FUNNY, will fight guys if they piss her off, say whatever she believes, gets pissed when you don't listen to her advice, will super flirt with guys who are 16 just to make me ssoooo embarassed but the kids think she's serious, She is an EXTREME right wing republican, beat up her boyfriend because she thought he cheated on her, and the #1 reason she makes me laugh... She doesn't care that she is a crazy pedophile bitch, She will voice her HONEST opinion if you ask and not care who, what, or where you are... She will tell you... and she will also tell you her boyfriend got what was coming to him... So to say the least... she is interesting... she embarrasses the HELL out of me but also makes me laugh until I cant breathe.... and the reason she is my best friend.... She is 100% LOYAL... She's the friend you want when times get tough... She has been there for me in the worst of times... She will take care of you when your sick, help you move, She even offered to beat the shit out of my ex boyfriend.... I mean come on... what more could you want in a friend? hahaha this list makes her sound bad but she actually is sssoo funny and such a blast to be around! And when she does act crazy I just laugh at her some more!

So like I said she has REALLY STRONG VIEWS... especially on politics, she even wants to get into politics but I reminded her a) your past will haunt you and b) you can't beat up or spit in your opponents face if they piss you off... So I was talking to her today about the car show she went to and my craft show blah blah blah... then she starts talking politics... but lets call them "funny politics" because its her talking about stuff that she actually follows and reads, studies, and analyzes... and me listening and taking funny jabs whenever I can because a) I am not obsessed with politics and don't really follow like she does b) I don't want to fire her up.... she starts talking about drilling for oil in Alaska... She agrees they should (for many reasons we wont get into...) well I was like " I don't agree they should drill in Alaska..." and this is what she says....


Mother Love:
"Why? because of the polar bears? Sea Worlds looking for some new ones anyways....."

" aaaahhhhhhhh hahahaha you're such a fucking idiot HAHAHAHA"

I don't care what your political views are...that shit was funny... I laughed so hard..... Mother love strikes again...
Final score
Mother Love: 1

(Just so you all know... she is an animal lover and said it to be funny and get a rise out of me)

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

GRAND OPENING OF MY ETSY and a giveaway!!!


Sooooooooooo...... This is my happy picture at Disneyland tonight!! (for all my stalkers hahaha )

I opened MY ETSY!! So exciting!!! Go check it out!! I have been wanting to open one for sometime now!! I was actually pressured to do it because I have a craft show TOMORROW! and I made business cards with my etsy shop on them... and I didn't even set it up yet... so how stupid would that be if I handed them out and when they went to look at the shop (lets hope 1 out of 100 does ) it would be blank... hahahaha thats me... always waiting till the last second! but I am really glad that I took the plunge! I have been eyeing everyones shops and wishing I had my own. I know its going to be hard work and a lot of promoting. but I want to say thank you so much to Katie at Needles and Pins for helping me with my Etsy banner, which I TOTALLY love!!! I guess all of her gamer skills pay off!!! Thanks kid!!

So in the spirit of my etsy-ness I am having a GIVEAWAY!! So here are the rules!!
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My original give away was going to just be the hairspray ... BUT, I've decided to give you options because I am so nice... hahaha and because I know not everyone uses hairspray... but this one smells SSOOO wonderfully! and its a really soft hold... doesn't get all stiff and nasty! but is a great moveable hold! Perfect for when I curl my hair! Its my ultimate FAVORITE!

So thats it!! In one week I will announce the WINNER!! I've won a few blog giveaways and its sssooo fun!! Nothing like getting a litte pressie in the mail!!!