Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Almost Christmas

Almost x mas and i have everything done but a couple more inches of a scarf for my aunt... yay. i did all my christmas shopping today too... wwoo whooo.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas stuff

Why is it when you HAVE to knit something by a certain time you just DONT feel like knitting AT ALL ??? I have a baby sweater to make and 2 scarves and i havent really knit in almost 2 weeks.... I am such the procrastinator. It almost makes it fun because then you have to do it the day before and you are all rushed and once you finish it you are like "YES!!" see if i finish something too soon i will show the person what i made them and it takes all the fun out of it... so yeah i am knitting today.... :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Little Booties!

I made these little booties

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lame Boutique

I went to a boutique and just like i had suspected it was totally going to SUCK!! but it was fun. it was my first one so i cant expect too much. now i knows which ones NOT to go to and which ones to get ready for next year. hardly anyone came maybe 20 people!!! and 5 were my friends!! haha oh well. anyways i took pictures of my table get up. It looks like we are lone rangers but we had the VIP seating... ahah not...

Those little pancake looking things are "californian snowmen" get it they are melted. they are actually really cute close up... this picture just dont do justice! yeah so anyways.... i just wanted to post this... so i dont forget tomorrow. but tomorrow i am totally posting these little little booties

Friday, November 11, 2005

1st Sweater

This is my FIRST sweater I have ever made !! It was the simplest one I could find. It is out of the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for beginners i used her baby cashmeraino and I Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Its so SOFT!! I want to make all the little baby sweaters in there with that yarn! Next i am going to try the cartigan. that one will be a lot harder than this one. This sweater was just 2 rectangle pieces and 2 sleeves where all you had to do was increase a couple times. Not hard at all. it seems like debbie bliss' babys she uses for the patterns must be like super babies where they were born 10 lbs because the measurments just dont add up... but who knows
I have been going to some knitting classes/ club type thing where there is a teacher to help you and i have started to make a felted needle holder and it didnt not turn out so hot lets just put it that way !! my washing machine ran out of hot water and so it didnt really felt the way i wanted it to so i have it sitting in a bucket of cold water in my garage waiting to be fixed.... who knows maybe felting aint my thang'. The sad part is before felting i have never even touched a washing machine.. so maybe that was the problem as well. what i saw at the knitting store was she made felted bags and wine cover things out of wool sweaters. that was interesting. i dont know where she got the darn things but... it was cool none the less. maybe i am not that crazy of a knitter to do something like that. i just like knitting. and the idea of knitting something for hours and hours and then to give it to the mercy of a washing machine... kinda scares me. thats why i started off with some left over wool to make that knitting needle holder... so far SO BAD!!! haahha. but i really havent given it a chance because i have been making other things like jewelry and knit hats for a boutique i am going to be in on saturday... so yeah...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

For Da Wittle Babay

I just finished this blanket 2 days ago. its a crochet one i just loved the little shells and how fast it went. I used Bernat cotton. I am thinking about adding that silky edge, i have no idea what its called but im going to do it though. the only thing is that the blanket is 100% cotton should I wash it first before i sew the silkies on it?? AHHH who knows...

Books off Amazon

I just got 3 knitting books of Amazon. I know some people pay full price and buy every damn book but I dont even knit half the shit thats in the book, most of the time i just look and say "hmm i'll do that later" but i got 2 baby Debbie Bliss books and the celebrity scarf book... which by the way i got for 3 dollars and thank god for that because that stupid book shouldnt even have been made. Its rich actresses making garter stitch scarfs and not just one, every bitch in there made a garter stich scarf. Honest to peter and paul. ALL GARTER. but anyways it was a good deal 3 bucks. oh well i guess the money went to some charity so at least that is good. Anyways the Debbie Bliss books i got are cute. Im into the plain cute cartigan look. I have never even attempted a sweater. Im not all into the Check your Gauge ordeal. Its just a pain in the butt… and I hate it. My grandma tells me its “IMPORTANT” but hell… if I make a hat for the newborn and it fits a 3 month old… so be it. But I think I am finally going to get SERIOUS about knitting… haha well I mean at least little things like checking my gauge and learning the mattress stitch. I looked at some sites about how to do it and it looks pretty easy and comes out so nice so we’ll see. Im becoming obsessed with knitting. I used to crochet but i never was IN LOVE with it. probably because it doesnt look as nice. I made some really nice beanies for my boyfriend in crochet and i just made a blanket for my soon be to niece (Well not technically but my Boyfriends brother is having a baby so I want to be the aunt… hahahah )I'll post it tomorrow. it was easy and cute. ok im tired... i cant spell either and its not because im tired i just cant... lordie B

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ribbed For Her pleasure Scarf.

How can you Not love that name?? I got this out of the Stitch n' Bitch book. its so easy its just 32 stitches and 2x2 ribbing. This yarn i bought at a little yarn/ childrens boutique http://www.bananaberry.com/ its Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Brush color 106. its 80% Baby Alpaca 20% Acrylic. its SO SO SO SOFT !! i am going to add some crochet flowers to the scarf when im done... ill have to post the finished product. I just love this stuff I have never used Alpaca before and the sad part is i didnt even know what it was... haha. (im new to nice yarns) well i knew it was some sort of animal but not a llama... It is a llama right?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tuttie Cutie Fruity Hats

These hats are way cute for a baby gift and they are super simple to make. You can make Lemon, peach,apple, tomatoe strawberry, pumpkin, eggplant (or grape) just depends on what color you like.

preemie use size 6 needles

Newborn-3 months size 8 needles

3-6 months 9 needles

*size 3 needles for leaves

yarn i used was:

plymouth yarn "Encore"
knitting worsted weight
75% acrylic 25% wool

Cast on 54 stitches and work in stockinette stitch for about 4 inches. Begin decreasing for the crown as follows

K 7, k 2 tog
K 6, k 2 tog
K 5, k 2 tog
K 4, k 2 tog
K 3, k 2 tog (this is where i switch to green to begin the stem.)
K 2, k 2 tog
K 1, k 2 tog

Then keep in stockinette until the stem is as long as you like.

How to make the Leaves:

On size 3 needles cast on 3 stitches and work 2 rows in garter stitch,

Continue in garter stitch increasing at each end of the next two rows (7 stitches).

Work 5 rows, then decrease 1 stitch at each end for the next 2 rows (3 stitches).

slip the next stitch to other needle, knit 2 together, and bind off.

Knit baby Hat

I made this hat sort of by combining a couple patterns. Its Super easy and Fast!! I love it its so cute. I dont have any kids or babies of that matter but I love making baby things because they are small and fast to make. I am very impatiant and big projects like afghans and blankets bore me and I find I have like 10 blankets half done or less. So I started going crazy with the baby hats. This one i knit the hat but then made a crochet flower to attach with a button.

It should fit a newborn - 6 months

The yarn i used is Moda Dea cartwheel yarn 100% wool

Size 6 needles and Size 8 needles

Directions: On size 6 needles cast on 56 stitches
Work in purl 2 Knit 2 ribbing for about 1 inch

Then with size 8 needles begin in stockingnette stitch for approximately 4 inches.

Begin decreasing for the crown as follows:

K 7, k 2 tog

K 6, k 2 tog

K 5, k 2 tog

K 4, k 2 tog

K 3, k 2 tog

K 2, k 2 tog

K 1, k 2 tog

k 2 tog across

Cut yarn about 12", leaving enough length to thread through remaining sts. Sew up the back and there ya go !!!