Friday, November 11, 2005

1st Sweater

This is my FIRST sweater I have ever made !! It was the simplest one I could find. It is out of the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for beginners i used her baby cashmeraino and I Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Its so SOFT!! I want to make all the little baby sweaters in there with that yarn! Next i am going to try the cartigan. that one will be a lot harder than this one. This sweater was just 2 rectangle pieces and 2 sleeves where all you had to do was increase a couple times. Not hard at all. it seems like debbie bliss' babys she uses for the patterns must be like super babies where they were born 10 lbs because the measurments just dont add up... but who knows
I have been going to some knitting classes/ club type thing where there is a teacher to help you and i have started to make a felted needle holder and it didnt not turn out so hot lets just put it that way !! my washing machine ran out of hot water and so it didnt really felt the way i wanted it to so i have it sitting in a bucket of cold water in my garage waiting to be fixed.... who knows maybe felting aint my thang'. The sad part is before felting i have never even touched a washing machine.. so maybe that was the problem as well. what i saw at the knitting store was she made felted bags and wine cover things out of wool sweaters. that was interesting. i dont know where she got the darn things but... it was cool none the less. maybe i am not that crazy of a knitter to do something like that. i just like knitting. and the idea of knitting something for hours and hours and then to give it to the mercy of a washing machine... kinda scares me. thats why i started off with some left over wool to make that knitting needle holder... so far SO BAD!!! haahha. but i really havent given it a chance because i have been making other things like jewelry and knit hats for a boutique i am going to be in on saturday... so yeah...

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Christina said...

It's pretty! I love the color.