Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas stuff

Why is it when you HAVE to knit something by a certain time you just DONT feel like knitting AT ALL ??? I have a baby sweater to make and 2 scarves and i havent really knit in almost 2 weeks.... I am such the procrastinator. It almost makes it fun because then you have to do it the day before and you are all rushed and once you finish it you are like "YES!!" see if i finish something too soon i will show the person what i made them and it takes all the fun out of it... so yeah i am knitting today.... :)


Rachel said...

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Ara said...

I am in the same boat, with people wanting christmas handemade goods I have found my desire to knit a little low and I have tons to do.

Christina said...

I mixed it up a bit by throwing some sewing in. I spoiled my only knitting friend with a hand made kneedle roll and five stitch markers. (I'm going to post pictures after xmas.) Sewing's faster, but not as soothing as knitting.