Saturday, April 25, 2009

Workin' the 9-5...

Me and Gus gus

So I finally caved and got a job.... I was pretty ready for it. Actually I maxed out all my credit cards so I really had no choice. Either apply for more credit cards or stop being a bum and get a J-O-B. Since jobs are literally no where to be found I was lucky to get this one. My friend actually had been bugging me to come and apply at her salon and finally she just told me " This lady wants to hire you come in" pretty much served on a silver platter. All I had to do was walk in. Of course she was in love with me from the second she saw this big blond beauty... Who wouldn't be? HAHAHAHA I love how people say " Oh my gosh you are so beautiful, thats a plus I already love you" uummm... So if I was ugly I wouldn't get the job? The beauty industry can be quite brutal! Little did she know I had to actually LOOK for my make up bag because it has been awhile since I have needed it. And my hair for the past few months has been white trash roots. I forgot how much my back kills working in a salon. You get used to to it after awhile but MAN! I feel like I'm 80 years old. There is another Brook(e) that works there so they are trying to get me to go by a nickname and I am SO against it. The owner calls me "Marilyn" and its funny and cute but thats not my name. Yes thanks for calling me Marilyn Monroe (wow never heard that before since I have platinum hair and red lips I must be her) but do they honestly think I will respond to a name that is not mine? That I will change my name like I am a rockstar? UM NO! I am so far from someone with an alter ego... (actually that's a lie. My alter egos are little red riding hood and a big black southern gospel singer... )but the weird part is a lot of the ladies in there don't go by their real name... So random... But with a name like Brook you can't really shorten in. Anyways....

Me and Gus gus
It was so depressing this morning I left and as I was driving away little Gus ran to the front door and was giving me puppy dog eyes... It broke my heart... I seriously almost quit on my first day. He seriously melts my grudged heart! hahaha I missed him all day and I could think about was givin' him some suga!!! He loves his mother love!

Me and Gus gus

That's pretty much it right now. I do have an exciting couple of months coming up. A few craft shows, hopefully some trips... Good stuff! I am excited! I just applied to Renegade with Jackie from VozClothingandArt I hope we get in! Are you guys doing any shows this summer?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

American Gentleman

Do I have to ?
The Boston Terrier's personality has won this breed the nickname "the American Gentleman".

So I couldn't resist the chance to dress my little handsome devil up whats a better time then Easter??? It was actually sort of on a whim. I was making some more headbands and I had some extra strips lets over so I made a cute bow headband for myself. I think I might add them to my shop since they are so adorable as clips or headbands... Or as little bow ties for my Gussy! He's such a sweetie and lets me put clothes on him and he doesn't mind.
what is that
Today was his puppy kindergarden and he is learning out to "shake" and its sssoo cute!
Give me a treat
He pretty much is such a love bug and now I don't know what I did without him! hahhaha doesn't he look sooo cute? I just want to eat him up!
okay I will
He was so patient and sweet while I was taking the pictures then he wanted to eat the camera!
Lick your camera!
He's all ready for Easter service and Dinner! What are your plans for Easter?

Monday, April 06, 2009

:::100 SALES:::

YYYYEEEEEEEE HHHAAAAWWWWW I hit 100 sales (doin' the cabbage patch)!!!! This is exciting! I started listing stuff in my shop in November 2008 and I never thought I would reach 100 sales! Go figure that the last 3 sales were to someone in Kuwait.... WTF! I thought it was a scam at first but... It seems pretty legit. That will be the farthest and randomest place my headbands have traveled. Juan actually has been to Kuwait. That is where the ship dropped them off and then they took helicopters into Iraq. SCARY!!! HE says it smells like shit LITERALLY there.... EEWWW... Other then it smelling like shit its actually a really rich country despite how small it is... So I am just picturing a wonderful girl like Jasmine from Aladdin wearing my headbands. (not literally jasmine but you know... can a girl dream?) Is that weird that I want to see who everyone looks like. I would LOVE if everyone who bought my stuff took pictures of them wearing it. It makes me happy inside. The few that have were ssssoooo stinkin' cute!
Anyways here are a few new items in the Shop

Lavender Lilac Dupioni Silk Rosette Flower On Patent Leather Headband

lavendar silk fancy rosettes

This one is by far my favorite the red is so bright and beautiful! I loved working with it!
Red Dupioni Silk Rosette Flower On Patent Leather Headband

Fancy Silk Rosette

Fancy Silk Rosette hair

Then I listed one of my most popular... The red rose! But this one is a dark red and I think I might even like it better then the super bright one!
Dark Red Felt Rose On Black Patent Leather Headband

blood red close

blood red rose side

SO yeah thats it. I am starting to make a little more fancier things and I love it! Fun times! Maybe I am a fool for being so excited about 100 sales but this all started out just on a whim and then it turned out to a mini business! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway but I am not sure what I want to give away.... What do u think????

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring is in the air!!!

Seriously guys.... SERIOUSLY!!!! Are these not the cutest things on EARTH!?!?!?! I am totally in love with my little Chickie's.... Minus the fact that they shit in my vintage train case. It's okay though because I got the cutest little pictures of them!!! AAAHHHHHH I just love love love love them! This was my crazy Moms idea (of course) to get these little babies! They are only 10 days old and sssooo sweet! I've named them Etta, Patsy, and Georgia. I think at this point they sort of all look the same so the names will be chosen once they are bigger! My favorite is the little chubby one... (maybe I can tell the difference). My moms response to getting babies was " Gus and them can grow up together...." WOW... We are a crazy family! It's okay though. We have had chickens in the past. We have a huge backyard and this big ol chicken coop that has been empty for 5 years since the death of " Momma" .... No people we didn't make our grandma live in the chicken coop, who do you think we are? Hooligans? "Momma" was a red hen we used to have... My mother named her.... (HOW ORIGINAL, This is why I have taken over naming our pets) Momma was so wonderful. She used to follow my Mom all around. My mom would open the coop and she would walk down all the stairs and just peck around. I used to hold her all the time and she used to think my freckles were food and peck my arms... It was funny... Then we got puppy Lola (Rottweiler) and Lola thought she was a chew toy so Momma roosted up in the trees and didn't go in her coop... and a raccoon ate her... Mother Fucker! I hate raccoons... I don't care what any of you guys say. They are mean as shit and they eat cats and my cousins bunny (through the cage might I add)... Have you ever seen one? THEY ARE HUGE!!!! Don't even get me started on my hate for raccoons.... My CRAZY old neighbor I mean OLD AS DIRT used to catch raccoons in this cage he made which I thought was really stupid because he didn't do anything but spray them with spray paint to see if he could catch the same one... Plus I think that's mean and cruel... BBBUUUTTT he's crazy and he digs in the grocery store dumpster for food even though he is rich... (grew up in the depression) and to make matters worse He makes us all these baked goods but we always throw them out... I don't want "Dumpster Cakes" He also has like 5 slot machines so I dealt with his craziness so we could play them as kids... HAHAHAHA Wow this post has taken a turn for the worst! All the memories of crazy Bob are coming back to me!
SO sweet!
okay moving along in this mind of mine.... Back to the chickies!! These little gals are all going to be white... Which I am not too crazy about and so my Dad is thinking of buying some red ones... (Yes everyone I am the girl on charlie and the chocolate factory... Beruka or something) The red ones are just better... They lay brown eggs. Whatever though we have never had white ones so its a change, I love them anyways! Gus loves them too... A LOT... We let him in the coop and at first he was like WTF!! Now he's obsessed and all he wants to do is get in the cage and sniff them all over. So when he goes over the the parentals house he runs up all the stairs to check on his little chickies.

Here he is... I couldn't even get him to act normal he was not taking his eyes off those babies!
10 day old Chickies!
See what we've done.... He's obsessed... oh man...
10 day old Chickies!

The funny part is the chicks are not even scared of Gus. My mom was yelling at me to get him out because she thought the chicks would die of a heart attack but when we really held him back the chicks would come up to him to check him out it was funny. I really want to get an "Easter" picture with Gus wearing bunny ears with the little chicks around him... wouldn't that be so funny??? They sell these bunny ears at Petsmart for dogs.... I might need to purchase it...

10 day old Chickies!

Do any of you have or had chickens?

Disclaimer: No animals were hurt during these photos (Gus did accidentally step on one of the chicks but its perfectly fine). Etta, Patsy,& Georgia will not be consumed by humans... They have names they are pets... We will eat their eggs though. If any raccoons are reading this.... FUCK OFF!