Thursday, October 06, 2005

Books off Amazon

I just got 3 knitting books of Amazon. I know some people pay full price and buy every damn book but I dont even knit half the shit thats in the book, most of the time i just look and say "hmm i'll do that later" but i got 2 baby Debbie Bliss books and the celebrity scarf book... which by the way i got for 3 dollars and thank god for that because that stupid book shouldnt even have been made. Its rich actresses making garter stitch scarfs and not just one, every bitch in there made a garter stich scarf. Honest to peter and paul. ALL GARTER. but anyways it was a good deal 3 bucks. oh well i guess the money went to some charity so at least that is good. Anyways the Debbie Bliss books i got are cute. Im into the plain cute cartigan look. I have never even attempted a sweater. Im not all into the Check your Gauge ordeal. Its just a pain in the butt… and I hate it. My grandma tells me its “IMPORTANT” but hell… if I make a hat for the newborn and it fits a 3 month old… so be it. But I think I am finally going to get SERIOUS about knitting… haha well I mean at least little things like checking my gauge and learning the mattress stitch. I looked at some sites about how to do it and it looks pretty easy and comes out so nice so we’ll see. Im becoming obsessed with knitting. I used to crochet but i never was IN LOVE with it. probably because it doesnt look as nice. I made some really nice beanies for my boyfriend in crochet and i just made a blanket for my soon be to niece (Well not technically but my Boyfriends brother is having a baby so I want to be the aunt… hahahah )I'll post it tomorrow. it was easy and cute. ok im tired... i cant spell either and its not because im tired i just cant... lordie B

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