Thursday, January 19, 2006


Ok I want to start felting.... i tried it once and totally i mean TOTALLY messed that shit up. It pretty much was a disaster... thank god it was just a practice... because it was BBAAADDD and I am scared to try it again because I dont want to spend all this money and time making something just so it turns out... a hairy ball of ugly... ya get me?? but that is my next project after the sweater that has taken me forever and a day to finish... but i am almost done and really excited to start a big felted purse... we will see i need to start taking pictures of my shizzile... oh bye


Christina said...

Felting isn't all that hard. When I made my purse, I used Paton's Classic Wool. (Very affordable wool!) I washed it using the hot/cold cycle with mild detergent. (I used wool-ite, but dish soap is supposed to work well.) I washed mine three times, then let it air dry. I stuffed it with a few books to help shape it into a square. I hope this helps! (Don't give up! Felting is so much fun!)

Jessica F said...

Eeek, how did I miss your comment on my blog?! I'm so glad I found yours now! xo