Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ribbed for her Pleasure FINISHED

OKay i have been lagging A LOT!! i started beauty school 4 months ago and havent really been in the computer more then 10 times since then.... but i am starting to get back into knitting. I have been super busy it seems like I hardly have time to sleep. So now i am starting to knit again i tool a break from hard projects for awhile but now i am going to make another Cardigan. but here is the scarf i started.

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Lynds said...

Just found your site, love the scarf! I am signing off now to start knitting the awesome hat pattern you posted back in November! Its SO cute!!! Thank you for both your beautiful hat patterns, they are bookmarked and both will be made! Thinking eggplant for my next hat! :) Wishing you lots of luck with beauty school!