Friday, February 20, 2009

The Craft Club

When I was getting my second "craft group" together I messaged Nicole from The Craft Kitchen to see if she was interested in coming. She said she would love to come and that she also was going to be putting a craft group together, So of course I was going to come to hers as well!!! She also blogged about it here. She gets into more detail then I plan on and I also stole her photos she took....
So I woke up Thursday feeling like I had been sucking on razor blades while I was sleeping.... Not good... Took a few swings of "The good stuff" (Day Quill) and went on my way. Late as always. I arrive and there was a few peeps I already knew and plenty I've never met. It was fun. I wasn't feeling too well so I wasn't too talkative but it was good to get with fellow crafters. The only part I didn't like.... I was sitting next to the cheese platter... and it smelled like a fucking stinky ass shoe!! Gross! I'm not too fond of stinky cheese... hahaha other then that it was great. I liked seeing what everyone was making. Some wonderful things were going on! The llama mobile had to be my favorite!
Llama mobile
I was embroidering but started to get super bored with it. See how I look when I don't feel to great... Pretty pissed off HAHAHAHA( but I wasn't ) I also wore one of my new creations in my hair! I will soon show you the whole " collection" once I get them all finished. I am really excited about them. I think they really reflect me as a person... Vintage sass!

Everyone was doing completely different things and it was GREAT! I loved seeing everything!
The craft club
People shared some of their crafty secrets, their favorite glue, materials etc. It was really nice to talk to people who enjoy talking about things such as glue... hahahaha! (I was thinking of making a hot glue gun shrine... To ward off all extreme burns that it causes!! hahahaha)

The craft club

Its nice to feel part of something. Especially something that is so important to me and is such a huge part of my life. Its a connection I think women are losing as time goes on. I am just glad that more and more people I am meeting sees this as well!
Other then that I am in another treasury!! Local etsy artist Elsiee is the one who made it! Its dedicated to Etsians with blogs... And boy do we know I have a blog!

Other then that... Other things to be happy about:
Joann is having $1.99 on all MCalls patterns next Friday-Sunday!
My G-Ma Judy from Michigan is down
I've been making fun baby things for Juans sister (pics soon)
My face doesn't have any major zits
All bills are paid off
Leopard satin ballet flats from target
Roasting marshmallows

What are some things that make you happy... Other then reading my wonderfulness?


CherryTreeLane said...

A fire in my backyard.
Tater Tot Casserole (so ghetto, but so good).
The laundry being done.
Vintage stuff.

Rachel said...

man i want a craft group SO BAD! i keep telling myself "when i get out of school, i will have friends again" haha! hope you're feeling better!

Craftola said...

To heck with glue...there's nothing like the smell of mod-podge in the morning!!!! Looked like fun...

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Those are some cute crafters!

I also get super excited when my face is all clear and pretty:) Those are the days!!!!

OliveStreetStudio said...

The craft group sounds awesome! I wish I had one...or spare time for one. With a FT job and commuting 15 hours a week- yes, 15 hrs, once I get home I'm lucky to put daughter to bed and eata bowl of cereal before my head falls into it! It even looked like a nice gathering....nice post!

AlwaysInspired said...

Things that make me happy!
An hour of uninterupted craft time!
The smell of books old and new.
Getting a package in the mail.
The smell of coffee in the morning.
and The look in my hubby's eyes after he says I love you!
I'm such a sap!

Anonymous said...

thanks brook! so glad you came.

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I wish I was crafty, I get distracted too easily and never finish anything I start LOL

craft pig said...

Top 3 favorite things:
Miss Gladys
my sisters

Thanks for making me think about off to play with Miss Gladys @ my sisters house while listening to radiohead!

Estela said...

how fun!! I want to do a craft night! I'm not good at hosting events, or going to them.

aileen said...

hey I was there at craft night decoupaging hearts. : ). That was fun! I can't wait to see to see what fun stuff you make next. : )

Jackie said...

Oh damn! I totally forgot about that meet up- I wanted to go! Maybe next time then- :)

- Jackie

joanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my site, let me find yours! You are so funny, love your style and sense of humor. Wish I could join these craft sessions they look great!

torrance said...

*ice skating!
*writing (anything really, 'cos I love my own handwriting..)
*hot chocholate
*my new running shoes
*the fact that there's more sun
*fabric stores (I'm big on touching pretty much all the fabrics)

and so on, and so on

torrance said...

I totally forgot: what usually maked me happy, even if I'm in a really bad/sad mood is watching either Hairspray or 10 things I Hate About you. 10 things has only ones let me down, that was right after Heath Ledger died

Melissa and Brandon said...

Can I Please come next time!! I need to craft!!