Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sprinkles Cupcakes

So everyone is MAD about Cupcakes!!! Cupcake places have been popping up everywhere but I've never visited one! Well they opened one in Newport Beach. Called Sprinkles It was sort of random because we were actually is Newport because Our craft group Handmade Brigade was getting interviewed for COAST magazine!!! Can you believe it??? We are going to be in the September Issue.... So random. I hardly said anything... I get weird about interviews... I did manage to answer one question and in my sentence I said "fuck" .... BROOK come on!!! you are quiet the whole time and FUCK is the word that comes out of your mouth to a person who writes about rich people and their snoody lifestyles.... hahahah She was recording the whole thing and i was like " OOppss dont add that! "

They are even having their photographer take professional pictures of us HAHAHAHA !! I feel like such an idiot.... The last time I got a professional picture it was my senior picture.... SO I feel like a total weirdo going to this shoot.... EEEEEPPPP! I can ham it up for my camera or a friends camera... but a strangers.... my social anxiety kicks in! We will see how it goes... Wednesday is the day... Wish me luck!!!

So back to Sprinkles... The cupcakes were sooo cute... the store was sssooo Cute:

the cupcakes... Not that great.... I hate to say it... Almost tasted stale... Still good especially since I cheated on my low carb diet just to eat one... but to be honest... They were cuter to eat then they tasted....

The best cupcakes I've had are made from a box... with a snack pack jell-o mixed in the batter... yes kickin' it hillybilly style!!! DONT JUDGE ME PEOPLE!!! Sooooo Sprinkles... CUTE CUTE posh little cupcakerie... good on the eyes... okay on the tongue...

This was the beginning of our day.... next blog will be our crazy ass night... The pictures are so funny!! So funny to go party with your craft friends.... Things got ugly!


Ashley said...

Mmmm...I love Sprinkles. So heavenly, yet sinful at the same time.

~Rubyredruca~ said...

My husband's mom makes him a cake every year with jello packs in it. It's lemon and delicious, but it sounds gross and is so white trash! Even though they aren't... but it's so funny to hear someone else knows about that!
Congrats on another interview!

Rachel said...

Mmmmm Cupcakes....congrats on the interview! That's awesome!

Sherezada said...

Congrats on the interview! That's awesome. Post pictures of it when it comes out.

Now I want a cupcake. Boo.

Hey, you still planning your road trip?