Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Remembering Oregon: Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Here is a little day trip we took to Multnomah Falls. It was so pretty!!! I am really glad we went out of the city to see how beautiful Oregon is around Portland. It was amazing. Of course I wasn't dressed to go hiking so the whole time I felt like I was going through chinese torture because I was wearing flimsy sandals walking on rocks... It literally felt like I was walking barefoot... Here I am looking all stupid.... Plus this was the day after our "voodoo donut" night... so I was HUNG OVER!!! Hung over and hiking in damn sandals... If that isn't love then freaking shoot me!
Multnomah Falls trail - ME

Here is Juan looking all messed up too!! haaahahahahaha
Multnomah Falls little stream

Despite our failing livers, headaches, splotchy skin, and puffy eyes the scenery was divine. Its so green and lovely.
Multnomah Falls  trail

The falls were so big!!! I was surprised!
Multnomah Falls

We walked up to the bridge so we could get a good photo... and this is what we got hahahahahaha.... I am a trooper...
Multnomah Falls Juan and I

When we looked down the other side of the bridge at the pool where the falls ended this is what I saw.... A HEART!!! AAAAWWWWWWW PRECIOUS!!!

Multnomah Falls Heart

I miss juan and I am dying without him... hahhaaha not really but it sucks... oh and on a random note has anyone seen the Black jack taco???? Who the FUCK wants a black taco? As if the tacos aren't bad enough they gave them the bubonic plague. UGH GROSS!


Bett said...

Thanks for the ride down memory lane! Loved the pics. Have lived in that neck of the woods twice in the last 9 yrs....and its a far cry from NM.

Heather said...

yeah those lack tacos look nasty, couldnt get me to eat one!
oregon looks beautiful!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Awesome pictures!

Alli said...

Ugh, YES on the black taco! Nate and I comment on it whenever the commercial comes on. So unappetizing.

The photos are lovely, though!

Virg said...

Thank you on the taco! I heard a commercial on the radio and called the boy, I was so disgusted. His comment? "Is it blue? I don't know. A taco is a taco."

He apparently doesn't care. Meanwhile, I am wondering how this made it past the test group.

elsiee said...

You hiked hungover AND in sandals, yep not that there was much doubt before, but YEAH it's love...

great shots though, so worth it in the end I guess...

thinking of Juan and envisioning him safe and home in your arms as soon as possible my friend...