Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Remembering Oregon: VooDoo Doughnut

Keep Portland Weird
I got to talk to Juan today for an hour and a half today. It was nice but then I was sad to have to say bye.... So to make myself even more depressed I am looking at our trip we took before he left... .hahhaha! Its not that bad. Looking at the pictures make me laugh. We had a good time. Except when Juan got us lost and then I was grouchy because I had to Pee... Thats another day though... Oregon was sssooo wonderful! I loved Oregon. I think if I were to live somewhere it would be there. Portland being my favorite. So being a tourist we had to hit up

voodoo doughnut "the magic is in the hole"

VooDoo donut
The first time we went it was 2am... We were super intoxicated ordered two voodoo doll doughnuts, took pictures with them, ate them and only remembered them by these pictures.... I couldn't even tell you if they were good because it was just that ugly that night...

voodoo donut bakers

and at 2 am... the line was LONG and out the door around the building... It was funny because there was some hip hop show or something of that sort and there was these "Gang therapy" people... aka... cops making sure no one gets shot... and Juan being drunk was like " WHAT? GANG THERAPY?? I'm from DC bitch... I know about REAL gang members im from DC... " SERIOUSLY??? JUAN SHUT UP Just because MS13 tried to shoot you doesnt mean you need to embarrass your WHITE girlfriend!! I wanted to kill him... he was talking soooo LOUD and he never acts like that when hes drunk but apparently doughnuts bring the worst out in him ahahahaha SO yeah...
voodoo doll DIE finally got our doughnuts and took a cab to the hotel... woke up the next day and I wanted another VooDoo doughnut... since I missed the whole "taste" part of it... Juan said no... BOO!!! So then that night after we saw a movie we were going to stay one more night in Portland but then i was like " Lets go get VooDoo doughnuts and drive to Astoria TONIGHT..." and thats just what we did... This time I got an " Old Dirty Bastard" .... it was DAMN GOOD!!!

Juan being sober had a little more heart and felt a little guilty for eating the poor little voodoo doll
poor voodoo donut

Me saying " MMMM I love voodoo doughnuts... So yum... now my stomach is going to have bubble guts the whole night!!! YAY..."
me being ugly

So yeah I suggest if you ever go to Portland to go here. Even if you dont like doughnuts... I am not a doughnut fan but Its so different. they have a doughnut called "cock and balls" "dirty snowball" & "Triple Chocolate Penetration" . How could you resist... Also you can get married there... and its open 21 hours a day.... be a tourist and go!!! What is your favorite doughnut?


Heather said...

I have always wanted to go to Portland, my cousin Ashley jusy just opened up a photo studio there and she loves it. The hubby doesn't it fly tho :( maybe someday!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

OMG! I am so hungry!

Jenny S said...

You can get married in the doughnut shop?!

Portland sounds amazing. I've read lots of things about it, but no ones post made me giggle like yours! You make it sound dirty... in the good way hee hee

Anonymous said...

I loved that place! so yummy :D
I wish there was a "like" button on blogspot like on facebook because I definitely like this post!

ann said...

Portland has been on my to-visit list FOREVER! Do you have a hotel you'd recommend there?