Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome back to California


Hahahah nothing says HELLO like a giant pair of blue balls.... OH JOY... this was one of my favorite places... Northern California in the Redwood forest.... So beautiful...
I've always wanted to visit and see these HUGE trees.... they were lovely... Just what I imagined... overwhelmingly giant and serene . DSC05090


Walking through the forest is sooo refreshing... The air is soooo crisp and cool... It was so nice... different from the hustle and bustle. Its was abnormally quiet too. Not even birds. I kept on taking pictures. This is how it went....
Juan: " ugh why are you taking so many pictures of yourself?"
Me: " Well its so quiet which means the little animals are hiding from something..."
Juan: " What?"
Me: " I am taking all these pictures of me because if a bear mauls me as long as they find my camera they will know how to identify me..."
Juan: " Are you serious?"
Me: " Yup..."



This pic I was like " COME AND GET EM BOYS!!! (talking to the bears of course!) Come to find out I don't even think there are bears there...

Driving through the tree was cool but not THAT cool. I thought it was part of the drive... NO you had to pay some crazy old lady in a little hut $3 CASH.... since apparently they dont want the IRS to know they are charging poor little tourist to drive through their big ass tree.... it was cool though...

SO yeah... that was it... Have you ever been to the redwood forest? if not I suggest you go... its something to see... oh but FYI dont use a TOM TOM because you will get lost on a dirt road/ CLIFF OF DEATH overlooking the ocean for an hour only to run into some Prison that I googled and didnt even show up on the map... To be proceeded by a bitchy GF begging her Boyfriend to drive faster because she was totally freaked out....


Meaghan Kelly said...

wow! that's effin' awesome! so cool!
I have always wanted to see those big red trees! my mom has a big clock made from one of them and it is my favourite thing!
glad to hear you didn't get mauled by any bears!

Meaghan Kelly said...

p.s. your shop is a dream! im still catching up from being 2 months without a job, but as soon as im back on top of things i'm totally gonna buy myself one of your pretty headbands, probably the ones with the three pretty circle flowers next to each other on them. oohhh so nice!

jelly said...

i'm delurking...
love your blog...just so adorable.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Yay, I'm your 100th follower! Lovely photos, I live in Northern California, and I've got to agree with you, the trees=gorgeous! Btw- love your thought process in case you got mauled, hilarious!