Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Is A Time Of Giving

SO for Christmas we ( The Handmade Brigade Of OC ) were contaced by Mercy House to see if we wanted to be part of their Stockings for homeless children living in motels all over orange county... Of course it pulled on my heart strings so we decided to make a craft party out of it!! It was a bunch of fun and good to know it was going towards a good cause. We bought the stockings and then had a crazy amount of crafty stuff to decorate them. People went a little crazy....

Some were literally 2 hours stockings... I made some myself and they were super easy... I turned all mine into reindeer hahahahha...

I guess the kids probably wont really care about the outside of the stockings but more whats inside but it was a good way to get people to come and celebrate Christmas by giving to those who are less fortunate then ourselves. Also got a chance to hang out with fabulous people who always support all our events. One being Frances and her Husband... Shes great! She always helps us with anything we need!!!

We also had a bunch of great sponsors who helped donate food and money to our event.. If it wasn't for everyones great support it wouldnt have been as sucessful as it was! I hope to make this an annual event for the HBOC.

How was everyones Christmas???

Here is a blast from the past... the freaking best Holloween costume since 1960... Honestly... this is genius!


This is my uncle hahahahhaah!


Thriftgoddess! said...

Happy New Year from the Thriftgoddess!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Happy new year Brooke :) And yes I HATE the way Bill says Suki - its kind of like Sukeh or something, and you have my full permission to punch him if you ever see him :)

jelly said...

very nice.