Monday, February 21, 2011

The Metro in DC is.....

So if DC wasn't horribly and horrifically humid & hot in the summer I think I might live there. But swamp ass always wins and I am brought back to the reality that I'll probably never move from CA if I can help it. Nonetheless rich history always has me coming back for more (preferably in winter/fall). This trip we used to metro A LOT. Every time I was slowly making it down the steep escalator I was amazed by the wonderful architecture. The massive amounts of stone, cement, arches, granite. EVERYWHERE! You would think the metro would be simple, dull, more " to the lowest bidder" of standards but its beautiful. breathtaking. and to my delight with the lack of urine stench....


The lighting reflects off the ceiling in a way that makes the whole place have a feeling of calm.


Granted this was taken later at night around 10pm so rush hour didn't disturb me as I gawked at the wonderful sights. I knew I would regret not taking these pictures. I'm so glad I did. What other places do you go to that have surprisingly wonderful architecture ?

Here is a picture of me riding the metro. I was feeling the 60's that day mostly due to rain and semi-dirty hair... I think I sort of like it!


Tara (Betty) said...

I know that Metro stop! Metro Center on the Red line! I travel on Metro a few times per week for work. I hope you had fun in "my town!" I love the architecture at Union Station. It was built in the early 1900s and it has a very Art Nouveau look. Union Station is on the Red line for Metro. It is also an Amtrak Station and also boasts a nice mall with restaurants.

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