Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blueberry Jam. DELISH!

My local grocery store had a 10 for $10 on blueberries and I couldn't pass up the deal. I've been wanting to make blueberry jam for some time. It's the one fruit I haven't really experimented with. I am so glad I did!


I actually made it with a friend who had been wanting to learn " the art of preserving". I am always excited when people take interest in canning. It seems like a lost art here where I live.

making Strawberry & strawberry blackberry preserves

After making the jam I thought it would be a perfect filling for my new William Sanoma pocket pie mold. I love it so much! Its makes the cutest little pies ever! Besides my boyfriend thinks they are amazing. He calls them homemade " uncrustables". They are so easy too! YUMMY!

blueberry pie

My mans heart is definitely through his stomach. (no pun intended)


Rebecca said...

That pie looks so awesome and delicious!

alicia said...

i love making jam - it's so satisfying and feel like a cute little suzy homemaker with all those jewel toned jars of love! <3

Tara (Betty) said...

Your photos are so amazing! Blueberry is one of favorites!

busana muslim said...

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