Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New hair .... Literally & Adele

New bangs

I got new hair.... literally. I got extensions & bangs!!! Its totally different and I have a love hate relationship with them. I miss my short cute retro curly hair but I sort of love having as much hair as a horse. It's something different and hey I am a hair dresser! Time to change it up.


I did finally figure out how to do my signature "roll" with my new extensions... thank goodness... I was having retro withdrawl...


Other then that... I have been OBSESSED with everything Adele. I love her look. Her clothes, hair and ESPECIALLY her make up!!! Not to mention her insane voice!

Not only does she have great style an amazing voice and an English accent. She also is funny as hell! When I hear her in interviews I feel like she is my best friend hahaha or at least should be!

My favorite song she sings is " One and only" its SSOOO GOOD!


alicia said...

wow - you look completely different! it looks boooooOOOootiful!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

I didn't recognize you! I like the change! You can do cute rockabilly ponytails now =-) and yes Adele is amazing. We are both chubby redheads who have amazing musical talent; so in a sense we are sistahs =-)

Vivi.Deluxxxe said...

wow I didnt recognize you at all. I saw your pic come up on my blog roll and was like 'who is this person? i dont remember subscribing to them.' lol.
What type of extensions did you get? Links? Fusion? Clip ins?
I recently had some extensions put in (links) but only after a week had them taken out. I just couldnt stand it any longer. Plus.. I felt so limited with the styling.. took FOREVER to curl and couldnt do any vintage-esque 'dos without either taking 276348276384 hrs to curl/style or have my links show. boo. =( oh well. my scalp is happy now and i'm back to my retro 'dos. yay

Melissa Dawn Design said...

Loving your new look! I too Love Adele!

Ashley said...

I love your bangs! I was trying to grow out side bangs but I am defiantly going to have to get straight across bangs back! Love it!

mode. said...

oh, i love her. great inspiration. you look so pretty!
<3 mode.

Sherezada said...

Your new hair is so cute! I'm thinking of doing something daring with my hair myself, and you're totally inspiring me. :)

angie.a said...

I'm always waffling between BANGS and NO BANGS, lol. I think I probably look better with though. Love your new hair! ;)

kimmy kupcakes said...

I saw Adele on Thursday. Love, love, love her!

kim* said...

love it! im going curly for the rest of the year. we are on reverse. :)

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Robert Dulaney said...

those bangs are dreamy! it looks great!

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