Thursday, March 10, 2011


OOTD 3/9/11

I have my Johnny Cash uniform on:

Poncho- TJ MAXX
shirt- old navy
skinny jeans- Old navy
shoes- target
purse- coach
scarf- vintage
earrings- made by me
bracelet- vintage

Okay so I know I sort of turned a new leaf buying different clothes but I must admit I am a sucker for an all black outfit. I love it. I feel its really classic. My family had to go to the lawyers and we all cracked up when we got out of the car and we were all wearing black. We looked like we were going to a funeral. After we got back I made my mom take pictures of me in her backyard with my hipstamatic....


She couldn't figure out how to get my feet in the picture so there was plenty of pics because my mother is technically challenged. The viewfinder on the hipstamatic is pretty annoying.

I'm not normal and I dont care


Me showing my mother how easy is it to get HER feet in the picture. (her in all black too... shocking)


Then my mom tried to get me to do " model" poses so of course I did the complete opposite


I pretended I was Elle Wood from Toddlers and Tiaras. I was busting out all my moves

#1 favorite toddler and tiara move the invisible wall rest

2nd favorite toddler & tiara move
kiss the boo boo's

Channeling my inner toddlers & tiaras
ouchie boo boo!

If you've ever seen that show you know what I'm talking about. The funny part is Elle Wood looks like I did as a kid. Except my mother wasn't a freak and dressed me up like a child hooker.

but she did make me put on this GOD awful scarf that one of her bible study ladies gave her. I said " OH LAWD this looks like Pinata puke! This fun fetti scarf is a SIN!" but I gave in a took a picture for her

death the confetti scarves
Have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras??? It make me realize how good I had it as a kid.


Jenn said...

I agree... wouldnt there of been nothing worse in the world than a stage mom...

MY Mom was pretty competative she was my badminton teams manage for a year but she had to step down because she could feel the competativness coming out of her

But I do have a feeling that if I had happened to be cute as a kid she would of tried something lol


alicia said...

super cute outfit as per ushe. :D

you would have totally won ultimate grand supreme with those poses.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Haha, cute photos :) Ugh, stage mothers, I've seen a few of those child pageant shows and its just so sad.

mode. said...

love the Johnny Cash look. i rock it often. :) you and your mom look great!
<3 mode.

Vanessa said...

How funny that you all ended up in dark colors! Same wave length!
I like the shape of your top so much, and I think I might have the same leopard/cheetah print shoes from Target! (Tough to tell, but maybe so!)

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