Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New hair .... Literally & Adele

New bangs

I got new hair.... literally. I got extensions & bangs!!! Its totally different and I have a love hate relationship with them. I miss my short cute retro curly hair but I sort of love having as much hair as a horse. It's something different and hey I am a hair dresser! Time to change it up.


I did finally figure out how to do my signature "roll" with my new extensions... thank goodness... I was having retro withdrawl...


Other then that... I have been OBSESSED with everything Adele. I love her look. Her clothes, hair and ESPECIALLY her make up!!! Not to mention her insane voice!

Not only does she have great style an amazing voice and an English accent. She also is funny as hell! When I hear her in interviews I feel like she is my best friend hahaha or at least should be!

My favorite song she sings is " One and only" its SSOOO GOOD!