Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pen Pal

I must admit. Nothing is better then a hand written letter... its so personal, and its dying fast. No one really writes hand written letters anymore because e-mail is so convienent ... when my boyfriend was in Iraq I used to write him everyday.(yes everyday and he normally only got mail two times a month... so he had a BAG FULL) I used to write with colorful and beautiful stationary sprayed with my perfume. My favorite were all the silly asian characters where the translation isn't quiet correct so it makes it even more amusing. I don't know if my boyfriend appreciated them as much as i loved writing them but I treasured every letter he wrote me. One because i knew he was alive and two because he didn't write me as much as I did... which it to be expected of a man especially in combat... I love letters. I think I would be the worlds greatest pen pal because i love sharing my huge collection of asian stationary... and since Juan is home and out of the Military.... I have a box full of unused stuff... So late last night I went on a quest to find a pen pal... but where to begin? I googled it and most of them were for e-mail pen pals... please... that is not a pen pal... thats myspace... so then i found what i was looking for PenPalsNow so I'm excited to see what turns up. So far a girl from Ireland wants to be my "snail mail" pen pal... yay!! I really am interested in becoming pen pals with someone from Japan and South America. I think this will be a great experience and I'm looking forward to a letter in the mail!!!


Stephanie N said...

I am totally looking into this now! That's great-I think sending and receiving letters is awesome too!

Wrath said...

Would you consider "bad english"-writing Finish penpal?
I would like to write more so that my english would get better. And also I love handwritten stuff =)

Miss Ruby Cube said...

I really like your blog...and i was just having this discussion with a friend the other day...i'm actually designing "snail mail" stationary with a snail character I've been drawing for years...Glad to hear other people are still into a good had written's so much more personal..