Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lazy Days

Today was a lazy day in Laguna Beach. In the 70's you couldn't of asked for a more beautiful and pleasant day! Juan and I decided to go explore some of the many many beaches along the coast of Laguna. He moved there two months ago and I have only taken him to the beaches I grew up going to. I know there are hundreds more we have yet to explore. So after we went to the bike shop to buy a whicker basket for my beach cruiser we discovered this beautiful beach with picnic tables and a walk way, perfect for a stroll with Lola... The other picture of the railing was another look out. The detail someone put into this railing was just beautiful. the picture doesn't really capture how beautiful the sun shines through the glass... I have lived next to the beach my whole life and I hate to say that i do take it for granted... I guess you only really appreciate somethings when you are away from them...

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