Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Sabrina !!! YOU DRAG QUEEN LOVER!

Okay so these were actually taken last year on her birthday... but here is the question... In the "group shot" which one is really a MAN??? (if you guess me I'll kill you) This day was sssooo fun!!! I mean too fun.... we surprised her by taking her to Lips which is dinner and a Drag show... Seriously the funniest thing EVER!!! I've been to Asia SF before with some gay men ... but with all your girlie friends its ten times more funny.... especially Sabrina... She got drunk (which I have only seen twice) and she was telling everyone how this was the best day of her life... nothing can top that birthday... but... good news I finished numero uno of the pillow cases... one more to go... I really think it is missing something... I have to think about it.... because I love to make things too gaudy... I think she will like them though... I've spent forever and a day making the stupid things!!! luckily she doesn't drool like I do so my beautiful stitching wont get stained by morning drool!!! eeewww.... COME ON I CAN'T HELP IT!!!


Stephanie N said...

The middle one!!!!

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Nice blog! I like your knitted stuff... I recently taught myself to knit and can only SLOWLY do a scarf ;-) I would seriously like to see what you do with your Black Apple patterns! They are ungodly cute and I need more inspirational ideas ♥

Jigsaw Youth said...

i'm gonna guess the middle one too! she's too pretty to actually be female haha. i love drag shows! when i was younger (not even old enough to get INTO the bars in the first place...16ish..)me and my friends would go to the drag shows and have a blast. good times!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Hey Brook! I am going to guess the middle one as well.

Cool blog...I'm off to read more!


Katie Kutthroat said...

oh man! this reminds me of living in new orleans.. there were tons of clubs, parades, etc.. it was truely awesome!