Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to be annoying #1

I've figured out a new way to bug my boyfriend.... ask him how to say stuff in spanish...

me: "How do you say 'why' in spanish?"

J: "por que"

me: " thats what I thought, but isn't that how you say 'because' too?"

j: "yeah"

me: "?por que?" (with a stupid smile on my face)

j: " stop asking me questions...."

me: "?por que?"

J: "because."

me: " ?por que, por que?" (thinking I am saying "because why?")

J: "you can't say "because why" it doesn't translate like that. will you stop now..."

me: "you don't want me to learn spanish... you just want me to be an ignorant white girl...."

I know I bug him all the time but I think its ssooooooooo funny... plus... he enjoys it. He always laughs at all the clever and really stupid stuff I come up with to entertain myself... shit I thought it was funny...

I thought I would add this to this post because... i wanted to...

Here is a big ass catfish I caught... because I am ... you know apparently all around wonderful...


Katie Kutthroat said...

hahahahaha.. thats hilarious! youre silly <3

Jigsaw Youth said...

hahaha! you sound a lot like me..a total fucking goofball!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

LOL, that's totally funny.

So how DO you say because why?

Brook said...

I guess you don't say "because, why?" but the closest thing is "por que asi" I really think "?por que, por que?" is much better!!!