Wednesday, August 20, 2008


okay... YAY I am home from Fife Lake, Michigan (seriously I am shocked it had a website) It was beautiful and I was shocked by how cute it was... and un hick... I thought for sure it was going to be hokey pokey... but it was so fun. all of my moms side was there. It was such a wonderful vacation and I was so happy to see my G-ma... here are a few things I learned while in Michigan...

1) How to play blackjack at the casino (and win)

2) How to canoe straight across a lake (real hard I'm telling you... even if your 6'3" brother is helping)

3) My cousins and aunt are tattle tails... not to be trusted...

4) That it can be 80 degrees and hail

5) you can still smoke in restaurants (gross)

6) everyone smokes in michigan

7) NEVER EVER be the first one to jump off the canoe even if the bottom of the lake is 10 inches deep... because its not.. its fucking quicksand and it wants to eat you for dinner...

8) Grandma inherited the best salt and pepper shaker collection from her mom and I think I am getting them... YES!!! score for liking granny things

9) I know where my grandma keeps all her money...

10) Michigan people have HORRIBLE teeth... if they have any at all!

11) Michigan has great vintage items!! and they don't even know its worth!! woo woo woo score for me!

12) saying good- bye to your family is hard... I cried like a baby!!! but luckily so did everyone else... even my brother!

13) I can't wait to go back

On that note... I have A LOT of crafting to do... I have 3 swaps going on and 1 personal swap with Katie because she loves me so much she wants me to craft for her... RIGHT PUTA ?
I have yet to start on any of my swaps on craftster... oopps !!! but don't worry I work wonderfully under pressure I mean look at me now.. I should be crafting but I'm blogging! yay... I haven't added the pics to my computer but when I do I'll be sure to post some good ones...


Katie Kutthroat said...

don't feel rushed love.. its no hurry!

Jigsaw Youth said...

can't wait to see pictures!

KimsCozyKitchen said...

Yea for MI. We've been here for 3 years now. It gorgeous!! I moved from the dirt state of AZ. lol

Not everyone in MI smokes. I can't believe people can smoke in restaurants. I agree, freakin gross!!

I haven't seen any really bad teeth here either. :D

The weather here is very, very strange, in the Fall and Winter months, it can be warmer at night than it is during the day!!! Very odd.

Can't wait to see what make and get in the swap. ;)

Patty said...

This is such a great post! I just tagged you to share some quirks about yourself and after reading this post, I'm looking forward to reading what you write. (Did you take any pictures of the salt & pepper shakers?)

Sherezada said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a fun trip with the fam, despite quicksand lakes and smoke-filled restaurants.

I hope you got some pics of your grandma's salt shaker collection, I dig that sort of vintage stuff. ;)

frenzykat said...

i agree with #4
i was caught in the middle of the craziest storm last week.
30seconds and i was pelted with hail and drenched from head to toe!! it was like i had just stepped out of the shower.

i am a great procrastinator. i have a wedding gift to do for the 6th of sept and haven't even found the pillowcases to embroider on..