Monday, June 01, 2009


So its been a few weeks since Patchwork and just now I am posting... I lag major. Since my life has taken a complete 180 I think I have an excuse. I am pretty sure I will keep on top of things now since I will have some more time.... ( I say that now )

Patchwork was so fun. I think its on my top shows as far as cool people go. They just have a lot going on good music, good food, fun funky people. People who "GET IT". (Unfortunatly the Penis behind the ear boy wasn't there) They also have great vendors! Fun to look at everything!
My friend Chelsea who I have been friends with since beauty school came along. She LOVED the craft show, It was like I took her to Disneyland or something. She was thanking me for letting her come... hahah she was my free labor and was thanking me.... Thats why I love her....

So to be nice I bought her a Shrimp sushi pillow by Eon Creative. She was obsessed with it. They make super cute things. Plus they are the cutest couple ever Stella and Charlie... So wonderful!

And since my moustache ornaments were such a hit at the last Patchwork show I made some moustache pins and sticks.


Here is Juan modeling a felt moustache... He could actually grow one almost if not more impressive but since he is a Marine again he has no facial hair (Thank God)
In case you were wondering... It was hotter than a popcorn fart... literally melting hot. Luckily I was smart enough to bring my parasols. I thought for 2 hours I might puke... I've come to conclusion that I might possibly be whiter then I thought... Me and the heat don't get along... Me and the cold dont get along either... So I guess I am just a California Girl. The best part was I brought some "special drinks". Chelsea and I started drinking at 10:30am... So white trash but it was HOT! It was funny and helped me sort of forget the heat but possibly may be the reason I felt sick for 2 hours. HAHAHAHAHA
Gus came along with his Pa pa Juan and I felt bad for him. He was hot so he laid under the table in the shade. He also met 2 other Boston Terriers... He loved them. Everyone loved him and fed him ice. Hes such an attraction. People love him. How couldn't you? He has the cutest face on the planet! So yeah. This also was my most profitable show FUN FUN FUN! I love MONEY!!! It bought Juan his birthday present, a new Radio for his truck... and of course wonderful things for myself!! HAHAH Thanks everyone for a great show! This Friday is Cerritos Handmade Brigade come and check it out!!! I'll be there with all my Handmade Brigade Girls!!!


stina said...

congratulations! looks like you had a great time. i hope handmade brigade will be a huge hit as well! good luck!

kim* said...

your table is so fun :) i havent been having the best year :( so i havent been applying to any shows... id like to stop by though

sophiehillartist said...

haha the mustaches are so funky!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I love your crafts, they are so cute!
nothing wrong w/ drinking at 10:30 am either...I do it a lot LOL

Estela said...

looks like fun!! I love when there are dogs at the craft shows! They bring you business, it's awesome

sewitsforyou said...

glad the show went well. It is hot as hades in florida now. I love the sushi pillow...super cute.

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

I love the sushi pillow and your stuff looks great! Oh, and you girls look adorable with your parasols!