Sunday, November 09, 2008

Post Patchwork Show and The People I Met!

So today was The Patchwork show. It was tons of fun!!! I got to meet some of my Internet craft friends!!! I met The Craft Pig and her lovely dog who was quite afraid of me!!! I also met a few other people and it was funny because Mother Love was making fun of me saying I was a cyber nerd with all these Internet friends! HAHAHAHA!! OH WELL!!!

Something I was really shocked about the owner of Harveys Seat belt bags KNEW ME FROM CRAFTSTER! hahah how funny huh? I felt special for 5 minutes! Since I love her bags!! I have a few in my collection! Boy have they changed! Now they are all fancy with pockets for every little thing! They last FOREVER too... because they are made from REAL seat belts! I should have asked her for a job! hahahahaha!!! It seems like it would be super fun!

So other then that... I saw a few products I didn't expect!!! I blog I just recently started readingStelabird from Oklahoma. Her shit was there!! At first I walk by and I see Her felt birdie and all I could think was " NO WAY!!! SOMEONE TOTALLY JACKED HER!!!" Then I read the tag and it was hers! A lady with an online boutique had a booth and was selling crafts from many different artist! I am glad I didn't have to report her to the copy cat police!

SO the Moustache Ornaments were a hit!! They were so silly all on the tree! So funny! People literally were cracking up! It was a good show... "Mother Love" and I had a great time! If you can't tell!

This is for all our homies!

SO yeah.... we also had fun meeting some INTERESTING people... well maybe we just met a few and photographed a few without their knowledge!

The first is Liliani... The dog... This lady came to my booth and was singing my praises... what a sweet lady... but her dog was just toooooo much it was a Papillon Chihuahua mix... Mother love thought it was the cutest thing ever and she was like " Oh my gosh I just want to snuggle it!" So the lady passed her on over!! HAHAHAHA The lady was really sweet... So I thought I would photograph that fact that Sabrina asked to hold another persons dog... Since 10 minutes before she was tempted to ask a lady to hold her 4 week old baby!!!

Mother love and Liliani the dog!

The next guy had the WORLDS WORST COMB OVER!!! Like literally.... HORRIBLE! He gave ol' Donald Trump a run for his money!!!

The picture is not too great because I was pretending I was taking pictures of my cute little ornaments...

This guy was the highlight of the WHOLE SHOW!!! He really made my day... Do you see anything wrong with this picture?


So I wore brand new contacts today and literally I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me... But no... He has a tattooed mini PENIS ( AKA blue-veined junket pumper,boner,cock, dick, ding dong,dipstick,dong,dork, doughnut holderfirm, wormfree willy, goober ,hairy bagpipes ,hang down, hard on, John Thomas, joy stick, knob, love muscle, love stick, love truncheon, male organ, meat,
meat whistle, member, organic dildo, ol' one-eye, one-eyed trouser snake, pecker, pee-pee, pee stick, percy, peter, piece of pork, pink oboe, pole, pork sword,prick, purple-headed trouser snake, pussy plunger, rod, root, salty dog, schlong, skin flute
spunk stick, stiffy, throbber, throbbing python of love, tool, trouser trout, wanker, wee-wee, weiner, weinie, wife's best friend
willy, woody)
behind his ear.... WHAT THE FUCK!!!! He has a mini penie behind his ear!!!! WHY? Why would he do this? does anyone know? I am really traumatized !!!

So my favorite thing I got is this reusable shopping bag from Harveys... it was only $10 and I totally am in love with it! Its a plus size bag! I could sit in it if I wanted to! And the best part... it looks like one of those cheesey Chinese market bags... AND it has Seat belt handles!!! I am IN LOVE!!! Now all my embroidery stuff has a new HOME!!!

I am totally lovin' the new coat my lovely boyfriend bought me! Not really loving the fact that I look drunk... but those peach sangrias they were serving were DE-LISH!


Swell Stitches said...

Oh man, it looks like you had an awesome time! I heart your bag you got! It really is perfect to throw all of your embroidery junk into and go on the run! And the guy's tattoo.. I mean come on.. I'm mixed.. on one hand it's kind of cool and funky and I definetly gotta give him props for having the balls to put that out there like that.. but on the other hand.. it's a penis on his head.. forever.. permanent lol.

Jenny S said...

Wow brook, you know a lot of words for cock! lol

You should have asked him about the tattoo! I bet his reply would have started "I got really really drunk...." :)

Rachel said...

you forgot one of my favorite words for penis! tallywacker! sounds like you had a good time! dude, the guy with the tattoo...what the FUCK! i'm speechless on that one.

i may have to check out those bags, they sound pretty cool! and i have those EXACT same flats!

torrance said...

okey, the little dick tattoo made me accidentally spit out some oj I was drinkin :D

you are so pretty, it's insane! keep those pictures coming

sunnie fairy said...

looks like you had fun! ;] but that guy. seriously. kinda weird. cuz it's PERMANENT!!! O_o

Xylia said...

Oh my god...finally, a man publicly owning up to being a dickhead. I love it.

Anonymous said...

That tattoo is soooooo funny!!!!!!

Mr X Stitch said...

Maybe the tattoo is so that he can impress the ladies (or gents) by offering to show both of his penises (penii?)
Or it is the cruelest prank ever played on a man when he was drunk..?

That show looked like loads of fun Brook. I wish there was something like that over here in Blighty...

Ashley Bilodeau said...


the comb over and the penis tattoo... some people..




Estela said...

I loved this post! So many funnies in it!!!
I loved that you were being sneaky at your booth taking pictures of random people with bad comb overs and mini penies behind the ear!! AWESOME!!
And I loved that you had a super long list of names!!!
I'm glad you didn't have to report to the copycat police!! I knew the boutique was going to a craft fair but I had no idea which one she was doing.
And yay for your mustaches rockin' the show! They are a pretty hilarious sight on a tree!
Ok, this is the longest comment I've left! I'm outta here!

Sweetlysedated said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!!
That bag is way to awesome.
And that tattoo is so funny!

craft pig said...

hey that's my mom in the picture with the guy and the bad combover! It was great to meet you!

kim* said...

oh i was your neighbor at patchwork, how funny i see you around all the time in the blog atmosphere and didnt connect your are the sane person

Swell Sitches said...

Hey chica! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Kreativ Blog Award! Go to my blog to check it out!

Rosebud Collection said...

Now this looks like a good time..The poor fellow with the tattoo..well, "different strokes for different folks"..some things I will never understand..Enjoyed reading your blog
and thanks for visiting mine..

Meekiyu said...

sounds like you had one heck of a time! Love your pictures and your funny observations... lolol...!! When I saw the tattoo I thought it was a dog bone.. =(

LeelaBijou said...

It seems like you had a great time! You have a cool blog! ^_^

oh hello friend said...

how fun that you were at patchwork, i was there too! :) i got one of those bags from harvey's, they are so great!

hope you're coming to felt club!!

MichellesCharmWorld said...

sounds like a great time!!

S T E P P I E said...

Looks like so much fun!

Ooh, the Patchworks show! I just heard about it and am thinking of signing up for the Spring show. How was it for you? A success? Any advice?

Fun post - will definitely come back for more!


Jackie said...

Aww, man I talked to that dude. Who knew he had that behind his ear???- now I need to know why he has it! I'm glad you came over to the little table sideshow- next time I want a booth, I need to move it on up. :)

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Ok, I am LOVING the penis tattoo. Seriously! That's bad ass!!!!

beefranck said...

Great report! I've really got to get to more craft shows. And by "more" I mean "any."