Monday, June 08, 2009

Roses, Bows, & Moustaches .... OH MY!

I just listed a few new items to my Etsy. I am excited about it!!! For one I finally got some pink felt. I have had numerous convos on Etsy asking for pink flower headbands.... So I finally made some! The pink is so yummy... Like bubblegum ! FUN FUN! I also got some other wonderful colors I will be listing soon. (The turquoise is to die for! )

Pink Rose Headband$15


side pink flower

Then there is my ultimate favorite. Sort of gaudy a little tacky and totally wonderful! Leopard fur bows!

Leopard Bow $12

leopard bow...

Don't they look so cute in fun messy hair? LOVE THEM!

Then of course there is the sibling of my Moustache Ornaments. Moustache pin!! "Since every Tee needs a disguise"
moustache pin
Moustache Pin $5

Fun stuff! I have been making some new styles of head pieces as well. I am going to try to make some pillbox hats soon. I need to go to a millinery store to get some forms. Should be exciting. I am already planning a fun winter collection. I think some more "fur" will be in the mix. What do you guys think? Love? Hate? Suggestions of some things you would like to see??


craft pig said...

yep, my new turquoise rose headband IS to die for!

sewitsforyou said...

super cute. I think may need a moustache for the baby... The pinki s a pretty shade.

Anna said...

Hello there! I just clicked over to your page from your etsy---searching for felt flowers. WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR FLOWERS! Gotta talk my husband into buying some---and hopefully I'll be buying soon! Great work... Seriously... :-)

kelseycliche said...

Oooh, the mustaches are soo cute! I need one!!

I'm planning a Swap-O-Rama-Rama in Des Moines. It's a nonprofit event that teaches people how to reconstruct clothing. We are looking for handmade items to put in swag bags. I was wondering if you would be interested in contributing? It's a great way to promote your work!

Our blog is at And you know my blog of course. :]

Let me know!

mimilove forever said...

Allo darlin'!!

I for one would definately plump for more faux fur pieces...that's the kind of classy bird you're dealing with here!

(Pill box over face ones? Most definately!)

torrance said...

Veeeery cute stuff girl!

Stéphanie said...


ann said...

Hi Brook! I stumbled across your booth today at Renegade, and then got a card and I loved your headbands so much that I had to check out your blog - and it turns out that you live where I grew up (in Orange)! I thought that was such a funny coincidence. Anyway - I love your blog and I'll definitely be back :)