Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lost in Vacation...

Work, road trip, and renegade have taken over my life... here is a more photos less word type blog of my vacation in Zion National Park. Yes I rode a horse, went ATVing and white water rafting...

In the middle of nowhere
Me with a Ram

literally in the middle of nowhere!

Las Vegas for a few hours. Won $200... fabulous. Hot as shit!
Not that great of angle...

Zion National Park sign
Beautiful Zion

So beautiful

Giddy up!
Me on Doc and Juan on Hells Bitch

photo shoot while riding... 3 hours I got BORED
Me taking a pic of myself with Juan and HB in background!
My horse Doc

pool time
Just got back from the pool!

Our wonderful eco friendly room at The Desert Pearl Inn
view from balcony to inside

my favorite part.... the who-ha washer... I need a bidet so hilarious!
Toilet and Bidet!!! hhahaahaha

View from the balcony
View from balcony

The narrows... It was raining and it was hot... so amazing. not so wonderful pictures of myself...

weeping rock?
since Juan wouldn't stop to take my picture...
Juan looks like a nerd HAHAHAAH backpack boy!
Work it papa!!! Momma like momma like!
Juan walking across the river at Narrows

My pictures don't do that place justice! It was amazing!


Sophie said...

It looks amazing actually!

Purrfect Kat said...

I wish I was there too!!! bet you did have a wonderful time++

stina said...

it looks like you had a fantastic time! i esp love the photos from the national park, soo beautiful!

Jenny S said...

Oh wow! it looks like an amazing place! xo

Coralene said...

Pretty pictures! Man, I'm starting to hate mustaches though. My fiance keeps trying to sneak his windowless van-driver mustache back in, like I'm not going to notice. More like the second he opens the bathroom door I'm like "TURN YOUR ASS BACK AROUND, AMBER ALERT."

craft pig said...

how purdy!
You've been a busy lady!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are GREAT!

Anya Kase said...

Don't you just love it! Did you hike the Emerald Pools? Zion is 100 years old this year.

mimilove forever said...

Nice ram! x;)
Looks stunning place to visit..I wanna go!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Awesome pics!

Marilyn said...

Wondeful photos! I must go! :)

Sherezada said...

Amazing pictures, hon! Looks like you two had lots of fun. I so need to visit Zion someday.

steven mcvay said...

i want to go here on holiday now, looks so amazing, and i was in vegas a few months back also, and it was like you funnily stated.. shit hot, how do people live there ?