Monday, February 23, 2009

What I did last night...

So my boyfriend is really possessive of his headset for his Xbox Live because he knows all I want to do is talk to people and make fun of them.... Well Last night he let me have free range. Unfortunately there wasn't too many people with their headsets on but I did find a few suckers! At first he was letting me play and I was getting my ass kicked! So then I just wore the headset while he was killing everyone. It was hilarious!! People have the stupidest names EVER!!! One guys name was "loueylongsack" What the heck... Who are you? I was teasing him to no avail... (he never replied). SO then I just started saying " BANG.... You're dead"
Then I heard the most angelic voice.... Elliot... the 12 year old from England! I talked to him for like an hour... He was telling me all these funny things. All the good games and how he loves Guitar Hero and he sings in it... He also sang to me for like 10 minutes until I told him to stop...He said that Americans are crazy because they like to fist fight. He said the girls over here are crazy too because they beat each other up... WHAT? Not me! He was telling me how his brothers girlfriend hit his brother in the balls.... So I was like " Whats the capitol of Thailand?" " BANGGGG CCCCOOOOOCCCCKKKK". He pretty much peed his pants laughing... I'm glad I have to same sense of humor as a pre pubescent 12 year old English boy. SO to say the least Elliot became my new little friend but I didn't get to harass as many people as I would have liked... Maybe Juan will let me use the headset again soon!!!

**** Obviously that picture is NOT me... I stole it from the internet, its Rhianna with the xbox live headset on.... unfortunatly she doesnt look like that anymore thanks to the wonderful Chris Brown! This makes me so mad... Mostly because he will get away with it... Hopefully she will learn from the famous Tina Turner!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Craft Club

When I was getting my second "craft group" together I messaged Nicole from The Craft Kitchen to see if she was interested in coming. She said she would love to come and that she also was going to be putting a craft group together, So of course I was going to come to hers as well!!! She also blogged about it here. She gets into more detail then I plan on and I also stole her photos she took....
So I woke up Thursday feeling like I had been sucking on razor blades while I was sleeping.... Not good... Took a few swings of "The good stuff" (Day Quill) and went on my way. Late as always. I arrive and there was a few peeps I already knew and plenty I've never met. It was fun. I wasn't feeling too well so I wasn't too talkative but it was good to get with fellow crafters. The only part I didn't like.... I was sitting next to the cheese platter... and it smelled like a fucking stinky ass shoe!! Gross! I'm not too fond of stinky cheese... hahaha other then that it was great. I liked seeing what everyone was making. Some wonderful things were going on! The llama mobile had to be my favorite!
Llama mobile
I was embroidering but started to get super bored with it. See how I look when I don't feel to great... Pretty pissed off HAHAHAHA( but I wasn't ) I also wore one of my new creations in my hair! I will soon show you the whole " collection" once I get them all finished. I am really excited about them. I think they really reflect me as a person... Vintage sass!

Everyone was doing completely different things and it was GREAT! I loved seeing everything!
The craft club
People shared some of their crafty secrets, their favorite glue, materials etc. It was really nice to talk to people who enjoy talking about things such as glue... hahahaha! (I was thinking of making a hot glue gun shrine... To ward off all extreme burns that it causes!! hahahaha)

The craft club

Its nice to feel part of something. Especially something that is so important to me and is such a huge part of my life. Its a connection I think women are losing as time goes on. I am just glad that more and more people I am meeting sees this as well!
Other then that I am in another treasury!! Local etsy artist Elsiee is the one who made it! Its dedicated to Etsians with blogs... And boy do we know I have a blog!

Other then that... Other things to be happy about:
Joann is having $1.99 on all MCalls patterns next Friday-Sunday!
My G-Ma Judy from Michigan is down
I've been making fun baby things for Juans sister (pics soon)
My face doesn't have any major zits
All bills are paid off
Leopard satin ballet flats from target
Roasting marshmallows

What are some things that make you happy... Other then reading my wonderfulness?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines!

SO for everyone who likes a good laugh please go to The Two Twins blog. They are so funny they had to make two of them! For Valentines day they have dedicated a few post to date horror stories! They are hilarious! I love reading their blog because they are honest and don't sugar coat ANYTHING! They talk about spending their lunch hour on "Electric lunches" , puking, lying to boyfriends, getting more drunk, football, fighting with each other, their older sisters sabotage, crazy family members etc etc... you get the point! They are a bundle of fun and I love reading what they have to say!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cowboy Baby Blanket and Babies

Juans sister is having a baby. I feel like everyone and their mother are having babies! I am jealous! I love babies... Like almost as much as those Octuplets Mom... She takes the cake for the love of babies... 14... Holy mother! I watched the dateline interview with her and she seemed like she really loves her kids... BUT HELLO!!! Shes fucking BROKE! She was living off student loans and her disability... Now those are all dried up she has nothing.... The lady hit it on the head when she was interviewing her... She's selfish. Don't worry crazy lady... California will pay for your 14 children! The only thing that really bothered me about the interview was they were getting on the Doctors and her case about implanting 6 embryos. Well as I was watching I was thinking about John and Kate plus Eight... They had twins first, then they went for a second go and ended up with SIX kids... None of them are identical twins so that means 6 or more embryos were implanted in Kate... Right? So it must not be that uncommon... I thought it was funny that they were calling the octuplet Mom an Angelina Jolie wanna B... So true! The most hilarious part was Angelina said she was "creeped out" by her.... WTF!!! Angelina Jolie is fucking creepy! She has the same addiction... Babies! I just think something is totally off with Angelina... At first she was doing it all right, now she is becoming a "collector" of human babies... Who knows. At least she has the money to take care of them.

Okay I totally went off on a rant there... I want 6 kids so maybe I am just as creepy as the rest of them! hahah! ANYWAYS! I made this blanket for Juans sister who is having a boy. I love love love love the cowboy flannel. Its so adorable! Don't you think? I used some of the minky I bought almost 4 years ago... Its ssssooo Soft! I'm not sure if she will like it because I was asking her if she has a "theme" (nautical, jungle, Winnie the pooh, dogs etc) She wrote me back and said she doesn't have a theme but Winnie the Pooh sounds fine... WTF? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's lame! SO I did the total opposite of what she asked for and did cowboy... Is that bad? I don't make "typical baby" things, Pooh bear can be for the people who will just be buying her stuff...

I also am going to make her some onesies (Of course, It will say Mom instead of Dad)

I also was looking at some other cool things like this covered wet wipe case! More info how to make them here. They are really popular in Southern California in the posh boutiques.

I also wanted to make her a sling. Some are selling for $70 on Etsy!!! So I decided I can make one I am trying to find the right pattern but I found this wonderful Tutorial for one...
Here is a BBBEEAAUUUTIFUL one she made

I'm trying to figure if it will be too difficult for me. OHHH GGGRRRRAAAANNNDDDMMMAAA! Besides if she doesn't use it I'll be so mad I spent all that time making it. So I was thinking of making just the normal O ring sling. Who knows.... I am making a million things! HAHAHAHA Anyways... The only things that I've made so far is the onesie and the blanket... The baby isn't due till July 4th! I have some time.... If you guys have any super cute ideas please send them MY WAY!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Craft Group Meeting!

So I had the second meeting for the craft group that I got together! It was fun! I met a whole batch of new crafters! 10 people ended up coming which was great! I put kits together so we all could make strawberry pin cushions and it was fun to see how everyones turned out! I didn't finish mine yet but Nicole from The Craft Kitchen was wonderful enough to take pictures of the event!

I normally use a sewing machine to make the strawberry part but it was funny to see how they turned out when you stitched them by hand... It took a lot of time thats for sure.

I love to meet new people who love to craft its such a huge part of my life and being able to talk with other people who feel the same way is great! Here is a picture of one of the finished pin cushions!

Its rainy day schedule... Maybe I'll go finish mine! So... Good news for Southern California Crafters! My group isn't the only one around!!! Nicole from The Craft Kitchen is also holding a meeting at her shop on Feb 19th 6-9PM. Be there or be SQUARE!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tattoo Flash Embroidery

So I have finally finished Lilys quilt square. I love the way it turned out! I actually think I might have to make one for my quilt as well.... Since we have the same theme... I sort of jacked her... but I am a sucker for pin up/ tattoo flash... I am in a flickr swap with her and a few other of my favorite embroiderers! I got this image from flickr as well... Isn't flickr grand?

Lily's Quilt Square

For this I used tons of satin stitching! It was quite a chore... After an hour or so I started seeing double! I used all 6 strands for the outline of the roses, which I normally don't like to do but I thought it made them pop a little more! This was actually really fun to stitch. It was a pretty simple design just a lot of it!

Lily's quilt square top

The lettering was the hardest part. It wasn't small enough to do just plain backstitch but it wasn't big enough to do satin stitching with an outline... So I made due...

Lily's quilt square bottom
My favorite part is the little stem! Its weird how the smallest things can be my favorite part... hahaha... So Random! There is still solvy pieces on the square but she just has to wash it once it gets home. I wasn't sure if I should wash it or not... OH WELL!!!

So other then that... I am having my second craft group meeting on Saturday... If you live by me and want to come message me! Maybe this time I will get some pictures.... Nothing like looking like bigger freaks then we already are!! hahahaha.... I already have put all the kits together to make these little gems. I think it will be a fun time! I can't wait!

So Juan and I weigh ourselves every monday and we keep a chart!! (Seriously that thing is hidden so no one can see it but me!!) So this monday I weighed myself... I have lost 3 lbs. For a total of 11 lbs!!! YES! Lets hope I can keep up the good work! I have cheated quite a few times this week... Dipped cone and corn dog with the cousin... Fritos at the casa... You know... Things that you just cant say no too... Maybe I am like Oprah... Everyone likes me better when I am fat... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA