Monday, January 12, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery

So I lied... I have 2 more non craft related post before I post my craftyness... While driving to my Aunts house we stopped off at Arlington National Cemetery. I've never been before and either has Juan. I wanted to see the changing of the guards since I heard that was supposed to be cool... Also we had another reason for visiting. Juans Sargent Major is buried there. He was killed in combat by a suicide bomber in 2007. I thought I would be fine but walking around I took it all in. Not to mention while we were looking for the grave site another funeral was going on. It was so beautiful. Horse drawn carriage with the coffin covered in the American flag.
Juans Sargent Major

It made me really think about all the people that have died for our country. How lucky Juan has been to come out of 2 tours in Iraq without an injury. How now that he been recalled I have no clue what his future may be. All of this was going through my mind. How his Staff Sargent left kids and a wife behind, The guy buried next to him was one day younger than Juan... Then they started playing "taps" ... I started crying... Taps always has this effect on me! It was beautiful and sad all at once. It made me proud and sad. All the graves covered in wreaths was something you have to see. Its something that pictures can't capture.

Juan at his Sargent Majors Grave

Though I was all the sudden overwhelmed by a near emotional breakdown I am glad we went. I think it was a good experience and really was beautiful!


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

My brother served 2 tours in Iraq and I am glad he made it home safe. I definitely would have been crying my eyes out when they started playing taps

craft pig said...

I visited Arlington Cemetary a long time ago and I will never forget how daunting the site of all those headstones was. Sad :(

p.s. thanks for the love on my blog. What happened to the OC Craft group? I have PLENTY of free time now! ;)

Brooke S. Rochon said...

Brook, I know how you feel. It had that same effect on me over 15 years ago.

Missy Ballance said...

Your pictures are beautiful... I would have cried too. Someone donated some land nearby for a national cemetary. The headstones are the same, but it's a little less glamerous. It is so sad to see the number of headstones grow on a daily basis. Thank Juan for us.

Swell Stitches said...

Aww I love this post! It's kinda cool to see your sappy, vulnerable side. ;-)

I love you Brook! And you know you still love me lol You can't get rid of me!

~Amy Rose~

Anonymous said...

How sad. I don't think I would be able to handle it.

sewitsforyou said...

I am sure you and Juan will always remember this visit. I have never been to Arlington but I get pretty weepy at cemetaries.

Laura said...

there are usually around 45 funerals at Arlington a day, unbelieveable