Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Aunts Apron!

So my aunt will literally give you the shirt off her back. You really have to be careful what you tell her you like because she will give it to you. LIKE LITERALLY... She loves to give stuff to people. She says it took her years to go from a Pack Rat.. To a giving Pack Rat! She just moved to Virginia this summer so when I went to the D.C. area I stayed with her a few days. Juan dropped me off and while we were there he told her he liked her fruit stand.... (I know don't ask... Its my mothers doing... She's turning him into an HGTV decorating host nightmare) So she was like " You do? You can have it! I never use it!" Juan refused.... but... ended up taking it as his carry on when he flew home!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHA
So when I was there she was trying to buy these cheap ugly aprons at an Antique store. They may have been from the 70's but no way was I letting her buy them for $12... I told her I would make her an apron and she didn't believe me... Well here it is sister!!!! And the Fabric line or collection is called " Flea Market find" or something like that. I think it will be perfect for her. She has a chicken kitchen with old vintage tins around.... She better like it. It was my first "big" project on my new machine... I haven't named it yet...I was thinking of Mabel... That's a good name, No? It means "Lovable" I thought this was hilarious and so typical of things I love... look at this chart... Looks like I picked a winner!!! hahaha... So Since Mabel didn't even get a blip on the radar since 1960... Mabel it is!!!

Okay I am totally off topic.... SO the apron! My best work comes from my G-mas house... Since she actually knows what the fuck she's doing... And she irons everything so pretty... Everytime I bring something home my Mom tells me she knows that I slave labored Grandma into making it all for me.. (Thanks MOM!)
So, I need to learn to do things on my own.... Time to trade in the pull ups for big girl panties ( LITERALLY) ... My G-Ma told me since I don't have a piece of a shit machine anymore ( that sounds like a semi while sewing) she doesn't think I'll ever come over.... How sad... (She didn't say POS... I did)
I assure you thats not true though. I see her all the time!!!! Am I the only one seeing this manipulation? Old people are so good at it!!! HAHAHA Just kidding... My G-Ma is great... I have to say though, I called my Grandma before I even started sewing... Me and directions... Don't get along! Especially driving directions but thats for another post. Thank God my Grandma knows how to semi work a computer because I took a picture of the directions and sent them to her email... HAHAHAHAHA... She saved my sewing life again and I proceeded to work all on my own... Just me and Mabel... This is what she spit out!

Yellow attack

I am totally not serious
*Note: Sexyness is not included.... HAHAH just kidding... I was totally being stupid since I was wearing spandex and feeling a little like a hamhock, especially since I just saw the pic my mom took of my ass and I was APPALLED!

Apron for Nette
My favorite part is the pockets! They are so cute!

Bias tape is sort of a pain to work with but I love the way it looks.. After making like 50 of these Oil Cloth bibs... I became a professional bias tape sewer !!!

Mum and red polka dot

SOOOOO What do you think of my first Apron without the complete help of ol' G-ma?


Auntie Em said...

love it! i've been wanting to make a hostess' apron like that...hmmm...wheels are a turnin'...

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Um, bias tape is the devil. The fact that you manned bias tape into something pretty and useful is amazing!

The apron is very cute and the story is great too!

Stephanie N said...

I think it's fan-fucking-tastic! :) Great work, hon!

kim* said...

youre a cosmetologist?

how do you do with pixie hair cuts?

do you have any pictures of your work??


craft pig said...

Love your apron modeling pics! So cute!

Knit Geek said...

Love the apron! I totally agree about the bias tape - I hate working with it too but it sure does look nice when it's all done. Lovely!

Mel said...

I have a soft spot for super cute 50's housewife style aprons! That's way freakin' cute!

I totally live by you : ) I live in Orange. I'm the one who had the craft show/open house before Christmas, I think Elsie ( ) invited you but you already had plans or something. My boy and I were just in Laguna for some Taco Loco the other day. Mmmmm!

Seriously, the zoo rocks, I can't wait to go again!

Kristi said...

Super cute! ♥

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

that apron is so cute!

Marquita said...

Beautiful bibs!
I couldn't agree more: before you get used to it, bias tape is a real nightmare!

Swell Stitches said...

Brook I love the apron! It is so cute! You did an awesome job.. it looks almost as pretty as mine haha The bib is freaking adorable, t oo!!!!

~Amy Rose~

Estela said...

you did an awesome job on the apron!! I also am in love with the oil cloth bib!
Bias tape sucks ass for sure but you did an amazing job!

Sherezada said...

It's so lovely! You did a fabulous job with it! :)

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Yes, the apron is too cute!

smilemonsters said...

That apron rocks!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Don't be a stranger!

Jo :)

Jules said...

I LOVE IT! It would look great in my kitchen too. :)

Amanda said...

Love the grey fabric floral print you used!