Friday, March 27, 2009

Missing In Action

So I sort of knew I would totally neglect my blog once Gus came along... But I never thought this much!!! The saddest part is... I've had the camera out more then ever and I still don't have pictures of the wonderful things I have been making... They have been waiting patiently to be listed on my Etsy. Poor Etsy... I am sorry! I have had quite a few sales despite my huge neglect to it as well... So that's good news!

With that being said I have been to a few meetings/craft groups which have been interesting! I went to one on Wednesday night to plan a huge indie craft scene in Orange County. I really hope that it all works out and more craft shows and people come out of the wood work! I would love to be as crafty as the L.A. scene! Orange County as beautiful as it is tends to be pretty dull! So lets all hope for the best! Those of you who do live in Orange County if you are interested in being part of this or volunteering for the Swap-A-Rama please do tell we need as many bodies as possible to make this happen! Once I get more info I will give more details! I think this summer should be an exciting one! I have a few craft shows I have applied for and I really hope they turn out wonderfully! The big one I am applying for is Renegade I am super nervous about it! I am going to be applying with Jackie from Voz Clothing and Art She is so funny! It should be super fun if we get in! Fingers Crossed!

My grandma came down from Michigan and that was fun! She wanted to pretty much sit in the sun everyday since its freezing balls in Michigan and wonderful in California!
Here she is trying to get away from the wave!
Grandma RUN!

This is at Dana Point Harbor
grandma at DP

I think this picture is so funny of my G-ma and Gus... hhahahahahah
gma and gus

So since I have nothing else to show you I will post some pics of Gus.... of course!

"NO Ceaser Milan I don't treat my dog like a baby at all!!
Hes my baby! cant you tell?

letting your children sleep with you makes them dependent on you... Who knew?
oh really?

Stay out of the sun....
baby sleeping

Always cover your mouth...

Take the time to smell the roses
smell the flowers

Not eat them
don't eat them!

Don't waste water
mmmmm water

I didn't!
mmmm water from the hose!

The End!

I have officially turned into crazy dog girl... And I love it! I now get when people say they just sit and stare at their babies... unfortunately mine is a 4 legged Boston terrier...

Hopefully next post will include my new headbands!


Tanya said...

Gus is just too adorable! I'm not a dog person, but even I can't resist that face.

And that's your grandma? Holy cow, I would have thought she was your mom.

love, na said...

unfortunately my butt!! gus is not even my dog and i have spent the past 5 min staring at him!! what a lover boy!! can i baby sit?? (oh, i miss my dogs, i have 3 in nor-cal)
fyi, letting your children sleep with you creates a special bond and is actually very healthy for the whole family.
my fav. picture is of you holding gus like a baby.
i have been looking for an indie craft scene since i moved here. i hope you will share info soon :)
glad to see you posting again. (it's been forever woman!!)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Gus is so cute!
I'm the same with my cats, always taking pictures of them when they're being cute. My babies are two black cats.

Mieke said...

OHHHH what a SWEET SWEET dog...LOve him!!!!

Heather said...

LOL he is just too cute, I alos have a pup, but he's is a big ol boy.

sewphie said...

Gus is so cute and the adorable photos make up for the lack of craft related posts- I love the pics of him with the flowers
Maybe you could get gus to model the headbands in your next post?!
ps congrats on your etsy sales

Alyssa said...

I love Boston Terriers! My Grandma had one back in the day (the 40s), and when she died I got her iron boston terrier doorstop.
Right now I have a husky/malamute, but someday I'd like a B. Terrier as well...they're classy, a wee manly, and not at all prissy for a little dog! And your's is just teh cutest!

Rachel said...

Gus is so precious it is unbearable!!

Anonymous said...

Heheh! Gus is soooo adorable! What a fun loving puppy dog!!!! Have a great weekend!

elsiee said...

Hey Crazy Dog Girl!! How fun that your grandma is visiting!! I must have fallen off of the Orange County list cause I hadn't heard about the Wednesday meeting - could I be back on, pretty please... elsie

Estela said...

OMG those pictures are HILARIOUS!!!
I would neglect my blog & etsy if I had a gus! He's too cute and needs attention!

Felix and Jayne said...

what a cutie!

~Rubyredruca~ said...

My bostons are so spoiled! They were my babies before I had babies, and now they're little brats that still steal the blankets at night and get into all kind of jealous mischief!

Patty said...

Thanks for freaking me out! I saw the title and the picture of Gus below it and thought the worst: that he was missing. One good thing is since you're in Laguna Beach, if he ever did get lost and was picked up as a stray, he would be taken to their shelter and not the kill one in Orange. But now I see he is home with you and that's good. He is too cute! I love the hose picture. Please tell me more about the OC craft fair. When will it be held? This summer? I'm totally interested in volunteering. And, Orange County is not dull. Ok, maybe it is but at least our balls are not frozen. And, really, I totally thought you would be on Facebook by now.

Patty said...

P.S. I just heard about a 13 yr old Lhasa that needs a foster home. Are you ready to get dog #2 yet?

Anonymous said...

So stinkin' cute!
I hope you get in Renegade. You totally deserve to!

Ashley Bilodeau said...

your dog is awesome.

Funny thing is, I've just spent the last two weeks baby sitting a dog like yours who is 18 and a complete asshole..

I've been picking up his "leftovers" every single day, if not twice a day..

le sigh..


Sophie said...

OMG he is just SO CUTE!
It makes me wanne hug him!
Lucky you!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Awe Gus it too cute!

craft pig said...

i almost freaked out when i saw missing in action and gus' picture!!!!!! Welcome to the crazy dog mommy club!
Miss gladys' bitch

littlepapoose said...

how fun! and your gus is super cute!! i too have a boston terrerier.. older than your puppy. but they are such smart dogs ;)

Rita said...

So many adorable pics of Gus! Your grandmother looks so young and happy! Good luck with Renegade!! You can do it!! I may try applying for the SF one which is also in July.

sewitsforyou said...

such a cute dog. We want to get one pretty bad but with a baby coming soon the pup will have to wait!