Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pin Curls, Make Up, and about 1,000 pictures of me.... OH MY!

So a few nights ago I decided to pin curl my hair again just for fun. I used to sponge curl it EVERY NIGHT for almost 2 years. It really isn't the most comfortable thing to do but I loved the way it looked. Well a few months ago I decided to take my shot at pin curls since I mastered them in beauty school... Well they are not as easy to do when you do them on yourself as when you do them on crusty old ladies or discusting doll heads. Here is how it turned out:
So that was a good day... I really tried to make them nice a neat because I was actually doing something the next day.
Well this time I sort of " willy nillyed" it... So it didn't get as much of a curl as I would have liked, but it was do-able... Well it was enough where I didn't give a shit and left the house anyways. Pin curls give you tons of body.... and a lot of frizz... So it sort of makes your hair look even more fried then it already is.... Not really a look I am going for. Most of the time once you "set it" (a nice way of saying brush the hell out if it) You can make it look nice but I think I like sponge curlers way better or just a regular wet set with a bonnet drier. It makes a more glossy curl with the same affect. Now I mostly just curl it with a curling iron. I've really become the curling iron slinger! This is all depending on how lazy I am being that night...

Pin Curls
I do stand up pin curls on top and regular on the side. (Don't make me get all beauty school technical on you and tell you all about on base, off base, half off base etc.... )
Pin Curls
Here they are the next morning all messy... (as you can tell.... they are not so neat and tidy like I normally do them)
Pin Curls
This is the ghetto do-rag I rap them all up in so they don't slip out at night. Please excuse my mug shot... Jayne Mansfield
says it best in The Girl Cant Help It
"Pretty is just how good you apply your base"
I live my that quote... Make up is my best friend!
Lets add this old picture of me with another do rag on with at least some make up on (No mascara) Just so I don't totally shame myself by posting the most hideous photo EVER! Though this one is not much better...(This was when I had brown hair)

Okay moving on...
:::The Results:::

Pin Curls
I was playing around with my IPhoto effects if you cant tell! I love a good black and white photo. As you can see it didn't turn out as curly as the time before but it still gave a vintage feel. I brushed it all under and it was not my favorite but oh well...
Pin Curls

::: Details:::

Here is true color... No editing! Pretty much me being an ass
Pin Curls
I know a few of you have asked what sort of make up I use etc so I will give my beauty secrets (ha ha) away... In high school I had cystic acne (so gross) and so I have quite a few scars because of it. I used accutane and it cleared it right up (I honestly will stand by this drug for life... it changed my life as well as 1,000 of other zit faced teenagers I am sure) So first if I remember I moisturize with DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew™ If I don't use that I just use your basic Cetaphil lotion. (Which was recommended by my dermo). Then I add concealer, M.A.C. Select cover up NC 20. I will wear Studio Fix N4 If I am in a hurry but if I am trying to spice myself up I will bust out Precriptives "Virtual skin" in Real Vellum
As blush I use M.A.C. Prism

::: Eyes:::

Pin Curls
I like the look of 1940's 1950's make up... pretty basic eye... Normally I wear more make up then I was in this photo but more or less its the same shit... Just if I wear more or less of it.

I'm just going to list my two favorites

M.A.C. #252

M.A.C. #224

Primer: M.A.C. paints in bare canvas

Eye shadow: (Almost all of my eye shadows are M.A.C.)
Pictured: M.A.C. Dazzlelight
Pictured: M.A.C. Romp (crease)
Other M.A.C. shadow basics Brule, Vanilla, Naked lunch, Satin Taupe, Blanc Type, Rice Paper, Bronze, Antiqued,

Eyeliner(Of course I use liquid eyeliner)
My favorite eyeliner you actually buy at the drugstore... It looks like a fat pen. It works wonderfully. It has a felt tip... (maybe I'll edit and add the name once I remember)
Another favorite is M.A.C. Fluidline in Blacktrack (that one must be added with a brush M.A.C. #210) or M.A.C Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black

Mascara is my life line... I love it and use a lot of it. I have tried all the expensive ones but my ultimate favorite are made by Max Factor and can be found at a lot of drugstores... I think walmart as well.

MAX FACTOR 2000 calories (This is what I used to use ALL THE TIME)

then they came out with this one

MAX FACTOR Volume Couture

Both make your eyelashes look super long and thick! I love love love them!!


Pin Curls
This one is super easy since I wear the same thing all the time.

Mahogany Lip Pencil


pin curls
Soooo that is pretty much it... Now that I am looking at this post I am wondering why I am posting it... oh well...

What's your must have beauty product???

I'm thinking of adding every once in awhile little " English GONE WRONG" post. Its the randomness of having a bi-lingual boyfriend who doesn't always get "english" sayings correct. (Pretty much I make fun of him and laugh my ass off... Hopefully you will too! )


Chrisy said...

The pin curls, the blond hair and the red lippie really suit you! Concealer, mascara and red lippie are my lifesavers!

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Wow! Its always cool to know another girl's beauty secrets!

The curls remind me of when I was a little girl and my mom would put my hair up in foam rollers for her own amusement. Ouch!!!!

Rachel said...

I love love LOVE MAC but it's very rare that I can afford it. Once I start making some money though, I'm hitting that counter UP! Are you maybe talking about Cover Girl Line Exact liquid eyeliner? It has a felt tip & it's the only liquid one I really really love. It's so easy to use & you don't look all crazy afterwards! My favorite mascara right now is the CG eyelights. I can't do without mascara or lipgloss.

I'm glad you don't shellac your pin curls with gel..ugh. And I can just imagine you with a roller set & a fucking bonnet on your head! Haha, I am not the master of pin curls but I can do a killer wet set hahaha!

Have you heard of They give reviews on EVERYTHING & I love that site! Oh my god, this is such a long comment.

Brooke S. Rochon said...

You're so pretty! My 4 year old said "oohhh, nice lipstick!" She's the makeup girl in the family, if I'd let her wear it all the time she would. She doesn't get that from me. I have no beauty secrets. Thanks for the tips.

miettelove said...

I love your sunglasses! Sooo cute! You definitely have the lips for red lipstick. You should see me try and wear any color darker than light pink on my lips, its scary. Thats because I barely have any lips!
Bottom eyeliner doesn't suit me well either. So I pretty much go with concealer, mineral powder, blush, lipgloss, eyeliner on top and CG Lash Blast Mascara, its cheap and awesome!

stina said...

i love this post! you're so cute! i have pretty much the same routines as you do, but i'm lazy & don't get your perfect results most of the times. :)

love, na said...

my must have beauty product: organic chapstick!!!! and lots of drinking water and a good nights rest. :)

Sophie said...

Why? is your boyfriend from other country?
I have what people call "the perfect pin up curls" and i just hate it.
It's fun every now and then, but ALL your life in curls is just annoying.. :S

P.s- My sunglasses are very similar to yours :) good taste! And the make-up tips are great.

Sherezada said...

Man, kudos to you for being able to sleep on those pin curls! And such lovely results! :)

I used to do foam rollers, and sometimes even just strips of rag to do my nighttime curls.

My must-have beauty product? Probably my black revlon eyeliner. I can't leave the house without it!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I must have my always faithful Maybelline mascara (you know the pink one w/ the green cap), my cover girl Ultimate Finish liquid powder makeup, and my cover girl perfect point plus eyeliner.

craft pig said...

must haves for me:
Cheap ass Target NYC black liquid eyeliner and MAC Ruby Woo. Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

I've thought about doing a post like this, and maybe one day will! I agree about all the MAC stuff. Nothing compares! I use Almay black liquid eyeliner and have for years, MAC red and russian red for lips, there's also an awesome all-day red by them too that rocks.

Violette Crumble said...

I love me some pin curls. My "can't live without" item these days is some green stuff made by Booth's (bought at Target) to counteract the redness of my face. Before it used to be a lipstick color called "Flaunt" by Benefit, but those suckers discontinued it!

UK lass in US said...

I really am such a failure at being a girl. I'd love to have a 'look' like you do, but I don't even wear make-up most days. I do get the straightening iron out of a morning, though.

Beverly said...

LOL MY 'must have' beauty product is a wash cloth. I hate to take the time to put on makeup and it doesn't do much good anyway.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

ooooh, sometimes I get a tiny itch to cut my hair so I could do that kind of hairdo, because it just looks so damn good!! And suits you very well :)

(I won't cut it of course since I'm trying to get mine even longer and I do pincurl my hair too, even though it looks totally different on long lokcs)

Anonymous said...


Freedom Mother said...

you look so pretty, like marilyn! thank you for the info on the curls. Ill try them.