Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OC Weekly interview and GIVEAWAY!!!

crazy hair leopard bow
Hey everyone! Please check out my interview at OC Weekly - Gettin' Made column for a chance to win one of my headbands!!! The wonderful Steph Calvert from Hearts and Laser Beams is now writing for the OC weekly and she chose me as well as the rest of the Handmade Brigade members to interview! Please comment and send it to all your friends! The more views the longer Steph gets to write about crafts!!! YYYAAAAYYYY !!!! hahhahaha the picture she chose to use of me is classic... hahahahaha I guess I have to watch what I put out on the world wide web!!! OKAY go comment!!!



kim* said...

cool lil spot light...a show like a craft show?

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

LOVE the headband...adorable

Rita said...

Oh,I would like to win your adorable headband. So I hope to get picked.
Thank you Rita

d.funkt said...

they're so cute! im all about animal print. id love to win a headband. when you said by midnight you meant 12 AM august 1st right? that always confuses me.