Monday, September 14, 2009

"Hey Candy Cane Girl..." Adventures Of The Handmade Dress

Me and my dress I made
Soooo I have been taking my creativity and applying it to clothes... Dresses to be exact. I made one mint green one as my first try... It turned out cute but I used cheap poly blend fabric so its like wearing a tissue dress... Well I was at Ikea and I found some heavy cotton in red and white stripe and fell in love. I also bought blue and white. But the red and white was just calling out to me . It had to be a dress! So I was all excited and cut out the pieces and took it to my grandmas so we could sew it. We started the construction and I put up the front to me and was like " AAAHH DAMN IT!!! I look like I work at Rubys.... all I am missing is my queen size support hose and scrunchy white socks... " Of course my grandma thought that was super funny... I was like aahh screw it... lets keep making it. Then my uncle and cousin come over first thing my cousin says " Brookie you look like a Ruby girl" AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH damn honest kids! Then my uncle was like " Looks like you are going to volunteer at the Hospital as a candy striper..." SO I had to take it in stride coming from someone who told me I wore minnie mouse shoes all through my teen years. My grandma gave me the push I needed " Brook wear it in Seattle they don't have Rubys there" YES!! Not that I really cared at that point... I loved my dress but apparently I resembled a cheap waitress and a peppermint!

walking around

SO as you can tell... I rocked it!!! Love my dress!!! Everyone was staring at me and I felt like a freak show but I didn't care... I made that damn dress and I was going to wear it. I also think everyone was staring at me because I was literally the only one wearing make up. No one hardly wears make up in Washington or Oregon. let alone RED!!! GASP! And no one had crazy hair color... I guess I was a freak show... platinum hair and red lips.. Who knew... It was actually weird because when I came to Seattle when I was younger I remember crazy grungy punk kids.

Anyways right after this pic Pike Place Market
We were walking and all the vendors were calling out " fresh berries, free samples... blah blah blah" So I am walking along my merry way and then we are passing this pasta booth... with some guy trying to get people to try his chocolate pasta... Well I decided I wouldn't pay attention to him because he was fucking annoying...

Then he says this
"Hey Candy Cane Girl, want to try some Chocolate Pasta..."

Fucking candy cane girl??? SERIOUSLY!!! I wanted to say PISS OFF MOTHER F-ER and shove his stupid chocolate pasta up his skinny ass! Who the hell wants chocolate pasta anyways??? Geeze!

beep beep

Then Juan said " HAHAAHA BROOK he was talking to you Candy Cane Girl!" I was like " Yeah screw that idiot!" Juan thought it was hilarious.

The moral of this story is... I love my dress and no one can change my mind.... not even Noodle dick, oh I mean the pasta guy at Pike market. What do you think about my latest creation???


Solanah said...

Just found your blog, are you going to Portland? If so you should stop by and see me at work, I work just off of I-5. email me if you can!

Miss Madeline said...

Don't listen to the pasta guy, it's a very nice dress!

Jenny S said...

You made it yourself? Wow I love it more... and I am so jealous! I want to be able to make dresses!!

We don't have Ruby's over here and I only vaguely know what a candy striper is, so I can say completely unbiasedly your stripes rock!

oh and chocolate pasta?! wtf?!

Michele said...

I love it. You should totally wear it where ever you are. Be proud!

craftyminx said...

I totally fell in love with that dress in your last post and was going to ask you about it. I totally want one! It is beautiful and you are beautiful in it. Flaunt it!

hannah said...

hey that dress is awesome! if people were staring it's because you look great! think of it as a sailor vibe, not waitress. and you obvs got skills to have made it yourself.!

craft pig said...

Dear Candy Cane girl -- your dress is awesome and I want one.oh and p.s. the word verification i have to type in for this comment is HUMPED. HUMPED! Awesome.

kelseycliche said...

I'm going to Seattle in November, I can't wait! Looks like you had fun and your dress is way cute!

Melanye K. said...

i think it's so cute and i love hte shape of it!!! red and white stripes are always adorable :)