Sunday, September 13, 2009



So Juan and I went on an almost 2 week road trip from Seattle down back to Orange County. It was a lot of fun, a lot of driving, and a lot of getting lost... which includes a lot of complaining (from me) We flew to Seattle and then rented a coke can with wheelsand were on our way... our first stop was the tourist trap Pike Market!!!
Public Market
It was a great photo op !! beautiful colors and scene and thank god it didn't smell like rotting fish. It actually was quite nice... It wasn't what I expected. It was more of a farmers market... flowers, produce, fish, knick knacks, etc...
Fresh Produce
I loved the vintage feel it had. The signs were all hand painted and totally retro!
Pike Place Market


After that we went to Seattle Antiques Market

Seattle Antique Market!
It was an interesting place but way overpriced! So we just looked around
I like the model planes.
Model Airplanes
and the old radios
Old Radios

In the afternoon we went to Experience Music Project Museum
Experience Music Project Museum
The building was ssssoooo amazing! Whoever designed it is a genius. Its such a beautiful building. As far as the museum... BBBOOOORRRRIIINNGGGG.... I think it was more designed for kids. It was just like rock band. You could play different instruments and record your own album... AKA rock band... as far as artifacts and such it wasn't that great... but there was this cool structure/ sculpture guitar sculpture

We sat around and listened to some woodstock music in this room that looked like we were outside... looks like we are outside We were bored but the air conditioner was nice... Seattle was so damn hot...
Then we went to the sci-fi museum that was attached and that was a fucking freak show... It was like a treckies wet dream.. weird monster crap everywhere! I don't know if I've said this before but I fucking HATE sci-fi... but the sad part was it was better then the music experience. At the end they had this cool fuzzy wall...
fuzzy wall at the sci fi museum

Then we left... and this is how I felt....
jump for joy

Have you ever been to Seattle?? What did you do?


Stéphanie said...

You are beautiful !

Sherezada said...

I've never had a chance to go to Seattle, but your pictures sure make me want to! Looks like you had some lovely weather, and lots of fun!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Looks like fun! Great pictures!

AlwaysInspired said...

I was in Seattle When they were building the Music Experience. I was with my art club in High School! Man that was ages ago! We went to the Space Needle (which I was pulled into the elevator screaming), Pike's Market, the Asian art Museum, and some other random art museums. It was fun, but they wouldn't let us do some things we wanted to do.

Jenny S said...

Love your dress! xo

craft pig said...

That museum TOTALLY blows! I agree. I used to go to Seattle all the time for work and this one time I had like half a free day...and i wasted it here. I was so pissed. I spent more time in the overpriced bar than the actual museum.