Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Partying In Portland

I am not much of a partier.... Which you might not believe because a lot of my post are of me doing dumb things while drunk but that just seems to be the time I use my camera most... hahahaha..We drove in to Portland and SEARCHED for a hotel... Everything was BOOKED... We called at least 20 hotels... SO we stayed at Jupiter Hotel which was pretty cool. The Jupiter Hotel, Portland Really trendy and modern. You could draw on the doors with chalk which was fun for Juan... He thought the whole room was chalk friendly... No dummy, I mean kind sir... Only on the calkboard door DUH!
Here I am prepping for the night out...
Getting ready
I cheated on my pin curls and curled with a curling iron and then clipped them up... It gives a nice Retro-esque look without having to sleep with pin curls
Prep time


Here is my favorite thing I always wear. One of my fascinators

This was an exciting night!! I was going to meet Pam fromFasterKittyKill for the first time!!! I was so excited but a little nervous since we only know each other in blog land... What if she hates me?? Thinks I am weird? Doesn't want to talk to me?


She was just what I imagined Funny, super cute, and F-U-N.... FUUUUUNNN! Can't you tell we were a match made in heaven???I gave her one of my Red Roses and she looks so dang cute in it!! Look at her perfect little nose... ugh cute as a button!

Me and Pam aka KittyKill

She was so funny. She was telling us all about how she hates hippies because they dont shower and how all the people ride bikes in Portland and are super crazy about it and it pisses her off... HAHAHAHA She was soo hilarious!

Juan got a kick out of her... Which is SOOO RARE... He always thinks my friends are weird or annoying...
Juan and Pam

I didn't tell you the best part yet.... Pams OMP (husband) is in a Ramones cover band and we got to see him play... He was AWESOME!!! Watch here!!

We were all dancing and having a good time! They really rocked! They even had cool wigs to fit the part. It was an overall great time!!! I was so glad I met Pam!! She was a doll and I hope to see her again and again! I want to move to Portland now... especially after she showed me Bolt Fabric (how dare she... It was AMAZING!)
Juan Pam and some random guys I have no clue...
Once they were done playing dear Pam left and Juan and I kept drinking and taking a million photos...

This one makes me sad because Juan is leaving on Monday.... :(
I hardly remember this photo... All I do remember is we were talking about weeniers.... hahahaha
Saving the best for last... Me making fun of all the cougars dancing to a 5 foot white guy rapping and covering Snoop Dog... It was sssooo random but the older ladies LOVED IT! MEOW!
totally making fun of these people

What is your favorite thing to do in wonderful Portland???


ann said...

Your hair is so damn cute, Brooke! Thanks for the fakin' it pin-curl tip.

Michele said...

Looks like you guys had a rockin' time in Portland!

kittykill said...

I'm SOOOO glad I finally got to "meet" you. You are so sweet and amazing! I love Juan too-he reminds me of a younger OMP. HA HA! I hope you guys come back soon! Miss you bunches and bunches and yes we had WAY too much fun that night and hippies still stink.

Anonymous said...

I love the wall in your(hotel) room! :)

mimilove forever said...

Lookin' good sweetcheeks! x;0)
Hugs for Gus n Juan

Rachel said...

That sounds like an awesome time! I wish I lived...well, NOT in Alabama so I could meet some of the people I've met on Craftster!

Zwzzy! Vintage said...

How have I not seen your blog before? I love it! It's so FUN reading other peoples adventures! :D I want to steal your hair too, it's so adorable in all your posts! (I bet you get the Gwen reference a lot, huh? hee hee)

oxox Jen!

Alli said...

Love that hotel room - it looks like you guys had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Looked like fun!! Funny that one of the labels for this post is "I want to move to Portland" so do I!!!! sooo badly!! I went there last October and fell in love with the city! I really liked walking down 23rd St. into all the little boutiques :D

SweetMeat said...

Looks like great fun! What size curling iron do you use for your cheat curls? So cute!