Friday, March 04, 2011

Valentines Day In Capo Beach


SO this post may be painful to everyone who lives where its cold OR has buckets of snow at the moment. But let me bask in its glory and recap my valentines day. This beach is about 2 minutes from my house.


We went there after I got off work from the salon. We had already planned to have Valentines dinner on another day since the thought of going out that night gave me anxiety!


Baby Gus loves the beach!!! Its really funny to see him pull my boyfriend on the skateboard too! hahaha!


I realized that day how much I hate snow! HAHAHAHA! I love looking at every ones pictures and watching snow fall but I am really not very happy when I am cold. I realized that I was just where I wanted to be on Feb 14th with my two loves!

While I was working my Dad brought these in for me
They are HUGE!! It was so funny! Hes the best!!!

Then Juan brought these in for me.... AWWWW!



alicia said...

i LOVE the balloons! <3

busana muslim said...

I like that that you say {as|like} my friend thanks