Saturday, January 31, 2009

New in the shizzy!

New in the SHOP


Little Rosettes on Elastic headbands!! FUN FUN!! and only for $8 !!!


I've sold a few already and they actually look SSSOOO cute in the hair!!!! I need to take some more professional photos.... I am lagging in that department right now... I was too excited to post though!! hahahah

Friday, January 30, 2009

Opps... I'm featured!

Woman Circa 1951

I got featured on Debbie Gootters blog! I thought it was today but it actually yesterday! shit! So go check it out and leave some COMMENTS!!! Also check out her store she has some cute jewelry ! Click HERE

Other then that I am stitching up Lilys quilt square and I am in love with it!! I think I will have to add one to my quilt as well!!! I will post progress pics soon! Until then here is my inspiration!

A quote to remember

Mother love: " Brook please come to Israel with me next time I go"

Me: " HELL NO !!! I don't want to die, I'm not going!!!"

Mother Love: " There is so much history, Jesus was there"

Me: " Yeah well, I am not Jesus and if I die I'm not going to be resurrected three days later"


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty Much Amazing!

So as I was being a flickr addict I ran across this...

Motherfuckin' Cowboy, originally uploaded by Stitch Out Loud.

I love this

Come to find out she just recently opened an Etsy Shop Stitch Out Loud I love all of her stuff! She even has a Cross word Sticker set with my favorite word! I love her store! Go check it out, if anything it will make you laugh! She also has a blog

So other then that... I have some good news.... Well its sort of good news... 2 weeks ago I weighed myself at my grandmas house, She has her scale in her bathroom so I always feel the need to weigh myself before I go to the bathroom. Ummm.... YEAH... I was NOT pleased at ALL with the results... I was like " MotherFUCKER!!! Pretty much I wanted to rip all my clothes off to see if it would magically drop 20 pounds... (You know as if my clothes all the sudden weighed at much as metal) So since that day I have been on my little "fatty fatty girl diet" Well I weighed myself on Monday and I lost 8 pounds!! YES!!! So wonderful!!! I am hoping I will lose more since now I go to the gym!

I did eat Gelato today though...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

::: Strange Days :::

tough crowd

So I wasn't quite sure if I was going to blog about this... but I HAD too!!! To be honest I don't have too many things in my life that happen that totally catch me off guard... That literally shock the living shit out of me.... Well... Apparently in Corona, California my luck changed. I went with my friend to go see her boyfriends band play.. in Corona... little did I know that it's literally the armpit of Southern California. The show was a benefit show for the SPANISH drummer of Nekromantix who recently died in a drunk driving accident.


So we walk in and there is a freaking kid my cousins age in the bar (9)... I seriously thought I was Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama.... (If you haven't seen the movie you wont get it) I was like " Why are there kids in the bar?" (since there wasn't just one there was actually 5 of them... all ages below 17). So come to find out they are the first band... A Family band... I am thinking we are having the fucking Osmond family play, No no no... Far from it, they get on stage and I am looking at them... They are all wearing matching grey dickies and either chucks of combat boots with white laces and one kid with red laces. Then I see the red suspenders hanging down... Toto we are not in Kansas anymore... It was a SkinHead family band. SKINHEAD... I live in South Orange County... I haven't ever seen a skinhead... I know of them and where they hang out but haven't ever seen them walking around. The only reason I even know that they were skinheads was from watching American History X, The Believer, and a few other MSNBC Documentaries (which we will get into more detail in a second.) I was thinking in my head " what the fuck should I do? Do I leave? I don't get it! This is for a Spanish guy and we have the freaking KKK singing!" The part that pissed me off was that these kids were so influenced by their Dad. At that age (9,12,14,15,16) Do you even know what "labeling" yourself as something really means??

So I did what I thought was the best at the time... Go to the bathroom... That is when I saw HIM!!!

HELLS BELLS!! Our eyes met and all the sudden I felt a mixture of pure terror and an interest that was overcome pretty much by an obsession... He was COVERED in tattoos!!! I mean... COVERED!! He had FACE tattoos... His eyebrows were SHAVED off and replaced with "Lost Hope" tattooed on them... He had a heart next to his eye. His head was shaved and his whole skull was tattooed... Neck everything.... He looked SCARY!

Okay lets rewind a little bit. I am not sure if I have mentioned my obsession with prison life/ murders/ criminal minds etc... But I can watch 60 minutes, To catch a predator, 20/20, but my FAVORITE of all time is MSNBC Lock Up... Its pretty much amazing... Its a reality show/ documentary about the life in prison, prison gangs, death row etc etc... So when I saw this guy he was like a celebrity on my favorite TV show....

Well of course the second I saw him I knew what I had to do... GET A PICTURE!!! I was ssoo scared to ask him... This other girl was like " Well when are you going to ask him?" I was like " ummm when I get over the fact that I might get stabbed..."
SO then I spy him with just a wife beater on... OKAY its official... Brook if you don't do this no one will EVER believe you! SO I did what I thought was best... Go to the bathroom come back and then order a drink right next to him...
extra cheesey

So we walk out ,order a drink right next to him and play stupid as if we hadn't been trying to get the nerve to ask him for a picture for the last 2 hours... He told us that him and his friend were eyeing us and thought we were pretty but needed to smile more because we looked really intimidating... HA coming from Mr.Prison Tatts... (We were the whitest people in the bar... I think that might have had something to do with it as far as intimidating... didn't you know I am LOCO???) Well pretty much I knew after that comment it was going to be easy as PIE!! All I did was laugh and say "I want to take your picture" ( I don't ask... I pretty much demand... There was no option I was getting this fucking picture!) So he asks me " You want the whole deal?" being a little drunk I said "YEAH!" without even taking into consideration what that might include... He took both his shirts off... WHOA I am a little tipsy but I am feeling a little VIOLATED! I didn't even look just posed for the camera...

MSNBC Lockdown Celebrity

Here he is in all his glory!! Once I actually looked at the pic did I realize the only thing that wasn't tattooed was his nipples... and the only hair he had was his soul patch... WOW... Seriously I am framing this picture... When they say a picture is worth a thousand words they were not kidding!!

The sad part was... I wasn't even really scared of him... I figured he would probably be nice to two girls. He was nice, actually super nice. He asked if we had boyfriends and we said yes and he was a gentleman... Didn't say anything other then the first comment and I asked him about the Skin head band and he told us they were " Skinheads against prejudice" (which I totally don't quite understand) I felt bad for him... but at the same time ... Face tattoos? I mean I understand if you are serving life in prison because hello... You ain't gettin out brother! It was like he got them thinking he was staying in for life and then didn't get the memo that hes going to have to live in the real world. Granted he was a tattoo artist... Besides that he was really interesting, If I could have talked to him longer I probably would have! Once I actually looked at HIM not everything that was on him he wasn't even bad looking... People who are so different from me always fascinate me. Plus... I think I might have seen him on MSNBC Lock Up : Chino Hills Prison.... To say the least my mom was sort of concerned that I felt so compelled to ask for his picture but once I told her that his eye brows said "Lost Hope" she felt sad for him... I guess any mother would....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Craft Group!!!

Okay so I don't have any pictures of today's events but I finally organized a day for some crafters to meet up! I was a little nervous that I would be the only one there!! But 5 people came it it was SSSOO fun! A few of the people were my fellow bloggie friends Wet Paint, Craft Pig,and
Auntie Em. It actually really made my day. It really felt nice to meet people that I've been talking to on blogs, craftster, etc... Especially since they love the same things I do... CRAFTING!!! I was talking to my mom about it and I was like " Yeah I want to do it again tomorrow" hahahah! I pretty much didn't get anything done because I was being a chatty cathy but it was fun to see what everyone else was working on or made! Also I think I could eat The Gypsy Dens Caesar salad everyday of my life.... garbanzo beans and homemade croutons... mmmm.... Does that make me a horrible person for strategically meeting at a place I wanted to eat at??? HAHAHAHA probably... oh well! I can't wait to meet up again! Possibly before valentines day so we can make some cute little sweets! aka... the pin cushion/ scissor bauble I was talking about! hahah!

I really hope we can make this a regular thing!!! I would love to see everyone again and possibly meet some new people as well!!! Hip-Hip- HHHHHOOOOOOORRRRRAAAYYY... (Yes I am that lame)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Okay so since its almost February I thought .... Maybe I should make my new years resolutions. Here they are!!!

1) Get a Job! I am currently unemployed and I would love to say that I feel really bad about it and feel like a disgrace to the human race... but in reality... I love it and I can care less! I guess it shouldn't be too hard for me to get a job since I am a hair stylist and all... but I sort of am trying to figure things out... AKA... enjoying crafting and not having to wake up early :)

2) Lose some major LBS!! I know this is like numero UNO on almost every ones list... but this is serious business... I am not going to eat myself into 300lbs... I don't have this unrealistic goal of weighing 120 lbs because lets be serious... I don't think my skeleton even weighs 120 lbs. I mean I think my head weighs a good 30 pounds ... ego not included!!! According to a BMI for a 5 foot 8 inch person I should weigh 125-165 lbs.... Oh boy... I will do this by pants size I want to be a size 12 or 10 by 2010! I've started by quitting soda. Drinking way more water and doing a little portion control and eating healthier. Also I started the gym thing again... (KILL ME!!!) I don't know what the deal is but I feel out of place in the gym... I mean thank god the thong leotard over spandex is no longer in style because I would just be SCREWED! SO yeah... Its a start. Don't think I am going to get all Oprah on you... hahaha Lets take a look down memory lane...

Here I am at 2 with my mom

Here is me in High school... I always thought I was fat and ugly... hahahaaha I would kill to be that weight again!

I think I just got out of high school at Temple Square in Salt Lake

A few years ago...
me a few years ago



2009 - The double chin is a comin in strong!!!
Brook city scape

hahaha oh boy... looking at all those pictures was so funny! and depressing! Once I get in relationships I start packin' on the LBS hahaha!! Maybe kicking Juan to the curb will give me the jump start I need... HAHAHAHAHA Just kidding!!! Next resolution!

3) By 2010 only say "FUCK" and its fellow ways of saying it " Mother Fucker" " What the FUCK!" "Fuckface" " Fucktard" 3 times a day.... ( Come on I have to be realistic!!!) The reason is because I was driving yesterday and talking to Juan and he said something and my response was " Thank FUCKING God!!" Who says that? apparently me! I am going to hell in a hand basket! I use Fuck to really let people know I am serious.... hahahahaha My mom says its not so bad because I always say it in such a funny way and not to be evil.... but still... SO I need to try to get down to 3 times a day... That doesn't include Text... i.e. I can say it in text, blog, emails etc... I am trying to be realistic in my goals....

4) Take a quilting class, make a quilt and finish the one I started 6 years ago. This goal is already in the works. I organized an embroidery swap with a few flickr girls and I sent out quilt squares. My theme is tattoo flash/ 1940's sailor jerry style.Here is one quilt square I've already made for my quilt!

Rise and Shine

5) Get 100 sales on my Etsy. I have 76 so far so lets hope for the best!

6) Take a ceramic class... I am always looking for new ways to waste my time :)

7) Be a better girlfriend... ( How is that possible?) I have the Owens temper... and I always feel I need to be right. Like if I know he's wrong I will make sure he knows it... Such as googling it and showing him, making bets... You know all the things that men hate for you to do! I need to learn that I don't always need the last word, I don't always have to be right, I don't always need to make my point... Hes a pretty easy going guy and I think he would really like to punch me sometimes... hahahahaha... Poor guy! But I cook him dinner so that makes up for it. hahahah

8) Get a passport so I can go on vacation out of the country. I think this is the year!! I've been to Cabo San Lucas but that was before you needed a passport. I want to go either to South America, Europe, or Japan.

9) Get on a skin regime. I think I am getting wrinkles... I'm 23! Any recommendations would be great! (No Fragrance)

10) Make 1 new true friend. A real friend who isn't lame and doesn't stab you in the back, is jealous, or drama. I am looking for a funny actually they don't have to be funny, just think that I am HAHAHA and likes to craft! I KNOW SOMEONE IS OUT THERE!!

So that's it folks!! There is my list.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Aunts Apron!

So my aunt will literally give you the shirt off her back. You really have to be careful what you tell her you like because she will give it to you. LIKE LITERALLY... She loves to give stuff to people. She says it took her years to go from a Pack Rat.. To a giving Pack Rat! She just moved to Virginia this summer so when I went to the D.C. area I stayed with her a few days. Juan dropped me off and while we were there he told her he liked her fruit stand.... (I know don't ask... Its my mothers doing... She's turning him into an HGTV decorating host nightmare) So she was like " You do? You can have it! I never use it!" Juan refused.... but... ended up taking it as his carry on when he flew home!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHA
So when I was there she was trying to buy these cheap ugly aprons at an Antique store. They may have been from the 70's but no way was I letting her buy them for $12... I told her I would make her an apron and she didn't believe me... Well here it is sister!!!! And the Fabric line or collection is called " Flea Market find" or something like that. I think it will be perfect for her. She has a chicken kitchen with old vintage tins around.... She better like it. It was my first "big" project on my new machine... I haven't named it yet...I was thinking of Mabel... That's a good name, No? It means "Lovable" I thought this was hilarious and so typical of things I love... look at this chart... Looks like I picked a winner!!! hahaha... So Since Mabel didn't even get a blip on the radar since 1960... Mabel it is!!!

Okay I am totally off topic.... SO the apron! My best work comes from my G-mas house... Since she actually knows what the fuck she's doing... And she irons everything so pretty... Everytime I bring something home my Mom tells me she knows that I slave labored Grandma into making it all for me.. (Thanks MOM!)
So, I need to learn to do things on my own.... Time to trade in the pull ups for big girl panties ( LITERALLY) ... My G-Ma told me since I don't have a piece of a shit machine anymore ( that sounds like a semi while sewing) she doesn't think I'll ever come over.... How sad... (She didn't say POS... I did)
I assure you thats not true though. I see her all the time!!!! Am I the only one seeing this manipulation? Old people are so good at it!!! HAHAHA Just kidding... My G-Ma is great... I have to say though, I called my Grandma before I even started sewing... Me and directions... Don't get along! Especially driving directions but thats for another post. Thank God my Grandma knows how to semi work a computer because I took a picture of the directions and sent them to her email... HAHAHAHAHA... She saved my sewing life again and I proceeded to work all on my own... Just me and Mabel... This is what she spit out!

Yellow attack

I am totally not serious
*Note: Sexyness is not included.... HAHAH just kidding... I was totally being stupid since I was wearing spandex and feeling a little like a hamhock, especially since I just saw the pic my mom took of my ass and I was APPALLED!

Apron for Nette
My favorite part is the pockets! They are so cute!

Bias tape is sort of a pain to work with but I love the way it looks.. After making like 50 of these Oil Cloth bibs... I became a professional bias tape sewer !!!

Mum and red polka dot

SOOOOO What do you think of my first Apron without the complete help of ol' G-ma?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I've been working on!

all the headbands
So I finally took some pictures of my current projects! I still am not 100% satisfied with the photos... but oh well... They will have to do! I made these first with the idea that they would be called " Yoga Snaps" and be a cute little addition to peoples yoga gear... Since it seems like some Yoga people really take their outfits seriously. Then I decided... eehhh.. I would wear these everywhere! They are so cute and fun! I added some Swarovski rhinestones in the middle... I think I love it!

What do you guys think???

purple head

Red AB on black flower

white flower on black

mint green whole

red me

Now listed in my Etsy Shop just in time for Valentines Day!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skiing and how I almost killed my friends!

The gang

So Mother Love and her whipping boy... I mean boyfriend invited Juan and I to go Skiing in Big Bear. To say the least I was DREADING going. I was having flashbacks of my times snowboarding and pretty much using my ass to polish the snow. Mother Love skis so I decided I would too since I was better at skiing than snowboarding. I still was just PISSED I decided to go... Mostly because my ski pants are tight as shit and I wasn't wearing black underwear so if I did fall and rip my pants in half it would be pink granny panties bustin out! So in my head I was being negative nancy. Juan has been buggin' me to go so I thought oohhh lets just DO IT!

I went to rent my ski boots (aka Chinese foot binding torture devices) and skis... I told the guy " Please give me the shortest slowest skis you have... NO I am not kidding!" He thought it was so funny... um I AM SERIOUS!

:: see how my skis go to my shoulder they are supposed to go to my nose... ::

us again

::Juan looks like a scary cholo...::

lean like a cholo

Me and mother love... look at the tree..

So we get to the lift... BUNNY SLOPE PLEASE!!! I went up with Mother Love and started getting anxiety about getting off... Falling off the lift is my specialty! I get off... NO FALLING!!! YYYYAAAAYYY!!! Its a miracle! I go down and I was the BOMB!!! You can just call me Peek-a-boo or however you spell her name. Mother love was like " KID I thought you sucked! You are just as good as I am!!!" So we were having a blast! We did the bunny slopes a few more times then we went to lift 2 which takes you to the top of the mountain! It also allows 4 people per chair! All of us got to ride together! It was so fun! I went the whole day without falling.. What the heck? Who knew I was an expert skier this whole time!

Juan on mountian

Me and Juan on top of mountian

We stopped to have lunch and decided we would go down the mountain one more time... BAD IDEA!!! My boots were literally killing me.... SO I put them on the loosest I could even though I've been advised NOT to! We go up and I am just not getting a good feeling about this... It turned from nice to FREEZING WIND!!! The snow was turning into ice and I was CCCOOOOOLLLDDD!!! We go to get off the lift... I didn't even get a chance to stand up I was already on my ass and everyone came tumbling after me! The worst part was they didn't even stop the lift! I just remember a guy in a red jacket zipping by me... My skis were all tangled in Mother Loves boyfriends snowboard as a 5ft tiny old lady was trying to pick me up... umm.... Lady lets be serious... I need the fucking abominable snowman to pick me up... not some frail old lady. The weird part was... Mother love was sitting next to me and she was no where to be found... She was ducking on the far right so the lift chair would n't decapitate her! Once I got up from the help of a huge burly man I realized Mother Love took one for the team... Just like me she loosened her boots and twisted her ankle... She had to take the death toboggan down the hill and she ended up in Snow Patrol.

Sabrina in Snow Patrol

They made it seem like she was dying and they wrapped her foot all up and put it in a shoe box thing...She couldn't really walk once we got back to the condo so we wheeled her in a luggage thing!

sabrinas wheelchair

I think I am done skiing until next year...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery

So I lied... I have 2 more non craft related post before I post my craftyness... While driving to my Aunts house we stopped off at Arlington National Cemetery. I've never been before and either has Juan. I wanted to see the changing of the guards since I heard that was supposed to be cool... Also we had another reason for visiting. Juans Sargent Major is buried there. He was killed in combat by a suicide bomber in 2007. I thought I would be fine but walking around I took it all in. Not to mention while we were looking for the grave site another funeral was going on. It was so beautiful. Horse drawn carriage with the coffin covered in the American flag.
Juans Sargent Major

It made me really think about all the people that have died for our country. How lucky Juan has been to come out of 2 tours in Iraq without an injury. How now that he been recalled I have no clue what his future may be. All of this was going through my mind. How his Staff Sargent left kids and a wife behind, The guy buried next to him was one day younger than Juan... Then they started playing "taps" ... I started crying... Taps always has this effect on me! It was beautiful and sad all at once. It made me proud and sad. All the graves covered in wreaths was something you have to see. Its something that pictures can't capture.

Juan at his Sargent Majors Grave

Though I was all the sudden overwhelmed by a near emotional breakdown I am glad we went. I think it was a good experience and really was beautiful!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Museum Madness!

While I was in D.C. I had to hit up the museums I missed last time... I love museums... There was so many there I only went to a few. I told Juan if he didn't take me to the Holocaust museum I was going to do bodily harm to him... The Holocaust Museum was one thing I will never forget for the rest of my life! It was intense and SSSSOOO interesting, I am fascinated with the Holocaust. I read tons of books about it, loved studying about it, watched countless movies and documentaries about it. That may come off wrong but the idea that about 50 years ago this happened is mind blowing to me. I am also obsessed with all things 40-50's WWII era. This museum taught me so many new things... ( I thought I pretty much knew most of the details) It also had exhibits that really put you back in time. One was the thousands of shoes. That Nazis collected before they put the Jewish "prisoners" in the gas chambers. It was... sickening...

But it really made you SEE... You related to the pure innocence of shoes and what a huge impact they have when you know what they represent... The death of millions of innocent people.

Most of the "everyday" items are what really hit home to me... They had piles of rusty sewing scissors, hairbrushes, and toothbrushes. I put myself in that situation... If I had to leave and not know how long I would be gone I would bring my sewing scissors (for crafting of course!)... It actually broke my heart. I guess that is the best word for it. To say the least... That museum was AMAZING.... Everything about it was done just right. The time and effort put into that museum really showed. I would say that should be on your top 5 things to do in DC if you go.

I also went to the Smithsonian Museums. The Air and Space was pretty cool... Not my favorite since I can really care less about all things space related... I felt like I was in a Star wars museum.... I took some fun pics anyways.

space love

Hands across america

My mom thought this space suit had a real guy in it.... aye... What did she think? We were at Disneyland? Geeze! Shes like " Juan was hugging that guy?" AHAHAHAHAH OH MY MOTHER!!! The sad part is, I'm slowly turning into her. That's another post though...

My favorite Smithsonian was the Museum of Natural History. It was sssooo cool. I've never been to a museum with dinosaurs in it! I always read about this museum in books and I was so glad to actually go to it!
Look how little I look next to this thing!! I was doing my best impression of T-Rex... Children were scared!

Moose knuckle
Here is Juan with the moose... I should have made him pull up his pants so he would be next to the Moose with a "mooseknuckle" HAHAHAHA... If you don't know what that is... Well maybe that's just for the best...
Grizzly Bear
Here I am with a big grizzly bear... How ironic that Juans image is inside the grizzly... Since he is a huge Papa Bear himself...
They also had a bunch of other animals. I've decided that I would love to have a Mole as a pet... They are so ugly I just love them!

My favorite room was the "GEMS and JEWELS" It was sssoooo beautiful! My favorite was Marie Antoinettes earrings. It was said they she was wearing them when she was arrested before she got the axe!

They are GIANT!!! I would DIE for a pair of these!!! I was sort of mad they didn't say how much all of the artifacts were worth... They said they were "priceless" but hello... I need a number... $$$CHA CHING$$$ There was a bunch of cool stuff in there. like this:

The French Emperor Napoleon I (1769-1821) gave this piece of jewelry to his second wife, Empress Marie Louise. The diadem was a wedding present in 1810. Made by the French jewelers Nitôt et Fils. Marie Louise, who was Austrian-born, bequeathed the two pieces to the royal family of Austria.

Isn't it beautiful? I don't think I would mind being a Queen... Especially back in the day... I would be perfect I like bossing people around, I'm fair (nice word for ALBINO), chubby, love big expensive gaudy things... Wasn't that the requirements for Queens back in the day? The bigger the better??? hahahahaha

"You want some milk with that shake?"

Since this is a craft blog I need to blog about my crafts I have been doing... I have one more non craft related post... About my experience skiing in Big Bear... It was wonderful until I made me and all my peeps fall off the lift... Good times!