Thursday, July 30, 2009

Glittered Jesus

SSSOOOO pretty much my favorite thing EVER! My grandma gave me this statue because its hand broke off and asked if I wanted it because if not she was going to throw it away or something horrible like that... Well then she found the hand and gave it to me... Well I lost the hand never to be found for over 2 years. SO when I did find it again I got some E6000 and made him whole again. Then he just stared down at my from my shelf... Looking all... WHITE ....and actually sort of boring.

Then I went to Jackies house for the first time.... My mother always taught me to look with my EYES not my Hands... Well once I was old enough to realize I do whatever the fuck I want I stopped listening to this horrible concept... I went to Jackies house and touched everything. hahahaha She has mounds of handmade goodness. Felted dinosaurs, knitted plushies, Feltadermy rabbit,sugar skulls, succulents, and then God parted the sea Moses said let my people go.... and thats when I saw her...

Glittered Virgin Mary.... In all her pink glory.... Well of course the first thing I thought was... Well Glittered Virgin Marys immaculately conceive a GLITTERED JESUS... RIGHT?? Makes sense to me. So then my LDS White Jesus was corrupted into the most marvelous thing ever...

(And the angels sang)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OC Weekly interview and GIVEAWAY!!!

crazy hair leopard bow
Hey everyone! Please check out my interview at OC Weekly - Gettin' Made column for a chance to win one of my headbands!!! The wonderful Steph Calvert from Hearts and Laser Beams is now writing for the OC weekly and she chose me as well as the rest of the Handmade Brigade members to interview! Please comment and send it to all your friends! The more views the longer Steph gets to write about crafts!!! YYYAAAAYYYY !!!! hahhahaha the picture she chose to use of me is classic... hahahahaha I guess I have to watch what I put out on the world wide web!!! OKAY go comment!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Handmade Brigade

Here we are Jackie, Me, Melissa, Nina

SOOOOO June was Indie Craft Month for us Handmade Brigade Gals!!! It was so fun but I am glad its over. I didn't even go to all of the events because I had to work but let me tell you it was a lot of STRESS and freaking out about it working out since it really was our first time as a group organizing all of these events! It went ssooo well! We even got in the Orange County Register!! That was a shock! I found out why I was eating lunch in Zion! My 15 seconds of fame ahahaha!

The first show was in Cerritos which technically not in Orange County but it was the tall mouse with the biggest parking lot. There was a bunch of cool vendors. I bought a bunch of stuff !! haahhah!

Here are a few of the awesome vendors from the Cerritos show

This is Berndt Offerings she makes the coolest "saint" candles she ever has a michael jackson one...

THen there was the Swap-o-Rama which I didn't go to but they said it was crazy busy and people made such cool things.

Here is Ninas boyfriend, Anthony screen printing shirts.

Here is Nina rocking her t-shirt into skirt and Melissa with her t-shirt necklaces that she was making at the show.

Jackie stenciling shit... look at her face! she said it was sooo overwhelming!

Some of the swappers... Does anyone spy The Craft Pig??? I DO!!!

Then there was Indie Intensive but I am too lazy to write about it... eehhh sorry

Then there was the last show in Laguna Niguel. Which happens to be my stompin' ground.

DO you see the bright pink canopy that looks so gaudy and like a circus tent.... thats MINE!!! Of course!

Here is MandaLanda she makes super cool things. We want to hook Jackies sister up with her brother who is photographed here ... hhhahahah he has no clue though! I think someone said he helps sew on the buttons... what a nice man!! Juan would never help me...

This is Palm Puppy I bought a SUPER cute boston terrier christmas ornament from her... I LOVE IT. It looks just like Gus, crazy eyes and all!!! I collect Christmas Ornaments so I just couldnt resist. She makes a bunch of different breeds...

Here is Jackies booth

and Melissas booth

Me obviously not paying attention!

And pretty much the star of the whole show... My precious little man... He was so well behaved just hung out and peeped his head out from the table to say Hello How dang cute is he?

I left out a bunch of pictures so if you want to see more check it out Here!

SO for now I am done doing any major shows until Christmas or until Juan leaves for Afghanistan. BUT a few days after Juan leaves we (handmade brigade girls) are planning to do a show at Detroit Bar. Which I kept calling Chicago and everyone had no clue what I was talking about. hahahaha I am so stupid!! I knew it was some City name. It should be fun though. Everyone says its a super cool place. I've never been but that should be September 20th I think... SO you guys better come!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lost in Vacation...

Work, road trip, and renegade have taken over my life... here is a more photos less word type blog of my vacation in Zion National Park. Yes I rode a horse, went ATVing and white water rafting...

In the middle of nowhere
Me with a Ram

literally in the middle of nowhere!

Las Vegas for a few hours. Won $200... fabulous. Hot as shit!
Not that great of angle...

Zion National Park sign
Beautiful Zion

So beautiful

Giddy up!
Me on Doc and Juan on Hells Bitch

photo shoot while riding... 3 hours I got BORED
Me taking a pic of myself with Juan and HB in background!
My horse Doc

pool time
Just got back from the pool!

Our wonderful eco friendly room at The Desert Pearl Inn
view from balcony to inside

my favorite part.... the who-ha washer... I need a bidet so hilarious!
Toilet and Bidet!!! hhahaahaha

View from the balcony
View from balcony

The narrows... It was raining and it was hot... so amazing. not so wonderful pictures of myself...

weeping rock?
since Juan wouldn't stop to take my picture...
Juan looks like a nerd HAHAHAAH backpack boy!
Work it papa!!! Momma like momma like!
Juan walking across the river at Narrows

My pictures don't do that place justice! It was amazing!