Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Real Me

hahaah this was a lot harder to do then I thought. So many of my pictures are me perfectly done up. I hardly take pictures when I'm not wearing make up... I guess the real me is wearing make up... I always wear red lips... I guess this picture best shows me... This was after a fulls day work at the salon. hair not so perfect, lipstick needs touching up and tired eyes.... hahahahah me myself doesn't show so much the real me... but the background of that picture.... MY MESSY ROOM! More often then not my room is a mess. Its actually is a constant battle... I have figured I have more clothes then I do hangers. More craft supplies then I have storage for... Is this a case of hoarding? Quite possibly... but I need more SPACE!!! Probably need to stop buying stuff as well... eeeehhhh... Story of my life... There isn't enough hours in a day...

Thanks to Kat at The Vintage Housewife for making me do this!!! Check out her "Real Me" Shes so cute!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weather Wear: what I wore


If any of you live in Southern California you will know that a) our weather is hardly "harsh" and 2) People apparently forget how to drive when it rains... COME ON PEOPLE F-ING DRIVE... ITS WATER... falling from the sky...

Well since California is right back to its perfect weather I guess its a little late to post this but I am going to anyways because its a rare occasion that I need to wear a coat and scarf... especially to work and all day... My grandma knit me this hooded scarf last year and I love it so much! It kept my curls dry in the horrible storm! My coat was sssoo cozy! I love being snuggled up when it's chilly!


I also wore some black socks and my new Seychelles, Spellbound they turned out to be a great rainy day shoe!

I normally never wear socks with shoes like this but I've been inspired by some pictures I've seen online and thought it looked cute to a rainy day! Beats UGG boots!!! What do you think?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hot Sticks Set

GEE!!! The weather has been horrible these past few days. I am surprised I haven't floated away! Trees are falling all over town. power is going out. TORNADO WARNINGS in Orange County... SCARY! So with that being said I have spent A LOT of time at home. I've been lurking on the Fedora Lounge reading all of the threads... Boy do I have a lot to learn.... Some of these ladies have so much vintage knowledge its incredible. I ran across the talk about these Hot sticks and had to have them!

I normally set my hair in sponge rollers (not so comfortable) or I do a curling iron pin curl set So I was excited to try something different. First set was HORRIBLE! I used EVERY curler so my hair was a poofy mess... NO brushing could save that rats nest! So this is pictures of my second set...


It was super windy... The storm was coming!

Here is my outfit pic... I am wearing nude fishnets but you cant tell... and my heels are sinking in the water logged grass!


and my leopard pillbox hat

wind + curly hair are not friends!


I also was watched a fabulous youtube video by Fleur about Faux 40's Bangs I'm going to go to Sallys and buy a rat to try it out. Im sure it will look bizarre on me though...

As far as my hot sticks set I think it was pretty swell for a second go! Next time I will add some setting lotion or mousse. What do you think?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Colette Pattern- Sencha

So I just ordered a few LOVELY patterns from Colette Patterns and I couldn't wait to get started! Normally I do a little trial run using cheap fabric to make sure things will all work out. I bought some of this black polka dottie stuff at Joanns for $2/yard just to be safe. As far as the results I guess I am "eeehh" about them. I feel like it looks like a 1960's pregnancy shirt. It doesn't hang right and is quite short. I think this has a lot to do with the fabric I used. The ones on the model is made out of a light silky material and I think thats what I'll have to do....

Truly though the buttons are what SOLD ME!! I love buttons. Especially ones down the back... they make me swoon... I think I am going to try to re-work the neckline. maybe try a lower cut neckline bring it out a little boat neckish... though I have no clue how to do that... eeehhh. Even if it had a neckline like the Rooibos does:

But for a test run I feel like it went pretty well. I really want wait to make the Ceylon cutest dress EVER!

colette front

OMg and my hair is a HOT MESS! Its been raining like no ones business ALL DAY... like SCARY rain...

mmmm momma like me some elbow rolls!


Gustus wants to know what the hell I am doing

colette shirt back


I will for sure make this pattern again but for sure in different type of fabric. Either lightweight cotton possibly seersucker or some silky material of some sort. there really is great detail with all the tucks and stuff and with black you really cant even tell... SO who knows... What do you think?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1950.... living through my grandmas eyes

I was looking through slides my uncle had put onto a CD and I found some lovely ones of my grandma and grandpa... makes me wish I lived back then... My grandma is sssoooo beautiful. She used to drive around and people would think she looked just like doris day. My dad was soooo proud growing up.

This is Doris Day

This is my Grandma Janice. She is still very beautiful. I hope I age as well as her!
Grandma Janice

grandma janice

This one is my favorite. Shes in my Grandpas car... UGH I LOVE IT!!!! I love looking through old photos! Isn't she divine?

Grandma janice... My favorite

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Canon Rebel T1i How I love you....

SO for Christmas I got this .... seriously... Where have you been my whole life... The picture quality is sickening! I hardly even know how to use it still but every day I am trying to get better! I need to buy a book or something to help me! Any suggestions?

here are some of the pictures I have taken... tell me what you think...

Oh before I go there. I collect christmas ornaments from all the places i visit... I have quite the collection from the past 2 years ( since i started collecting)

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

here is a little vintage ornament I love...
Christmas 2009

And then my dear son...

Christmas 2009

the pappa O cookin some eggs

Christmas 2009

My go at MACRO shots... I came home from work on Christmas eve to find flowers that Juan who is in Afghanistan had sent to me... i cried... it was sad and sweet and who knew I was such a cry baby!





and here is a goody of my ring.... my point and shoot couldnt capture its pure wonderfulness!

Ocatilla Wells New Years

Okay so I need some books/ resources that will help me with my photography skills I need inputs!