Saturday, March 05, 2011

AVOCADOS for the 50 year old.


So what do you buy a man who buys himself EVERYTHING he wants? Only leaving you scrambling 3 days before his birthday? Something you want, DUH!

fruits of our labor

My parents bought the house my grandpa built when my dad was a teenager. So pretty much they will probably die there. So whats better then buying them Avocado trees! My dad has a fond memory of a giant avocado tree in his backyard when he was a kid. He still talks about it like its the fucking tree of life. I don't know why he hasn't planted one in his backyard he has now. Especially since we all love avocados. So I figured buying two would be beneficial to ME in a few years when it start to produce delicious buttery hass avocados!

It was actually FUN! Granted the b/f was doing most of the digging and I was doing the directing (big surprise).
Avocado Soil
I did have to do the dirty work though and mix the soil and get my hands dirty! My mom came out and stole my thunder by trying to boss the b/f around and ended up making him practically trim a whole tree down. It was fun to watch. I like a man who can work outside! mmmm mmmm! Plus we were slipping down the hill because it was muddy! Not to mention he was cutting tree branches that were huge so he was DRIPPING sweat using all his testosterone and muscle (bah hahahaha) doing manual labor. While my mom and my job was to throw the trees over the fence and direct him to the next branch.
avocado tree
While we were driving home I was talking to the b/f and was like " That was so much fun!!!! Don't you think???" He looked at me and his eyes said it all!! HAHAHAHAHA That's why I love him! My ideas become reality with him as my muscle!

Happy 50th Dad!


angie.a said...

I'm SO freaking jealous. I have always wanted an avocado tree!! (too harsh winters, alas). Happy Bday to your dad! And ha at BF, but he looks happy at least. ;) And you look adorable, as usual!

alicia said...

i like the way you think! :D

Eryn said...

Avacado tree = best present *ever*!